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Sin, Sister of Grief
Sin, Sister of Grief
This Page deals with the Character. For the player, see Sin.

No fear can stand up to hunger, no patience can wear it out, disgust simply does not exist where hunger is; and as to superstition, beliefs, and what you may call principles, they are less than chaff in a breeze. -Joseph Conrad

A slender, sometimes masked servant of the Ring Lord Abbadon of Hell. One of his Lordship's personal toys and youngest member of the Chorus of the Unforgiven. Referred to among the circles of Hell as the Sister of Grief, along with her sisters Joy, Rage, Malice, and Serenity. Surrendered her humanity long ago and let the warm darkness of satisfaction slither down her throat and fill her to bursting until she was sick.


General Info


Demon Mongrel. Her personal demons have crawled into every cranny but a tiny human element curls up and shivers in a dark corner of her mind.


If she had to tell you she'd probably say in the early 20s, but she'd be lying.


Moderate height and weight, subject to (sometimes extreme) variations. Usually 5'7".


Hands. Feet. Toes. Elbows. Knees. Fingers. Fingernails. Teeth. Tongue.



  • Weak telekinesis. Unbelievable speed and agility, and unnatural strength for a woman her size.
  • Capable of impressive seduction powers. She appears naturally attractive to anyone who views her, male or female. Women may find themselves uncomfortably attracted to her. Her voice is tantalizing. Those able to see through the illusion will realize that behind her smile is a set of impressive and very white teeth.
  • Able to split a normal man in half with her bare hands
  • Power of possession
  • Has a fantastic ass


  • Weak to holy symbols of any religion
  • Low healing factor
  • Short temper
  • Her intelligence borders on madness
  • Absolutely and utterly self possessed, and completely alone.. Incapable of forming any relationships, and it tortures her constantly.


The Celestial Empire, Hell

A Short and Perhaps Relevant Tale

Once upon a time, or any time for that matter, a young, naive, and weak young woman collapsed under the complete and infinite weight of the great yawning expanses of the universe, and the darkness slipped in through the cracks.

Day after day she doted upon a man who would crush her beneath his boot heel if he had the chance, a great prince of her nation, and she a lowly peasant. As she cried deep and bitter tears, her heart wrenched itself in two and she wasted away. She watched her skin shrink back against her bone and glimpsed the skull underneath, staring, grinning and laughing at her, a miserable little insect squirming as its guts were being squeezed out slowly by the thumb and forefinger of Fate.

Suicide was a miserable failure, but it opened up other possibilities. At the moment she dangled there, kicking like a broken wind up toy and turning black from the noose around her neck, deep and ancient whispers echoed around her mind of an older, colder power that slid behind the surface of the stars and devoured them by the thousands. They told her deep and ancient secrets, old and forbidden words, magic of primal urges, of blood and sweat, and the Old Night. When the tree branch snapped she hit the ground running.

She worked feverishly, never doubting the old powers that whispered to her. Small altars were found in the woods, local chickens were found with their throats cut. Three babies died within a week of each other. The harvest was filled with insects. The birds and the trees talked to her in the dead of night and still she worked. Her family, disturbed by her unusual activity, grew increasingly frightened. There was a hot and sickly light in her eyes, apparent from even a moment's glance. Soon enough the scrawny wretch with bloody fingers swelled monstrously and became a luscious young woman with thick black hair the color of crows' feathers.

In time, the prince heard whisperings of her great and unnatural beauty, and like all men who have too much, desired to claim it for his own. But it was far too late. She'd had her tiny taste blood and honey and wanted more. In a desperate bid, she attempted to ensnare his heart and soul with an old and powerful magic, but it proved disastrous. The children discovered her, and soon the stake was being set up in the center of the town. With no choice left, the young woman took the form of a monstrous beast and ripped her way out of the mob with tooth and nail.

She fled to the countryside; beaten, starving, broken and clothed only in rags. All the glamours and boons she had sacrificed so much for were all for naught. The magic began to eat her from the inside, and soon she was coughing blood, and there she died....or would have.

If it hadn't been for the beautiful stranger who came along and offered her everything...

The rest of the story, dear readers, writes itself.

Round Summary

Round 1: Sin vs. Luis Rodriguez [1]

Sin appears in arcadia and is immediately sent to stop a revolution driven munitions truck from crashing headlong into clone factories.

Round 2: Sin and Catnip Cat vs. Xandriel and Reana [2]

Sin and Catnip Cat successfully hunt down and assassinate a rogue C3 and all but annihilate revolution forces on the border forts. Xandriel breaks free of his armor for the first time, Reana has her leg cut off but is able to regenerate.

Round 5: Sin vs. Dakk [3]

Sin possesses the revolution soldier Sanders and attempts to re-capture renegade Dakk, Dakk is able to expel Sin from Sander's mind but is unable to prevent the subsequent capture of the river.

Round 6: Sin vs. Osiros [4]

Sin fights Osiros, taking him temporarily to Hell. Her true appearance is revealed. Osiros is so morally torn (literally) that Anteros is able to break free of the God entity's control. In the following battle, Sin is able to use blood from the Osiris entity to free herself from her mask.

Round 7: Sin vs. Team Munkus [5]

Sin fights Team Munkus, summons up the Voidbringer Hammer and is able to summon multiple other characters to punch Spectre-x into the stratosphere. Team Munkus subsequently loses and quits the universe.

Round 11: Sin vs. Ghost [6]

Sin, now gaining in power but apparently losing what little sanity she had, stops Ghost and is able to locate the Rebellion headquarters.

War Stories

The Warden releases Sin from her imprisonment and sends her to arcadia.

  • Death of Sin [8]

Sin's relationship with Celestial comes to a boiling point and her true task in Arcadia is revealed: to retrieve angel feathers. Unable to face the fact that she might actually be falling in love again and losing her fragile grip on her sanity, Sin splits into her demon and human halves, but is able to stop herself before she kills Celestial and return to Hell.

Other Appearances

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