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Stephen and Argos

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Player: Perca




General Info

  • Name: Stephen Freeman (Steph for short)
  • Race: Human
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 25
  • Height: 1,85m (6'1")
  • Weight: 76kg (167 lbs)
  • Allegiance: FEUERSTURM!

Peculiarities: Red-ish brown hair and orange-ish eyes (due to Argos’ presence in his body), otherwise, he looks like just a normal, but handsome, man. While Steph is not weak or sensible to light like Argos, he doesn’t really like bright places and prefers to dwell in shadowed areas or stay in rooms without turning the light on.

Steph works as a paranormal photographer for a sensationalist journal and is considered the best photographer due to his “ability” to attract/cause supernatural happenings.

He can also see ghosts and most stuff that would otherwise be invisible, both due to Argos and his own blood heritage.


Despite constantly taking photos of supernatural stuff, seeing it and etc, he is quite skeptical and does not believe in ghosts, spirits, etc. He is not atheist, but more of a “maybe this stuff exists, but this thing here is most probably fake”. Also, he is somewhat of a loner, rather introspective and pessimistic; though he is fully aware of his good looks and constantly makes use of them to get what he wants.

Also, he doesn’t really care about his safety or whatever, due to his miraculous healing ability, which he believes to be his innate power or something (yes, this is a contradiction to his usual stand of “it’s fake” regarding inexplicable events).


Cursed from birth due to his family glorious past of fiend slayers. His family now has degraded to a bunch of religious fanatics, card readers, mediums, etc. He is quite ashamed of his family and doesn’t like to take part in his “weird family paranormal mumbo-jumbo”; needless to say, he doesn’t feel happy at all with his current job.

Due to Argos’ actions, Steph suffers from gastritis, takes sleep pills and tranquilizers and can be considered somewhat mentally unstable (official diagnostic says bipolar, but it is truly due to his nightmares), taking meds to take care of that.


Well…he is just a normal human with Wolverine-like healing abilities…so pretty much anything can cause him harm; he just most probably will survive it…


Paranormal vision (which he usually ignores), Nightmare Aura (draws supernatural beings to him and causes mental stress on those around him), real, real good looking and incredible healing capacity (he can literally re-grow limbs).


His camera. No shit.


Other than nightmares and the “power hangover”, Steph retains no memories or effects from Argos’ actions; in fact, he is totally oblivious to Argos’ presence.



General Info

  • Name: Argos
  • Gender: ???
  • Race: nightmare wereform
  • Age: ???
  • Height: about 2,70m (9 ft), but increases as he eats people
  • Weight: None.

Peculiarities: He has two basic forms: “shadow” and “real”. When Steph changes into “Shadow Argos”, Argos comes out of his shadow and becomes a being of its own, though still linked to Steph and still acting like his shadow, thus being intangible; this form is used to “infect” others and become able to use his “real form” against them, in this form Argos can only feed on the feelings of his victim; while Steph can technically see Argos, Argos hides himself from him so he can retain his host; in this form Argos is not tangible and can only be “harmed” with light, which casts him away or dissipates him.

For “Real Argos”, however, Steph enters in some sort of hypnosis state while his shadow swallows him and then shape shifts into Argos. In this form, Argos is fully tangible and is feed on people’s bodies as well as their feelings; this form has no shadow or depth, and as such, it is hard to aim ranged attacks at him. Steph is unable to remember anything he did as Argos and also has no idea he has Argos in him, thus having absolutely no way to access Argos’ powers. He does, however, retain part of the memory in the form of inexplicable nightmares. His eyes are usually looking at all directions without focusing, but he can focus them all in a single direction, causing extreme “bring me my brown pants” fear in whoever is being stared at.


Argos is extremely cold, calculating and acts in a superior and refined way. But all too often he gets power drunk and tries to bite more than he can chew if he believes he is at an upper hand (for example when he was banished from hell).


In the far past, during the dark ages, there was a family called Freeman, they were a clan of very powerful priests and holy knights. This family was responsible for keeping peace in the old Europe, slaying demons, witches, sorcerers and other evil fiends, maintaining peace and keeping the normal people from knowing the truth about the powers that compel the world.

One day, however, they met a powerful being that haunted half of the old world, this being went by the name Argos, the evil nightmare, exiled from hell for trying to take the Devil’s throne, but too powerful to be killed once and for all. Similar to the devil, the creature would become stronger by feeding on human emotions, such as fear and desperation, but it also discovered that by feeding on the flesh itself, it would grow in size and physical power. The best holymen of the Freeman family were sent to deal with such evil and dangerous beast that would make the Devil himself to think twice before facing it.

The battle was fierce and intense, it lasted for many months, costing the lives of more than 2/3 of the clan; but they met victory, finally fencing the demon, but not before it cast a curse on the family: that the one to be the next family chief would become his host, so Argos would once again be reborn. Fearful of the curse the beast casted, the family abandoned its whole heroic heritage, backing off to try to lift the curse. For many generations, the efforts were in vain, with the first son of the main family showing the demonic shadow of Argos as soon as it was born, forcing the family to sacrifice baby after baby.

One day, however, they were finally able to seal the curse through a series of special rituals and chants and the family thought the battle was won…until the modern days, when the knowledge and beliefs of old are considered bogus and mad men nonsense, though the family still continues with the rituals, now considered just a family habit. This is when we meet Steph, firstborn of the family, who decides not to take part in this “religious fanatic fanfare”, thus allowing Argos to rise once again.


Due to the constant re-sealing of Argos’ curse, as well as part of the ritual being made when Steph was an infant, Argos is extremely weak to light and energy in general, in shadow form, any sort of light makes him either back off or dissipate; in real form, very strong light (enough to illuminate at least half his body at once) is capable of forcing the reversion into Steph, while weaker light and energies are able to harm him.

Also, as a demon he is weak to holy weapons and such. As an addendum to the family constant re-sealing over the ages Argos himself ended up cursed: the stronger he becomes from eating bodies, the less rational he becomes, to the point that he could go from a classy noble demon to a moronic hungry beast, also, he is unable to retain this extra strength, reverting back to 3 mouths and pairs of eyes whenever he becomes Steph again, the extra strength is expelled by Steph in the form of severe stomachaches and vomiting.

Argos is also unable to fully conceal himself, while he can totally hide his appearance, he cannot hide his presence, so someone with supernatural abilities might be able to tell that Steph is not a common Joe; but due to the intimate relationship between Argos and Steph, it’s 100% impossible to tell it’s 2 beings in a single body.

Plus, due to his powers being so closely linked to fears and whatnot, Argos is completely unable to affect machines (“living” machines, such as sentient robots or robots able to think/learn are treated as living beings); that said, such machines will still be almost completely unable to detect Argos anyway.


“Shadow Argos” – He is a shadow, so while he has some autonomy, he is still bond to the rules of light and shadow. Also, he has the ability to “infect” people’s minds by touching their shadows, which makes his able to interfere in the person’s thoughts, dreams, etc. Doing so allows him to affect the person with his real form.

“Real Argos” – He is incredibly strong and nearly invulnerable (no sort of physical damage can harm him), still, he retains his “nightmare” nature, which means only those who were infected by his shadow can see and interact with him (quite similar to Freddy Krueger). This form also has the ability to fly. For every person he eats, Argos grows in size and gain another pair of eyes and a new mouth, becoming larger and stronger. Also, in either form he is able to form a direct link to the victim’s mind, using the victim’s fears as weapons against him/her, this power is an illusionary power and Argos can use it to either “become” the fear (in image only, though the victim is unable to perceive that it is not real, even if something illogical happens) or “summon” it (again, just an image, but the victim is still trapped).

As an extra power of sorts, any sort of mechanical device cannot see or detect Argos in any way (so if a cam is filming someone being attacked by Argos, the film will only show a person being inexplicably harmed and torn to pieces by an invisible force.




Argos resides in Steph’s blood, so draining every single drop of his blood would lift the curse…and kill Steph, new blood is automatically cursed, so it is impossible to lift the curse and keep Steph alive; anyway, Argos is always sentient and aware of everything that happens to Steph, and he takes good care of his host (‘cus allowing him to die would mean having to wait another generation for a chance of coming back), regenerating him from any sort of wound and taking over him if needed. Again, the only way to kill Steph or lift the curse is to drain all the blood in Steph’s body.

Also, due to Argos’ powerful aura, supernatural beings are naturally attracted to him (even as Steph), as well as his mere presence is enough to cause supernatural happenings, such as people going mad out of the blue and the such.

Battle History

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