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The best of the best of the barely passable.
The best of the best of the barely passable.

Utopia is a clone.


General Info

  • Name: C3-U8130P "Utopia"
  • Age: Nearly 1 year.
  • Height: 175cm
  • Weight: Depends who you ask
  • Race: C3 Clone (Defective)
  • Allegiance: Arcadian Republic Civil Protection
  • Alignment: Lawwwful Good
  • Eye colour: Red/Brown
  • Hair colour: Black


Friendly, but not too bright. Inexperienced with the world outside police work, and easily entertained. Will uphold the Arcadian Republic's many laws to the letter*.

* At least the letters she can read.


Utopia has the standard implanted combat training, along with the other mobility, communication and skill packages that all clones receive during gestation. However these have unfortunately been implemented with varying levels of success. She is occasionally surprisingly competent in her law enforcement, but sometimes somewhat of a fairly catastrophic failure. Easily outsmarted or tricked. She possesses no known superhuman capabilities, as past super clone projects have been deemed unprofitable by CGN, and a risk by the government.


Utopia was grown as part of the newly reinstated C3 program - in an ageing and faulty cloning tank. Due to resulting imperfections, quality control found her as mentally substandard, and the new clone was deemed defective. However, her disposal and recycling was banned by the red tape of the clone rights laws. Thus, she was dumped by the government into the ARCP as a constable, where they hoped she would do little harm.

Along with her fellow officers Utopia patrols the vast expanding sprawl of Arcadia City, helps bring troublemakers and lawbreakers into custody, helps in criminal investigations, fills out forms, makes coffee, and performs other such important crimefighting tasks. As a clone she has to deal with prejudice from the majority of citizens. But the few she can consider friends are policing partners Nevada Antihelios, Rosenthal, and Ridley von Clayborne.

Likes BCBF and My Little Clony. Dislikes crime.


Standard issue police equipment required for maintaining order in an often violent city, for example: firearms, handcuffs, collapsible shock truncheon, miscellaneous grenades, surveillance devices, tear spray, radio, official notebook of bad doodles. May drive a (frequently vandalised) police car.

Expanded Physical Description

Laboratory-grown human-basic clone, equivalent to a natural human aged in late teens to early twenties. Grown from CGN's genetic melange of material, from countless "donors". Wears the hairstyle of her cutlery-themed cartoon idol . Often wears a stripe of makeup across her eyes. Because the future is weird like that. She bears the usual C3 tattoo on her neck, branding her as a clone. She also has a large [DEFECTIVE] tattoo across her back.

Round Summary

At the Central Park [1]

Utopia is partnered with a depressed Ridley to bring in Tal Sopher, but has a grand day out with Simon Ecchols instead.

In the Residential Ghetto [2]

While investigating the site of a monorail crash caused by the Staedtler PMC's attack on Bullet Face, Utopia apprehends the prime minister's stray illegitimate daughter.

In the Prison [3]

Utopia is assigned to warden duty, and encounters an incarcerated warlock breaking a few prison rules.

  • Hollow City 010: Utopia versus Linus

At the Central Station [4]

Utopia is assigned to transport police duty, and arrests Linus for some serious luggage offences.

At the Red-Light District [5]

Utopia and her squad-mates are assigned to guard a PHALANX surveillance centre, but are unable to stop Kensington from sneaking in and pilfering a vital data drive.

  • ARCP Adventures: The Parasite

In a police car [6]

Utopia learns where babies come from.

At the Central Business District [7]

Utopia learns that anime is real.

  • ARCP Adventures: Cornershop

In a shop [8]

Utopia learns that sometimes, criminals are dishonest.

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