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Xandriel is a Half-Demon, Half-Angel Creature. He claims to be Lucy's Father.


General Info

  • Name: Xandriel the Archguardianangel
  • Race: half Demon half Angel
  • Age: 6000
  • Height: 230 cm (7'7")
  • Weight: 130 kg (286 lbs)
  • Eyes: brighter than the sun
  • Hair: "It's not from this world" - LR-hairstylist


  • He's a bit stronger now and is fast as before he's able to bear a fistfight with Spex what means a lot...
  • Due his angelic powers he's able to heal allies (enemies too but why should he do something like that?)
  • His gloves are part of his old angel-armour and are indestructable.
  • when he can grabs his halo it forms into any kind of sword he wants to.


  • He's still a emotional fool but handles it a lot better now , but his nature as a guardian angel might distract him from the actual battle if innocents are in grave danger.
  • When Xandriel heals someone he gets the damage of the healed person , he can take very much of this kind of damage but not endlessly much...
  • due to the fact that his gloves are his only protection ,except for his wings plating his bare body is exposed to every nice kind of damage, so you can slice him, punch him, squish him, squash him..blah blah blah...but he's still fire proof...
  • he's also vulnerable to magic (except fire magic) holy and dark magic DO hurt him but just with like 50% efficiency


La Revolution

Extra Info

demonic History/Background

he was summoned and put into his armor around 600 years ago .the armor gave him the ability to survive in the normal environment without killing and slashing anything in his way. But he was still literally heartless as every other demon, what made him useless being intended as the Guardian of the princes, so his summoner the royal magician Baal Benelor gave him a little spark of his own soul, as you could see, it worked!

From then on, Xandriel was always on the side of the princess, protecting her from any harm may it been bandits, mercenaries, assassins, knights, mad warlocks, other demons or an entire army no one came near her and no one survived a confrontation with Xandriel.

With growing reputation from the King the royalty and the clergy felt hoodwinked they feared the fact that a Demon had more influence then themselves, so they made a plan to denounce Xandriel by killing the princess using his only major weakness: white magic.

One day when the princes was sent on a diplomatic mission the conspirators saw their chance for executing their devious plans. Only two hours away from the city the princess' convoy was attacked by mercenaries. It would have been no problem for "the Guardian", if there haven't been five white mages among them, that were able to separate him from the princess long enough to kill her. and this was the worst mistake they could have made, seeing his only reason of existence being killed for nothing he ran amok and not even the white-magic-mambo-jambo was able to stop him from killing everyone except for one single white mage, for a little "discussion".

Now knowing the reasons for the assassination he went back to the castle and brought the princes back to the King and told him the circumstances that lead to the death of his daughter. The king was angry and did not believe him and sent Xandriel away... but it was not the end of this story. Xandriel went into town heading to the royal district filled with anger and hate and took his armor off... no one was able to withstand this ancient creature of hell who's right of existence was robbed by a bunch of envious fools, he slaughtered everyone of them every little pathetic human bastard that had taken not only his existence but his only friend.

After two horrifying hours of slaughter Baal was able to banish him back to hell. Baal had to leave the castle although he'd stopped Xandriel, he also summoned him years ago... so he went back to the Arcane kingdom where he summoned Xandriel again when it was attacked by the armies of the Anti-arcane-crusade...

And so time went by and Xandriel stayed...


An angel returns.

While his battle with the villainous Cyborg Necromancer, Xandriel fell into a trap. He was distracted by CN while one of his minions stuck an angels helmet on his head which should kill Xan. Unfortunately for CN it was Xans old helmet from his time as an angel .The power of the helmet restored Xandriel partially and now he's more than just an angel and more than just a demon and no one knows what plans destiny has with him...

Battle History

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