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Round 13

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All LR characters participating in Round 13. Lines: AnTinwoodsman, colors: Five.
All LR characters participating in Round 13. Lines: AnTinwoodsman, colors: Five.

Round 13 was epic. It marks the end of Chapter 1. In this round the Rebel Base fell and the faction "La Revolution" was defeated by the Celestial Empire.



  • Round Participants: 46 (plus around 5 guest artists)
  • Total Matches: 5
  • Team Wins: Image:Buttoncel.gif4 - Image:Buttonrev.gif1 - 0 (TCE-LR-ties)

Time table

24 Aug 08 - Registration opened on R13, Voting Ends for Round Twelve

03 Sep 08 - Registration closed on R13

05 Sep 08 - TCE offensive strike plan due

07 Sep 08 - LR's defensive plan due. Chapter One Finale Begins

21 Sep 08 - Finale, Cycle One is due

05 Oct 08 - Finale, Cycle Two is due

19 Oct 08 - Finale, Cycle Three is due

02 Nov 08 - Finale, Cycle Four is due, Voting begins

09 Nov 08 - Voting Closes on the Finale


several new zones where created special for this round since several fights would take place on one single zone, LR's Floating Tower.

  • Capture/Defend the Command Center
  • Destroy/Defend the Armory
  • Destroy/Defend the Hangar and FLAK Towers
  • Destroy/Defend the Power Core/Anti-Grav Device
  • Capture/Defend the Castle's Airspace


It's showdown between LR and TCE, lots of epic stuff happens!

  • Anteros and Celestial finally face each other.
  • Celestial DIES!!!!!!111.
  • White almost falls to his death.
  • Genome dies.
  • Pachabel melts.
  • Fresia dies.
  • 2.0 dies, is turned into a zombie, then gets his head chopped off.
  • The identity of the C3-S is revealed, and then they die.
  • Reana dies again.
  • Luis Rodriguez dies again.
  • Kameshi almost dies, then gains god mode/super armor.
  • Renny Dandellion fights off against a giant goat with jet wings, before getting blown away into the lake.
  • Aine almost dies, her demon scarf Eddie temporarily gains control over her.
  • Earthworm Adam has possibly died.
  • Nigel Fighter probably kills Earthworm Adam and was put into a coma in hospital.
  • Shawn and Aine share a romantic moment.
  • Kensington and the Cyborg Necromancer share something like a romantic moment.
  • Wolfgang Rodriguez has sex with the enemy.
  • Kensington and Shilane become allies/friends (with benefits?)
  • Hellfag was transformed into a woman (Helldyke) and gained super powers.
  • CatnipCat became huge and gained super powers.
  • Ashley falls into ogre rage for the first time, enhanced by Pachabel's steroids.
  • First appearance of: Corona Payton, Shawn and Dexter, C3-S, C3-F, C3-P, SETh, Prisoner 21.
  • Sidekicks are introduced: Ted Helix and Gilbert.
  • After Dr. Dastard final disappearance the Cy-devil virus was weakened and Jim was able to escape it’s power over him.
  • Maja pushes some buttons and then disappears as the Castle falls.
  • A giant scrap robot, a giant marshmallow man, a T-Rex and a T-Rex skeleton are summoned and wreck up a good part of the castle.
  • Having guest artists was all the rage this round. Examples: AnTinwoodsman contributed several pages and cover pages to various LR comics. Many artists drew the Shawn/Aine kiss scene. Ben helped out in a lot of fights on both sides. Several artists helped out with pages to make up for sick/vanished people.


Team ID: Knights Apocalyptic AKA Fire Team Alpha

Image:Buttoncel.gif Team Members:

Objective: Assault the Command Center

Team ID: CACA AKA Fire Team Beta

Image:Buttoncel.gif Team Members:

Objective: Secure/Destroy the Armory

Team ID: Team Srsly??? AKA Fire Team Gamma

Image:Buttoncel.gif Team Members:

Objective: Destroy/Capture the hangar and FLAK Towers

Team ID: Discord AKA Fire Team Delta

Image:Buttoncel.gif Team Members:

Objective: Destroying the Power Core/Anti-Grav Device

Team ID: Team Awesomehats AKA Fire Team Epsilon

Image:Buttoncel.gif Team Members:

Objective: Gain Airborne Superiority.

Team One: The Super Sexy Secretion Squad

Image:Buttonrev.gif Team Members:

Facing off against: Discord

Objective: Protect Power Core/Anti-grav device

Team Two: Team Burning Vigour

Image:Buttonrev.gif Team Members:

Facing off against: CACA

Objective: Protect the Armory

Team Three: The Team

Image:Buttonrev.gif Team Members:

Facing off against: Knights Apocalyptic

Objective: Protect the Command Center

Team Four: Gear Team

Image:Buttonrev.gif Team Members:

Facing off against: Team Srsly???

Objective: Protect hangar and FLAK towers.

Team Five: Renegades

Image:Buttonren.gif Team Members:

Facing off against: TEAM AWESOMEHATS

Objective:Supressing Airborne Invaders

Battle Links

  • Team Awesomehats vs. The Renegades [1]
  • Knights Apocalyptic vs. The Team [2]
  • Discord vs. The SSS Squad [3]
  • Team SRSLY??? vs. Gear Team [4]
  • CACA vs. Team Burning Vigor [5]

  • Chapter 1 Epilogue [6]

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