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This Page deals with the Character. For the player, see User:Shilane.



General Info

  • Race: Vampire
  • Age: 421
  • Height: 5'3" (160 cm)
  • Weight: 115" (52kg)
  • Eyes: Right purple, left white
  • Hair: White


She's not as fast or agile as Kelar but she is more flexible and has great magical and psychic abilities. She has water elemental magic and that includes ice. She can also roll the minds of the weak, even make them want her to bite them. She heals herself if she feeds but it requires a large quantity of blood to do this, more than a quart. She has complete daywalker abilities and retains her vampire form at all times!!!


Usually none, although she can bite you, I suppose. Sometimes wields a dagger with little more than average ability.


Completely immune to psychic attacks, immune to poisons and human ailments. Can not be harmed by sunlight and is highly resistant to holy objects. You'd need the pope to blow kisses at her to get away with that. Her magical abilities are only hindered by the amount of moisture around, including in the air.


Physically weak and can't withstand many physical attacks at all. She's extremely emotional and sadly heroic, so she will take a hit just to save someone else who'd probably fair better than her. Is generally unprepared for melee attacks of any kind. Will have trouble with her magic if she's in a place that's too dry.


The Celestial Empire | The Veiled Empire

Extra Info

Extended Bio

With Kelar injured, Shilane refuses to allow her tenuous alliance with The Celestial to fall apart. Seating her eldest brother Tristan on the throne, she ascends to Arcadia to take her brother's place for the time being. While Kelar's twin Blaire was the more obvious candidate to be sent above ground, Shilane has a score to settle with the so-called Resistance. No one gets away with harming someone of Shilane's brothers. No one.

Round Summary

Round 4: Shilane and Maja vs Jam

At The Oil Tanker [1] Episode 4:Previously on WFA... Shilane surfaces to join the good fight! She quickly makes friends with another hot chick named Maja and they set off to see what's become of an Oil tanker. They find a young man and like true bitches, they give chase as the poor teen tries to escape their dirty dancing. It's a pity that Jam was too young.

Round 6: Shilane vs Xiao Fen

At The Mountains [2] Episode 6:Previously on WFA... Shilane is allowed some vacation time and sets out for the mountains in search of some natural hot springs to relax in. However, she's intruded upon by a young woman that is too delicious to pass up. With CNN giving everyone a live feed of the action, Shilane and Ririn have a lovely time with a little too much skin and not enough touching.

Round 7: Shilane and Kelar vs Baron Lobster

At The Beach [3] Episode7:Previously on WFA... Shilane and Kelar set out on another potential vacation after Kelar's wounded arm finally heals. Shilane uncovers a devious plot to steal from the Celestial while Kelar eats an ice cream vendor and busies himself with a Big Stick popsicle. IMPRESSIVE! The thief is the infamous Baron Lobster and after he tries to charm Shilane into submission it all goes downhill from there. Dolphins to the rescue!

Round 8: Shilane vs The Radtastics

At The Residential District (High-class) [4] Episode 8: Previously on WFA... Much to Shilane's surprise and delight, she receives a secret invitation to have tea with not one but two gorgeous hunks from the Renegades. Little do they know she would have some surprises in store for them. She discovers a deep running disdain for the new C4 models as well as a whole new reason to not get along with Kelar. Ireyu makes his(?) debut and Sadie Hawkins would be proud.

Round 10: Shilane vs Uzu

At The Oriental Village [5]

Round 11: Shilane vs Hazmatt

At The Fishing Village [6]

Round 12: Shilane vs Fresia

At The Convention Center [7] Cook-Off Time!

Round 13: The Celestial Empire vs La Revolution

At The Rebel Base [8]

Round 14: Shilane, Kelar and Ashley vs Rin and Meg

At The Highway [9]

Round 19: Shilane vs SETh and Malcolm Fuzzworthy

At The Zoo [10]

Round 23: Team Ladies v. Team SCAN

At The Crimson Tower [11]

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