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Player: Nero


General Info

  • Name: Skull.
  • Race: Appears to be human. He doesn't really know it himself either.
  • Height: 1.85 m (6'1)
  • Weight: 105 kg (231 lbs)
  • Eyes: Black white
  • Hair: Shave cut with a thunderbolt logo in it.
  • Sex: Male
  • Sexuality: Straight
  • Allegiance: Feuersturm


When he's ready for attack, or is being attacked, his vision changes to completely black. All that matters around him is shown to him as dots.

His vision info

  • Red dots: Direct danger.
  • Purple dots: Indirect danger, or both direct and indirect. Also people Skull really hates turn to purple.
  • Grey dots: Animals.
  • Green dots: Direct or indirect help.
  • White dots: No danger.
  • Everything else + dead bodies: No dot at all.

(Later on he will learn to see both the environment and the dots, so he can even move around while destroying his enemy.)

How the attacking works

When he sees one of the dots he has to think of a way to exterminate it for it to happen. So when he sees a red dot approaching, if he focuses on the dot and thinks "explode" a white beam is shooting at the target and will reach it in a split second. After the dot has been hit by that beam, the dot will explode and disappear from his vision as it is no longer a danger.

Though the beam is white in Skulls vision, it is actually pitch black with a white border. The beams can also be used as a protection of his body (atm he can only use it for his fists). When that happens you will see some swollen veins, however this technique does not hurt Skull in any way. The beams have various attacking styles: Cut, explode, burn, shoot and knock (just a heavy smack).


When he was still a baby, he was taken away from his parents and placed with another couple. This couple really didn't like taking care of another hungry baby above taking care of themselves. (This was all in a place somewhere in Arcadia where the people lived in great poverty, a lot because of the war that has been raging so long.

As Skull grew up, his foster parents noticed how much older he looked than he actually was. While he was seen as someone age 15, his real age was closer to 11. The parents were fed up with feeding him, but they couldn't just dump him (secret organisation blah blah). So they decided to put him to work. And he did work, from dusk till dawn. All the money (even though it wasn't so much) he earnt was taken away from him by his parents and they kept it for themselves. Skull started to hate them. He already did, but this made it worse. One day he came back from work, completely worn out as usual. But he noticed something was wrong: The whole house was a mess. Everything was broken etc. He went upstairs, because he heard some crying noises. There he saw his parents on the ground, with guns pointing at their heads. There were 3 men standing behind them, holding the guns. One of them said "Finally kid, took some time for you to get here, huh?" Skull didn't say a thing.

"Anyways, let's get straight to the point. If you want your mommy and daddy alive, you'd better not move a limb!" Even though he hated his parents, he didn't want them to die. This was too much, he completely lost it and ran away as quickly as possible and as hard as he could. While running away he heard 2 shots, but he didn't look behind him and kept running.

In a period of likely 1 / 2 years the guys chased him but he was physically quite something; they couldn't catch him at all. Shortly after he met a woman, she was very kind and taking care of him until she earned his trust. She became his mother and only friend. After a month or so she took him to a "fun" place. This place was an old warehouse. There, she told him to stand in the center and close his eyes and count to 100. Yes, she even tought him some basic knowledge.

When he was done counting, he saw nothing fun at all. He was surrounded by badass evil looking soldier people (dunno how to explain that properly) and when he turned around he saw the woman getting a big cheque from the 3 guys that were chasing him all these years. He yelled MOM MOM HELP!, But then he realised he was trapped. And shortly after that he felt his blood pumping from rage. Everything turned black in front of his eyes. He only saw some red dots surrounding him. He hated those dots, although he didn't even know why (this is the subconscious mind).

So his vision was all black with red dots instead of the rl vision. He decided to destroy these red dots. He looked at one dot, approaching him, and thought 'explode.' A white electric beam shot to the red dot in a split second and the red dot exploded. Also, the soldier that was approaching him exploded. With the next group of five, he tried something else (Note: Within this subconscious mind he's really calm and experiences everything in slowmotion) this time, he thought 'cut.' Multiple white beams shot straight ahead to the red dots (this time even faster) and cut the 5 red dots to pieces and they disappeared. He kept doing this until all the red dots and 4 purple dots (He really hated those 4. He hated them the most) vanished.

When all dots had disappeared he got his satisfaction, with all the dots gone. His vision turned back to normal. What he saw was not the clean room he'd been in, but he saw bodies without heads, some chopped in pieces, some with giant holes in their body, some completely turned to ash. He ran away again but he was determined to control this newly awakened power of him. After another 2 years of mastering it he finally got the hang of it. He decided to join Feuersturm to see something of the world without spending all of his money. He saw this on an advertisement.

Battle History

Winner: image:Buttonfs.gifNero [1]
Winner: image:Buttonfs.gifNero [2]

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