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Thatone and his Podlings.
Thatone and his Podlings.
This Page deals with the Character. For the player, see User:Thatone.

Thatone is an extra dimentional traveler who was banished to Arcadia by an amateur kuia-toa whip. It has been discribed as a tentacle monster, an alien, and OMG WTF is that!


General Info


Stonefairy Goblin (originally)


Unknown (he doesn't age)


4'2" (158 cm)


Republic of Arcadia

Extra Info


  • Psychometabolism

Thatone has the ability to control living biology and the molecular level. He has complete mastery over his own biology and can control living creatures. He is limited in that he can't alter something in a way that would kill it (he can't tear a creature's head off, but he could do something like alter the biology of the head and body to act independently of each other). Thatone's powers cannot affect dead creatures, objects, undead, machines, or creatures created by magic or other unexplained phenomenon (advanced lifeforms like demons, angels, and gods have a physiology that is too complex to be affected by Thatone's powers.)

Thatone has no capacity to feel pain and can transfer his conciseness into any Poddling at will.


Though Thatone possessed the knowelege of all living cells, rhybosoms, and dionucleic acids, their function, and how far they can be altered, he has a very low intellegence beyong that. He has the social intellect of a child and the attention span of an infant. He does not take orders from anyone from his brother and will deliberately countermine anyone who directs an order at him with extreme predjudice.


Thatone has a couple screws loose. He is a terrifying monster one moment and a sex hungry blob of goo the next. He enjoys cute things, females, males, hermaphrodites, any creature with an oraface, anything immitating an oraface as long as its warm inside, sandwiches, not wearing pants, Elimah, cows, and anyone that wants to snuggle. He dispises undead and ninjas.

Political Views

"I'm a tumbleweed!"- Thatone

Family History and Early Life

Cherry Treasurehunter became queen matron of the stonefairy goblins following the unexplained deaths of several dozen members of the goblin aristocracy. She met the halfling wizard, Haelix Broomsbane, early in his career and went on a short live fling with him. After some months adventuring, she learned that she was pregnant and fled for her home. Upon her return, she gave birth to two heirs, Daemond and Elimah. From the beginning, Daemond was second stringed by his brother whom evidently was the encarnate of some legend of the Stonefairy Goblins. At the age of two, he was taken with his brother to the elves to find out what their fates would hold. But the elves had other plans for the brothers. Betraying the trust of the goblins, the elves exciled the elves to another dimension.

That One

Daemond was found on a random alien world by a trading ship that picked him up and sold him into slavery. Over the years to come, he was sold over and over again and forced to work as a laborer for more years than he cares to remember. He grew up learning that he wasn't a person. He was an object, a thing, a possession. "Oh, you don't want thatone. That one doesn't follow orders". "That one better move its little legs before I cut them off." "Where is that one with the big ears? Its such a lazy thing." Until finally he had been fed up with the crack of his masters' whips. A deugar slave master had pushed him too many times. He lashed out with the very chains that bound him, taking the head of his master. "Thatone doesn't take orders..." He made quite a public display of it, too, and rather than being executed on the spot, Daemond was put in the gladiatorial games of the Illithids. The Illithids were a race that liked to experiment on creatures and Daemond just happened to be the unlucky candidate to host a mutinagenic symbiotic organism. The Parasite was a psionic micro-organism that fed off of the host creature's brain waves and slowly altered the biological structure to suit its needs for survival. It was also important for the parasite that the host survive, so the parasite would give biological enhancements to the host to counter the dangers of the alien worlds thatone inhabited. Thatone continued to mutate as he was subjected to the beatings and trials of the Illithids. He was no longer a slave, he was an experiment. An experiment that could have lasted for eternity, but it ended prematurely when the Illithids evacuated the city for reasons that will never be known.

Coming to Aracadia

Science and Technology

Round Summary

Round One: Museum District

ThatOne vs Anteros

The Celestial sends the tentacle monster into the museum district in hopes to flush out Anteros. Osiris is rather annoyed that the creature is destroying priceless works of art. When the Parasite manifests, Anteros is forced to rely on Osiris for help. Osiris sends all the undamaged art to the Anteverse to keep it safe. ThatOne manages to escape, but not before taking Ben Stiller's brain and leaving Anteros with a murdered security guard and a horde of stolen art.

Round Two: The Zoo

ThatOne vs Nicolai

The alliance has the furry community under their protection, but can they be safe with a brain hungry tentacle fiend on the loose?

Round 4: Border Forts

Thatone and Dr. Dastard vs Hazmatt and Plain Jane

Classified (I'll finish it eventually)

Round 9: The Swamp

ThatOne vs Zachary [1]

A hero goes in search of a cure and finds a personal truth. Is it more than this demon hunter can handle? - Epilogue: [2]

Round 10: Cold Weather Research

ThatOne, Dr. Dastard, and Cyborg Necromancer vs Effex, Cauze, and Genome

See Also

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