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Team Munkus

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Got hammered into the stratosphere and quit the universe.



General Info

  • Name: Team Munkus
  • Background: From beyond the boundaries of time and legend, Team Munkus returns in full force, hankerin' to fuck some dudes up bad with a concentrated barrage of unending awesome!

The fighters


Spectre-X (real world).
Spectre-X (real world).

(real world)

Style: Dutch Quantum Grappling

Powers: Vague and ill-defined abilities to bend the fabric of fiction to his will, due to the fact that he is the artist and also writer. The gauntlet on his right hand is possibly demonic in nature.

Background: Volatile and self-absorbed, Spectre-x has an inflated sense of self-worth, as well as a mercurial temper that is closely tied with how wanted he feels by his hot, new, older girlfriend Squidbunny. Together with the other two real people he leads the revitalised Team Munkus to awesome and victory!

Special Attack: Right Hand of Artistic Doom - can potentially shatter the very natures of fiction and reality.

COMBO SPECIAL: Love Love Attack - Together with Squidbunny, they can unleash the power of True Love as an unstoppable force of destruction!

Art: Playing Wii



Style: Fist of the North Woods

Powers: Capable of wrangling fiction similarly to Spectre-X and Munkus but unwilling to put forth the effort of arguing with them most of the time.

Background: Squidbunny was dreaming raptly of she and Multimoog's round 6 victory over Lewis and Team Munkus when Spectre-X burst through the 4th wall like a sexy trap spider and dragged her back to Arcadia to fight alongside him.

Special Attack: Squid Ex Machina - Squidbunny shows up, unforeseen, to turn the tables on an unsuspecting foe.

COMBO SPECIAL: Love Love Attack - Together with Spectre-X, they can unleash the power of True Love as an unstoppable force of destruction!

Art: Winter time

Munkus Beaver

(real world)

Style: Absent Entrail style karate

Powers: An unbreakable but flexible will and fiction manipulation comparable to that of Spex. 12th-level intellect.

Background: Munkus was savagely dragged away from his relatively normal life by Spectre-X and thrown into the insane world of fiction. He is a good writer, but lacks the volume to make his ideas heard over Spectre-X's voice.

Special Attack: Colonel Colon - Munkus is smart enough to plan ahead for most enemy attacks, even retroactively.



Spex for short (fictional)

Style: The School Of The Undefeated Of The East, Dragon God style alien Kung Fu

Powers: Astonishing physical abilties including strength, speed, agility, endurance and teleportation. Can fly by means of cosmically-empowered artifact similar to a silver earth surfboard.

Background: Spex is a nice enough, easy-going guy who is also totally crazy, at least in the eyes of everybody who is not him. He does not hold grudges for fair victories, and only joined the tournament again because, by golly it is fun tearing people limb from limb. He longs for a gentlemanly rematch against SPI, has fond memories of his alliance with Anteros/Osiros and hopes that this tournament he can at least kiss some of the hot girls instead of kick them in the ovaries.

Special Attack: Omega Beams - The most dreaded ability in the entire multiverse, they cannot be blocked or avoided, and will not stop until they have hit their mark. They have the power to do almost anything.

COMBO SPECIAL: The East is Burning Red - Together with his "brother", Spex is able to unleash a horrific onslaught of unbeatable martial arts moves on their target.



Spy for short

Style: The School Of The Undefeated Of The East, The Way of the Corrupted Burning God Fist

Powers: Astonishing physical abilities including strength, speed, agility, endurance and teleportation. Can fly by means of an aeons-old, demonic, soul-stealing, black-bladed sword. The black parts of his costume are covered in disguised elder things from before existence, which follow his commands.

Background: Originally created as an evil clone of Spex, Spy was awakened too soon from his incubation chamber and ended up inferior to his "brother". The Celestial outfitted him with an incubation suit that brought him to his full, perfect power, however. Spy promptly throttled Celestial silly and attempted to destroy all of existence. He was stopped through some sort of unexplained plot dealie, and ended up locked up beyond reality somehwere for a billion infinities, which was okay because nobody bothered him, until Spectre-X returned him from the void. He subsequently went back in time and made sure the Celestial never made him, because man, screw that guy. His new origin entails that he created himself from scratch.

Special Attack: Poison the World - Spy shouldn't exist, and his presence is detrimental to the integrity of reality itself, granting him an unstoppable touch of death.

COMBO SPECIAL: The East is Burning Red - Together with his "brother", Spy is able to unleash a horrific onslaught of unbeatable martial arts moves on their target.

Art: Spex and Spy

Raymond O'Hanlon

Mugshot of Raymond O'Hanlon.
Mugshot of Raymond O'Hanlon.

Style: Katori Banjo Ryu

Powers: Sickhouse Irish step dancer, formiddable repertoire of showtunes, insane agility and residual voodoo magicks.

Background: Cheerful and whimsical Raymond was a carefree child of rural upbringing until he wandered into La Revolution's conflict with the Celestial Empire and fell in love with an enemy combatant who turned him into a voodoo-amplified mind slave before dying impressively and leaving Ray to presumably die even more impressively in an all-guns-blazing super robot showdown with Team Munkus only to join forces with them once again following Spectre-X's seduction of Squidbunny. Imagine his surprise.

Special Attack: Lonely Goatheard - a one-hit killing blow from Ray's beloved banjo.

Kilgore Jones


Style: Norse Warhammer, master of the Wave of Coincidence style of fighting.

Powers: Heightened physical attributes such as strength, speed, agility, endurance and durability. Minor control over electricity, weather patterns and earth. Wields a powerful mystical artifact.

Background: This Kilgore Jones, as well as his friends, hails from Tangent Universe 13, and has entered the tournament because Spectre-x made him and because he enjoys challenges and having fun with his friends. He is a supremely nice guy, but has been known to kick the shit out of things that need to have the shit kicked out of them. He is currently trying to woo Rose Warren, and he wields the Pipe Wrench of Thor, a family heirloom infused with the power of Mjolnir, the Norse god's warhammer.

Special Attack: Improv - using his praeternatural skill at improvising, Kilgore saves his own ass and that of his teammates.

SUPER SPECIAL: Kilthor's Might - by tapping the handle of his wrench on the ground once, Kilgore summons the very essence of the Norse god Thor into himself, creating an amalgam of their personalities and heightening Kilgore's physical and mystical abilities to indescribable levels.

Edward "Ted" Thunder

Ted Thunder.
Ted Thunder.

Style: Robot Supernova Hurricane style Kung Fu

Powers: Super-powered robot body grants Ted invulnerability, strength, speed, endurance, flight and energy manipulating abilities, as well as indescribable additional and heightened sensory abilities.

Background: Formerly a janitor, Ted's mind was transplanted into an invincible robot body, the most powerful machine ever created by man in a million alternate realities. Ted has the power of at least one thousand exploding hydrogen bombs. That's the point when the scientists stopped counting due to boredom. He was once a superhero, but his abrasive nature led to his superior firing him. He was forced to seek employment at a fastfood restaurant chain owned by an old nemesis of his. This has made Ted even more unstable and irritable, though he's still a nice enough guy once you get to know him.

Special Attack: Anything he does.

Maxine Terror

Maxine wielding the God Axe.
Maxine wielding the God Axe.

Style: Black Flag style Punk Fu, Supersonic style Rock Fu

Powers: Maxine is infused with the very essences of Rock 'n Roll, Punk and Metal, granting her heightened physical and recuparative abilities far beyond those of normal humans.

Background: Maxine is the toughest girl in all of Kirby Lake. Together with her boyfriend Ron she is a regular customer of Floyd's Bar, and a fervent supporter of the towns hockeyteam: the New Gods. Maxine has spent several years in a monastery in the Himalayas under the tutelage of Henry Rollins, the Dalai Lama of rocking out, and as such is a formidable opponent. She is able to rock harder than anyone but life-long practitioners of the ancient and powerful martial arts of rocking the fuck out that she is versed in. Likes to kick things.

Special Attack: Sonic Scream - Maxine's years of rocking out have hardened her vocal cords into deadly weapons, able to turn diamonds to dust.

SUPER SPECIAL: THE GOD AXE - The devil went down to Georgia, he was lookin' for a soul to steal, so Max beat him up and stole his indestructible magical super-guitar.

COMBO SPECIAL: Rock the Bearclaw - Ron and Maxine combine their forces to summon a rock & roll-infused army of super-bears to trample, shred and maul their opponents.

Ron Rackham

Ron rocking out.
Ron rocking out.

Style: The Way of the Forest style of grappling

Powers: Heightened physical attributes and senses, mastery of animals.

Background: Raised by wolverines or some shit in the dense forest bordering on Kirby Lake, Ron has made his name in the town as the most skilled bear wrestler in a thousand-mile radius. Like his girlfriend Maxine, he enjoys to drink and party. Ron is an all-around nice guy, and very wise. He is balding, but does not care.

Special Attack: Bear Bodylock - Ron uses his tremendous strength and unsurpassed skill to dislocate all of his enemy's bones simultaneously.

COMBO SPECIAL: Rock the Bearclaw - Ron and Maxine combine their forces to summon a rock & roll-infused army of super-bears to trample, shred and maul their opponents.

Munkus Beaver


Style: Flying Beaver style Kung Fu

Powers: An unknowable strength of mind and focus, as well as strength, speed and agility that is completely unexpected from so small a being.

Background: With the recruiting of the real Munkus, the fictional one was not left far behind. A gentle, contemplative soul, he is uncomfortable in his role as projectile weapon, and dislikes the way Spectre-x tends to write him. His tiny stature hides a horriffic rodent Buddhist megacide engine, whose hand-to-hand and melee weapon combat skills are virtually unsurpassed, even by the superpowered members of the team.

Special Attack: Forest Wave of a Thousand Thousand Flying Splinters - with ferocious velocity, Munkus unleashes a lightning-quick and terrifying attack on his opponents, using his strong jaws in conjunction with his limbs to send a hurricane of shrapnel at his enemies.


Team Munkus is on the side of the Renegades! Because the Renegades are too cool for school, and the Revolution and Empire are both schools, metaphorically! Smelly ones!

Battle History

Winner: Image:Buttoncel.gifAnthrax and Astorite [1]
Winner: Image:Buttoncel.gifDeans [2]
Winner: Image:Buttoncel.gifTie! [3]
Winner: Tie [4]
Winner: Image:Buttoncel.gifMultimoog and Squidbunny [5]
Winner: Image:Buttoncel.gifSin [6]
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