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  1. Golias (2,883 bytes)
    24: ... is fed into his facemask so he can survive. This tank is held to his suit with powerful bonds.
    31: *If you break or open the tank of "Net Y", due to high pressure, it will explode
  2. Vehicles (2,521 bytes)
    3: * R1 'Infiltrator' LBT - a tank
    4: ...' HBT''', being more heavily armored than earlier tanks, while having more maneuverability and mobility ...
    5: * R7 'Marauder' HBT - a tank
    19: *C7L5-H Heavy Hover Tank
  3. Bruticus (2,589 bytes)
    4: A BIG TANK
    33: ... we can have either 4 car-sized vehicles or 2 minitank-sized vehicles; currently we already have 1 recon...
  4. Jonaston (8,346 bytes)
    20: ...re vulnerable to Molotov cocktails and crude anti-tank weapons. While those that could fought to stall t...
    22: ...ive. They subjected the apartments to barrages of tank fire, firing poison gas into the windows, and kil...
    24: ...r the next three hours, the plant was attacked by tanks and waves of C3 Clone infantry, but by using gue...
    32: ... apartments dangerously close to collapse. Ruined tanks and barricades still lay in the streets, as do m...
  5. Teams (4,024 bytes)
    25: ...n't another faction, per se, it is just a holding tank for those individuals that signed up to fight but...
  6. Baron Lobster (8,311 bytes)
    42: ...hell that has been known to resist armor piercing tank rounds and reflect particle beams. Despite the st...
  7. Emperor Justin (4,693 bytes)
    29: ... all small arms fire, and even things the size of tank rounds, RPGs, lasers, magical blasts, or small mi...
  8. Grande Series (1,984 bytes)
    21: ...ation, where it acts like a high speed very light tank. It can fly only with a swappable backpack, calle...
  9. Soraya (1,885 bytes)
    12: ...push most metallic materials, even if its a heavy tank.
  10. Shadow (13,574 bytes)
    16: :*'''High physical strength:''' She could kick a tank causing it to flip over, l~a~m~e I know XD
    115: * Tank
    188: :* Tank barrel armed with twin(2) 115mm Barrels\Cannons a...
    189: :* Twin 7.6 (6.62mm) Gatling Guns over the tank turret, rotate able 360 Degree.
  11. Axius (15,659 bytes)
    8: ...05 lbs (48 kg) [165 lbs (75 kg) with helmet + gas tank]
    36: ...] Troops. He was donning an iron helmet and a gas tank that was meant to keep him alive from nuclear rad...
    40: ...p him under control and doing his duties. His gas tank no longer supplies oxygen now that slots are dril...
    62: ...ngth back into pure speed after losing his helmet/tank. Strength was a necessity to uphold his armor cov...
    77: *Weight - The helmet and tank is taxing for him to wear, so he is very slow in ...
  12. The Copper Rose (1,380 bytes)
    5: ...oiler room, and water collection tank. The water tank was designed intake rain and other precipitation ...
  13. Utopia (4,928 bytes)
    27: ...ated C3 program - in an ageing and faulty cloning tank. Due to resulting imperfections, quality control ...

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