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While the main focus of WFA is the combat between two artists, everyone is split into teams in order to simulate a massive battle sprawling across two entire nations, Arcadia and Levidia. This may seem pretty complicated, but we try to streamline the whole process so that the individuals only have to focus on their upcoming match and not have to worry about all the extra stuff. Some people really like to get involved with the “meta” part of WFA, while others just show up to draw. Your level of involvement is up to you.


So I gotta be on a team?

Yep. With the way things are setup, it would be virtually impossible to manage dozens of people running around, all pursuing their own goals.

So what is up with the teams exactly?

Here’s the quick and dirty on each team. If you want more details, ask around or check out each team’s respective wiki entries:

The Republic of Arcadia

  • In-Character: Their headquarters in Celestial Tower lie deep within Arcadia City. After a history of turmoil and civil wars Arcadia has finally been unified as a democracy.
Relatively prosperous, tactically-experienced government. Politically liberal, fiscally conservative. Arcadia has a past riddled with questionable scientific experiments of its own, but those have largely been projects run by private, military outfits and/or companies. Although technologically inclined in many ways, furthering technology is not the government's primary concern. Liberal views when it comes to the use of magic.
  • Out-of-Character: Though as a country it is Lawful Neutral, Arcadia's members include all kinds of characters: ordinary humans but also vampires, cyborgs, wizards, scientists, war veterans and genetic freaks.

The Levidian Empire

  • In-Character: Monarchy. Wealthy, and currently peaceful empire with a proud history of conquest. Entire society is centered around academic pursuit and escalation of technology, and is culturally embodied by the Divium Stilus. LE essentially believes that everything has a rational explanation, even the supernatural, and hence the pressure on magical individuals to submit themselves to study. The government, while not run by the Divium Stilus itself, works closely with it and embodies many of its principles. There is not a great deal of unrest within the Empire itself, as even those it conquers are invited to enjoy the benefits of living with advanced technology, in prosperity.
  • Out-of-Character: Chaotic Neutral. Can include all kinds of characters: ordinary humans but also scientists, doctors, aristocracy and peasants.


  • In-Character: The Renegades are Battle Veterans that left their original faction. Most of them are hardcore fighters that fight merely for the thrill, and have no political motivation. They have no leader nor base of operations and can attack at any place.
  • Out-of-Character: Often viewed as idealistic or unpredictable, the Renegades members come mostly from the former La Revolution but also in part from the old Renegades and, as such, have a diverse userbase. Alignment: Chaotic neutral.
They follow the existing attack rules for Renegades.
  • Note: New characters cannot immediately join the this faction. A character must have competed in at least four matches and have a good reason for joining the Renegades. Even then, requests to join may be denied based on numbers or for various other reasons. See details here.

Free Agents

Free Agents aren't another faction, per se, it is just a holding tank for those individuals that signed up to fight but do not have a preference as to which team they are on. They are generally just used to even out numbers after a round's registration but sometimes team leaders will request certain Free Agents for their side.

Tournament rules
1. Character Submission 2. Teams 3. The Map
4. Match Assignment 5. Combat 6. Voting
7. Misc. Rules / Renegades 8. Mini Battles Related Pages
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