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This Page deals with the Character. For the user called Sonic, see User:Sonic.

How long the ninja known simply as Sonic has resided in Arcadia is a mystery, much like the bulk of details known about him.


General Information

  • Race: Human
  • Age: Appears to be in the mid-20s
  • Height: ~6'01"
  • Weight: ~160 lbs
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Hair: Brown


  • None


A master of various martial arts including but not limited to: Shaolin Kung Fu, Drunken Boxing, Breakdancing, and The Ways of the Ninja.


None known.


Sonic currently runs a service specializing in the capture and/or elimination of Ninjas, Rogue Samurai, Pirates, Robots, Vampires and Zombies or any combination thereof. But before this time spent many of his days wondering Arcadia, honing his skills as a warrior.

The Celestial claims to have fought him many years ago (and has the bullet wounds to prove it) but Sonic disavows any knowledge of said fight. The common theory is that Sonic disposed of Celestial so quickly that he didn't actually view the fight as occuring and probably views it more as a "controlled massacre". The two would meet again, but not before Sonic had taken his fill of other matches along the way.

Known matches are scarce, and any recordings of said matches are even more hard to find, but there were confirmed matches between Sonic and the following individuals.

  • Nightdragon (who he later teamed up with)
  • Pennywise
  • O'Chunks the Dinosaur

Later on, Celestial approached him yet again, but not as a rival, but as a teacher. The two grew as friends over the scant time of peace, so much so that Sonic (at Celestial's request) served as a bodyguard during Celestial's failed run at the presidency of Arcadia and during the first Tournament run by The Celestial thereafter. His skills were not needed until near the end of the tournament when the five remaining combatants turned their attentions onto Celestial. Sonic was one of the five members of Team Celestial that squared-off against the combatants and made quick work of the zombie Mr. Dave.

After the Fallen Tournament's Finale between Spectre-x and SPI, Celestial made his intentions clear. While he had always mused to Sonic about how he could run Arcadia better and how he wished to see Arcadia be fruitful, but under his control, Sonic never believed that his old friend would actually be brazen enough to attempt to overtake the country.

He was, unfortunately, proven quite wrong.

While he stood by his friend in the few months after The Celestial Empire's emergence, the two grew steadily further apart do to their differing opinions. While both shared a love for Arcadia, their visions were quite different and simple arguments turned to fights. Less then a year after Celestial seized control of Arcadia, Sonic disappeared, never to be seen again.

There is a rumor that he returned with a vengence later that year, quite changed from his earlier lacksidaical ways and attacked Celestial Tower with a robotic cohort where he supposedly caused an explosion inside the tower and wounded Celestial in the process. If this is in fact true, it was quickly covered up by officials in The Celestial Empire.

Battle History

No further recorded data available.

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