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Was formerly known for somehow playing the only vampire not on TCE. :-) But then Chapter 2 came along and changed everything.

I'm a wiki mod so if you need any help with the WFA wiki just let me know!


General Info

  • Year of Birth: 1982
  • Height: 165cm
  • Eyes: Blue-grey
  • Hair: Dyed brown (formerly red)
  • Equipped with standard German artist superpowers.

Battle Info


Kensington, Selaphial (adopted from Sin)


The King, Gilbert

Active Rounds

Round 11, Round 12, Round 13, Round 14, Round 15, Round 16, Round 17, Round 18, Round 23

  • Contributed art to:
- Round 13, Sirius' pages (CACA vs. Team Burning Vigor) [1]
- Chapter 1 epilogue. [2]
- Patent Pending and Horokeh's post-Round 13 war story. [3]
- Chapter 2 epilogue. [4]

Extra Info

  • Strangely the person Five and Sageby's character Faive do not only share the same name but also look quite alike. This is pure coincidence but still creepy.
  • A member of "Team Slow" [5]
  • Five is: always tired and hungry, meticulous, lazy, strict, tactless/direct, funny, moody, picky, slow, never late with comics, often late in real life.
  • Draws mainly with: pencils (B2 if possible), Faber-Castell PITT ink pens (all sizes). Photoshop is used for touch-ups, shading, colors and text.

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