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Feeling bored? There's a lot of stuff on Wiki Arcadia that needs to be buffed and polished to perfection. Everybody can help, and it's easy! The Help page is handy for grasping the basics of how Wiki editing works, but this particular wiki has many goals and needs that are unique. That's what this page is all about. Scroll down to the bottom to find out more about what to do if you're new to editing/creating pages.

Please make liberal use of the Discussion tab of this page if you have any questions you would like answered by a mod or another wiki user!


Current High Priority Tasks

Fixing broken links from phpBB3 switch

All inter-wiki links are fine, but any links referencing the forum are inevitably broken after the switch from phpbb2 to phpbb3. Phoenix has already begun updating articles alphabetically and made it all the way through the letter A. Please post any notes and updates below!

  • List of All Pages in alphabetical order.
  • All of A is currently complete.
  • Einheit may be working out a script that will convert all broken links on the wiki to the correct form. Due to this, I would recommend that folks sit tight for a bit and don't worry about mercilessly scouring the wiki replacing links quite yet. If you want to fix your own pages, however, keep reading.
  • The link fix is easy. In the link, "phpbb2" (http://warforarcadia.com/phpbb2...) simply needs to be replaced with "forum" instead. For instance:
I just fixed an old link on Skyfaux's page. The link was supposed to direct to his bio page in the forum, but it was pointing to a now non-existant phpbb2 location. The fix:
Skyfaux's [http://warforarcadia.com/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=1202 Bio Page] on the forum.
Skyfaux's [http://warforarcadia.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1202 Bio Page] on the forum.
The result:
Skyfaux's Bio Page on the forum.

Map Zone Changes

  • The following categories are too general and incompletely listed (imo) and are being removed (currently underway):
  • For ease of browsing, the above-listed categories will be replaced by (currently underway):
  • All map zones of all chapters will retain Category:Map Zone.
  • Didn't see Category:Map Zone Chapter 3 when I started but I will try to preserve it.
  • Map history now lists most zones from Chapter 1 by their original number (WIP), and it will be easy to move Chapter 3's map over to this page also when the time comes.
  • This new sorting method should make it easier to find and sort all zones by chapter.
  • New sorting method should prevent old zones from being "lost in cyberspace."
  • New sorting method should limit work load of wiki editors for future chapters. That is, no more adding/removing "new" and "retired" categories is necessary. Instead, any chapter for which a zone was not active will simply not be listed as a category.

Chapter 3 in general

  • Many new and old locations need pictures!
  • There are many areas/things that are still not updated for Chapter 3. For example: I just updated Celestial Tower with past/present tense changes and changed the wording of a few things. It is no longer the seat of power in Arcadia, for instance; the Arcadian Parliament is. Many other pages need to be changed in such a manner.

Rounds that need "Highlights" added

Know anything about older characters?

The following old characters could really use bios made by someone who remembers them:

Fill in your team's information from Round 13

If you were part of any of the following teams, we want your Round 13 team-up page! The following teams still need pages. Categories [[Category:Character Teams]] and [[Category:Temporary Team-Ups]] should be used for these pages!

Non-character pages that could use work

Ongoing Tasks

Editing Pages

This is probably the easiest thing you can do, especially if you're new to Wiki-Land. Now that Chapter Two is in effect, many pages need to be updated with the latest information. Your own character(s)' page is a great place to start for that. There are also a number of pages that, by their nature, need to be updated from time to time. These pages include:

Some editing tips:

  • Register your user name with the Wiki! Please make sure it is the same name you use on the WfA forum. This is the only way you will be able to edit pages.
  • To link to another page, just put double brackets around something. For instance, typing [[Anthrax]] would turn into the link Anthrax.
  • You may edit part or all of a page. Click the buttons that say "Edit" to do this... the one at the top of the page in its own tab will open a window to edit the entire thing, whereas the smaller ones next to page sections will prompt you to edit just that particular section.
  • If you're fixing spelling, a broken link, or adding anything tiny to the page, you can click the check box at the bottom that says "This is a minor edit."
  • You can type a summary of the changes you made to a page in the "Summary" box (i.e. "Fixed wonky spelling" or "updated with latest info").
  • If you are making a new character page, check out the Character Template for some tips.
  • You can create or edit your User page by going to the page titled "User:Yourname" (i.e. User:Poj) and then editing away.
  • Do not edit any slanderous or inappropriate content into pages. If you try to make a mockery of somebody or their character, that is a big no-no.

Wanted Pages and New Pages

"Wanted Pages" are the pages that are linked to, but are essentially dead ends because there is nothing there. If you know something about any of the Wanted Pages, please feel free to create them to help flesh out the Wiki. Alternately, if there is anything noteworthy that you have invented for the site (characters, NPCs, technology, locations, etc), please feel free to make that item its own page. Do not be afraid to make a page! You are not going to get in any kind of trouble for doing so, unless you do something blatantly ill-advised (see below).

How to Make a Page

  • Any RED LINK denotes a page that has not been made yet. A BLUE LINK denotes an existing page.
  • To make a new page, you may enter the desired page name in the search bar and then click the red link that will come up when no proper search results are yielded.
  • Any time you click a red link located in another page, it prompts you to create that page.
  • Make sure you've attempted to search for all possible spellings of a particular page before you make a new one. See next entry, REDIRECTING PAGES.
  • Pleeeeeeeeeaaase preview and proof-read all new pages before setting them up!
  • Make sure all new pages have at least one category, and link to at least one other page.
  • Use headers and other formatting goodies to make your page look snazzy.
  • Please make sure your page is in some way relevant to the War for Arcadia!
  • Note that sometimes, a "wanted" page is actually just a link that somebody spelled incorrectly. If this is the case, you can just go into the page with the link and fix the spelling.

How NOT to make a page

  • You don't check to see if a variation of that page already exists, and you spend a long time making a page that has already been made. See next entry, REDIRECTING PAGES.
  • You make a page, but it has absolutely zero formatting, making it hard to navigate and hard to read. Headers and sub-headers are your friends.
  • You make a page and then go back to edit 15 different tiny spelling errors or broken links. IN 15 DIFFERENT EDITS. Preview plz, kthxbai.
  • You make a page about something that has either never been mentioned EVER, or has no association with WfA in the slightest.

Stuff that doesn't need its own page

This has never really been a problem before, but even I have fallen victim to New Page Fever from time to time. Your character's old nation of origin, self-invented branches of technology, or other highlights are terrific things and have the potential to make awesome new pages. The following things, however, may not:

  • My character invented a collection of nearly-identical hand grenades that have no real differences to the naked eye and may never see use. Nevertheless, I am going to give them EACH their own wiki page.

(Hint: Just make one page with different categories.)

  • One time, I was writing this comic and invented this awesome term called "New Page Fever." It is so cool that I think it deserves its own page.

(Hint: No.)

  • I am going to make a page for the type of fictional metal that my character's signature belt buckle is made out of. The belt buckle is not a special belt buckle in any way, and it has never had a prominent place in a comic before.

(Hint: If you really think this is important, just mention it in your character's biography.)

  • Mickey Mouse had a cameo in one of my comics. I AM TOTALLY PUTTING MICKEY IN THE ARCADIA WIKI!!!!!

(Hint: There's got to be a "Mickey Wiki" out there for that, or something. Plus, he's Copyrighted Material which is a no-no anyway.)

Categorize Stuff

What does that mean exactly? Basically, all pages should have a category of some kind that will group them together with other similar pages. You may add a category to any page by editing the bottom of that page and sticking a tag in such as this one:


If the item falls into more than one category (which may very well be the case), simply add more as needed. Here is what the classification for the character Faive looks like as code:

[[Category:Characters]][[Category:Female Characters]][[Category:Clone Project]]

When you add a category tag to a page, it will automatically add that page as an entry in the corresponding directory. How easy and fun!

  • Please check out our Uncategorized Pages for a list of pages that need categories.
  • Note that if you add a category that does not exist to the bottom of a page, it will automatically start a directory for that category. You may in turn edit that category's page to add an explanation or additional text to the page. However;
  • Examine the list of Existing Categories before you create a new one! Chances are, you're already covered.

Redirecting to Pages

Going back to what was mentioned earlier about checking to see if pages already exist: If you ever search for a page and find that the page you searched for does exist, but under a different title, it will be useful for everyone if you simply redirect your new page to the proper spelling/capitalization of that topic. Keep in mind that the Wiki is case sensitive, and links to other pages must be case sensitive, too. For instance, these two links represent different pages:

[[The Celestial Empire]] and [[celestial empire]]

Also, notice that there is a "the" attached to the first link. Let's say that "The Celestial Empire" is a page already, while "celestial empire" is not. Open the "celestial empire" page up, and simply type the following onto the page:

#REDIRECT [[The Celestial Empire]]

That is all you need to write, and the new page will automatically direct to "The Celestial Empire" every time someone enters "celestial empire" into the search box. This is a great thing to do right off the bat if your character has a first/last name or a name that is commonly misspelled. So, for example, if I create the page with the tag [[Fresia Albacore]], I would also create the following pages to redirect to it:

[[Fresia]][[Freesia]][[fresia albacore]] (etc)

Then for all of those pages, I would type:

#REDIRECT [[Fresia Albacore]]

Pretty Pictures

Maybe your character already has a full biography on the wiki, but no picture. If this is the case, you should add one! Uploading pictures to the site is easy, and adding thumbnails to pages enhances the whole look and feel of the site. The site has an Upload Feature that will help you with that. But first, here are some dos and don'ts of adding pictures:

  • DO upload a character mugshot that is approximately 300x300 pixels.
  • DON'T upload a picture that is so gigantic, it could cover the moon.
  • DO update pictures of weapons, airships, buildings, or really anything else that can be represented graphically.
  • DON'T upload every piece of fan art you've ever received and stick it on your character page.
  • DO make the image's file name something instantly recognizable as what you're posting it for.
  • DON'T stick a picture on a page without making it a thumbnail first (in most cases).
  • DO upload a description along with your image, so that all can see clearly what the image is for!
  • DO replace old images if you are updating a character portrait or something.

Once you upload an image, you can add it as a thumbnail in your page. To add it to the top of the page, simply encode the following script as the first line of that page:

[[image:Image_Name.jpg|thumb|This is where you write the caption you want under the image.]]

Obviously, you would replace "Image_Name.jpg" with your file type. PNGs, JPGs, and GIFs are allowed, to my knowledge. If you want to insert a thumbnail further down the page, stick it right below the header for that part of the page, i.e.:

 [[image:Eddy.jpg|thumb|Here is Eddy doing what he does best.]]
 Blah blah fire blah blah blah blah article blah blah text blah blah.

Sweet Tips

Alright, now you got the hang of things. Now for some cool things to remember while editing up our wiki.

All links are case sensitive. When you type The Celestial Empire (the correct link) and the celestial empire, wiki thinks they are two different articles. This is also a good (hint: not actually good) way to create wanted pages unintentionally. You can fix it two different ways. 1. Make the incorrect link a redirect if you think this might turn out to be a common error. 2. Edit the article where the link is. The offical wiki has a huge article on Naming Conventions if you need a helping hand when it comes to naming articles. Here on Wikiarcadia we aren't that picky as long as we pick with one convention and stick with it.

If you are one of the players with characters on wfa, create a Redirect to your User page. All users have one of these and you can get to it by clicking your user name at the top of the page when you're signed in. (its up there next to the my talk, my preferences etc) The wiki link for this is [[User:Username]] or [[User:Username|Username]]. Once you create a sweet redirect to your user page, it'll be easier to link to players in the wiki by just [[Username]].

If you have the same username as your character... you still have to use the [[User:Username]] way. Make sure to add this template at the top of your character article. it'll look like this:

This Page deals with the Character. For the player, see User:Username.

To do this, copy the following line into the top of your character page, and change the User:username part to your own. NEAT.

{{refercharacterplayer |user=User:username}} 

If you're still struggling, check out the Help:Contents page. You can find it on ever page under Navigation on the left, or at the bottom of any page you're currently editing. That has some basic formatting things that should be useful.

Making Fancy Links

Here's some more neat-o linking tricks.

Linking to outside sources

Chances are, you'll want to link to some things in your pages (i.e. threads from the forum, such as comic battles you've participated in and that sort of thing) that aren't part of the Wiki. To do this, simply put the URL in single brackets and put a space between the URL and the name you want the link to have. For example:

[http://www.warforarcadia.com WAR FOR ARCADIA!] 


Changing link names

To change the wording of a link but still have it link to a specific page, simply put a | between the link and the desired re-wording, without spaces. Seeeeee belowwwww:

[[Chateau Snow|Ted's Laboratory]]

becomes Ted's Laboratory

Even though the text says "Ted's Laboratory," the link still goes to "Chateau Snow" (which is, in fact, Ted's laboratory. Don't tell).

Linking Categories in articles

Sometimes you'd like to link to a category in an article without actually listing the article in the category. In case you're wondering, heres what the link would look like [[:Category:Category]], and you'd replace the last "Category" with the actual category you want to link to. you can also yous the | after the last category to use alternate text as the link. example: [[:Category:Arcadia|Nation of Arcadia]] which would look like this: Nation of Arcadia, but still link to the category.

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