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After comic battling, the next important step to this process is voting.


So you said I don't win by destroying my opponent in my comic, how do I actually "win" then?

After all the cycles are complete, the admin will open up each battle for voting. Each member of the forum can vote on any battle. Spectator, Lurker, active or inactive player and so on. Voting will run for a specified length of time and then once it closes, a winner is declared. Currently the voting time has been about 7 days from when the voting begins.

So anyone can vote? Can't I just create a bunch of "bot" accounts and vote for my own fight then?

Sure you can; if you would like to get the boot. The admin watch voting very carefully and have several measures in place to ensure that this does not occur. Thankfully we have only had one infractor so far and that person caught and dealt with. Please do not be the second.

So who do I vote for? Can't I just go down the list and vote for my teammates?

Once again, you could, but where is the fun in that? You should vote for what entry you think is "the best" and that is going to be different for every person. Love how someone told a story even though their art was not as good as their opponent? Vote for them. Cannot get over how dynamic the fight sequences are from another artist even though there was no speech in their entire entry? Vote for them. It's all up to you.

My opponent was late by 4 days but they still won! What the heck?

Aye, now this is a touchy subject. Seven days is not an incredibly long time to produce a full comic (just imagine; in 2006 in was only 4 days) and lateness does occur from time to time. Maybe it was due to family issues or computer issues or just about anything else life can throw our way. At the end of each round, the admin will post saying that the battle is closed and open up voting. Along with that, they will summarize who was late and by how long. This is in the intention that people can take that factor into consideration when they vote as it may not be so readily available. What you do with that information is up to you. If you think Combatant A produced a better comic then their opponent but was late each cycle by 3 days, where does your vote go to then?

Awesome, I won my fight. Uh...now what?

Well, you have completed your portion of the round for your team. Good for you. Go relax and have some lemonade. Once the final votes have been tallied up, zones will be awarded to each team if they won their match. If your team was attacking, you gain the zone. If your team was defending, you keep control of your zone. A new map will be made up for the next round and we start the whole process over again. I know it may sound complicated, but the admin takes care of all the backstage things so everyone else can focus on fighting.

So I don't get anything for myself?

Is self-pride and the glory of winning not good enough for you? No? Well, points are awarded to the combatants after their matches. If you win, you receive 3 points. If you tie, your receive 2 points. And if you lose, you receive 1 point. If your match was voted "Match of the Round", you and your opponent receive one additional point. Everyone is then placed on a big ol' chart and you can print it out and put it on your fridge. Speaking of that chart, check out the Player standings (updated only once per chapter).

Tournament rules
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4. Match Assignment 5. Combat 6. Voting
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