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Wolfgang Rodriguez

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Wolfgang Rodriguez. (drawn by Tin)
Wolfgang Rodriguez. (drawn by Tin)

Player: Lewis Rice

Wolfgang Rodriguez is a highly dangerous and infamous Renegade.


General Information

  • Race: Human
  • Age: 25
  • Height: 6'1" / 185cm
  • Weight: ???
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hair: Dark Brown or Black


The Renegades


Most of Wolfgang's history before coming to Arcadia is shrouded in mystery, but the basics are known. He was born in Australia, on a farming community in the forests of Queensland. His father was Australian and his mother was Mexican, hence the last name. He joined the Australian Army at 18 and fought battles in Northern China and Siberia and came home to fight in the Australian Civil war. Wolfgang is only recently experiencing flashbacks about his past in the Civil war, it is assumed he took part in atrocities which gave him his calm, cool and processing demeanor. After the army, he became a hired assassin, continuously improving his skills and experience in fighting.


Wolfgang is an excellent fighter and a quick thinker. He is incredibly skilled in a range of different martial arts, prefering the combination of Krav Maga and Jeet Kune Do and has a vast knowledge of firearms through his military and personal training. His hearing and sight are almost of that of a superhuman, being able to see things from great distances in detail, and being able to hear the slightest of movements around him. He is able to mentally calculate physical reaction times, anticipating the pull of a trigger, and to this effect, decides his targets' order with precise calculations as to their threat level or dodge the projectiles if necessary.. His hand to hand fighting skills are rivaled by only so many other individuals in Arcadia specifically Special Agents of both the Revolution and The Empire. This can be seen in his final fight with Adonis in Round 13 in which Adonis defeated Wolfgang with relative ease thanks to his skill in hand to hand combat and his mysterious powers. He also shows a strong resistance to heat, cold and pain. Being able to continue fighting after having sustained serious injuries.


Although Wolfgang has excellent skill in fighting and even defense to some degree, he is only a human. Recently he has suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, staying locked up in his room, taking heavy doses of medication for the disturbing things he has been seeing. Even though he has returned to peak physical condition, he continues to have conflicting feelings about killing his enemies. He now no longer aims to kill his opponents but rather tries to neautralize the threat but still keep them alive. He does not have a problem with killing Celestial clones and Feuersturm robots.

Battle History

Chapter One

Something rotten is going down at CGN Labs, after the chaos of the Jupiter incident, the Empire has captured a valuable piece of equipment, Elizabeth, a cybernetic robot woman of incredible power and they want to know her secrets. Wolf, for half of the battle thought to be Luis under a new name infiltrates the compound to take revenge for his brother, who was not well enough to do it himself. Wolfgang comes across another of the Empire's secret projects, Bad Company. The round end's in a fire fight, with unexplained consequences.
  • Side Story: Fucking Fuck! [2]
Wolfgang meets up with Anteros on a boxcar, tying up the loose ends from the previous round. Wolfgang is tired and badly injured from the battle at CGN Labs, he seems unswayed that Elizabeth died and is ready for Luis' inevitable appearance. His brother meanwhile is racing for him now, and killing many on his way. The two Renegades decide to walk across the country by moonlight, finding a 24 hour open Pharmacy. Wolfgang enters while Anteros decides to stay outside. It isnt long before Luis pulls up outside and walks towards the doors of the store, Wolfgang well aware and well ready for the gun fight while Anteros walks away, fine with leaving his "friend" to die. Like the previous battle, the consequences remain mysterious. The only witnesses being the brothers themselves.
Banning together, The Renegades make an assault on the Revolution's base. Boarding the large Celestial ship, the Monokee, they go into battle with Team Awesomehats. Wolfgang makes quick work of Hellfag Robustein with his hand to hand combat skills, but is caught off guard by his brother, who had followed him there. Thinking Luis to be Wolf, Hellfag cuts the angry brother's head off, ending his insane reign. Wolfgang continues to fight across the ship until Anthrax, pierces the hull with another ship, the Revolution's, Bullwark. Wolfgang boards the bullwark and kills the entire crew as he makes his way to the bridge, where he gets into a one on one fight with Mindy, the fight is brief, as they quickly cut each others clothes off with their blades, and fuck passionately on the control deck. Wolfgang abandons Mindy almost immediantly, joining the other Renegades back on the roof of the Monokee to fight Team Awesomehats. The ship crashes into the Castle where the Renegades proceed to cause even more chaos before getting into a final fight with Team Awesomehats. Wolfgang faces off with Adonis, who easily out maneuvers him in close combat and makes quick work of his guns. The Renegades ride the castle to the ground, as it crashes.

Chapter Two

To prove his allegiance to Feuersturm, Wolfgang is sent to Jonaston to kill Hazmatt, his former Renegade associate during Round 13. A fire fight begins through the streets of the toxic wasteland. Eventually, Wolfgang has the upper hand, but refuses to kill Hazmatt, realising he's made a mistake trying to kill a friend, and calls himself a machine for being immoral. As Wolfgang walks away, Hazmatt shouts out to him "Next time you point a gun at someone, ask yourself, what did they do to deserve this?"
This is the first appearance of Wolfgang's sleek, sexy Feuesturm Jumpsuit.
Wolfgang takes a commanding role on the frontline in the Suburbs along with Commander Julia Kraftmann. While battling his against his relentless foes and his own subconcious he meets the young orphan Matthew and ultimately kills Kraftmann, trying to defend a mysterious woman who plagues his dreams.
Wolfgang has been suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, locking himself in his quarters at the Feuersturm Base, after some D&Ming with Rannesanque he agrees to investigate the Research Station in the mountains where he encounters the towering Jacinto 6. After a frightening and other worldly confrontation, Wolfgang is left to fend for himself in the freezing mountains.
Wolfgang descends from the mountains, barely alive from months in the freezing snow. On the bus ride back down into civilization, Wolfgang sees a young boy in a clearing in the trees. It triggers a flashback in his mind, to a moment when he lost his innocence and became the killer he is now.
Choosing finally to abandon Feuersturm, Wolfgang sets about showing his rebellious nature by destroying the mine below the mountains of Arcadia. Unknown to him both factions are preparing to fight for the massive complex. While many are injured, Wolfgang gets out with only a few bruises, but is only able to destroy one section of the mines.
Wolfgang blows up The Big Orange building in the technology district, and the Celestial Empire quickly descend to fix the problem, sending their Special Operatives Commander Fresia Albacore and Professor Ted Helix. Wolfgang takes no time to see the mysterious women who haunts his dreams and his past, Ruby and chase after her, with Fresia and Ted on his tale, they all stumble across Ruby's revolutionary troupe who capture Ted and Fresia as their prisoners. Fresia learns the truths of the Empire the hard way and they are flown across the skies of the city, explosions everywhere! They capture the Helios Vessel Chateau Nouveau and escape from the mainland to the mysterious Island of Koskada...
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