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Rosenthal is a robot cop. You could call her some sort of ... robotocop.


General Info

  • Name: „Rosenthal“
  • Age: About 2 months
  • Height: 180 cm
  • Weight: 85.5 kg
  • Race: Artificial Person (Replikant Industries™ XR-105CP Human Interaction/Combat Android for Civil Protection)
  • Allegiance: ARCP (Arcadian Republic Civil Protection), Replikant Industries™
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Eye colour: Dark Red with a strange shine
  • Hair colour: Artificial Dark Blue - Black


Stern but helpful; usually overly serious and strictly unemotional. Actually cares a lot for others but acts strict and sometimes even a bit mean because it is expected of her. Abilities: The XR-105CP is a Prototype Android for use in all sections of Law Enforcement. Programmed to do any task that could be asked of a police officer, the XR-105CP comes with such pre-installed modules as: Patrol, Traffic Police, Meter Maid, Paperwork, Crime Scene Investigation, Riot Control, SWAT, Undercover Investigation, Counter-Terrorism, Child Protection, VIP Protection, Border Patrol, Less Than Lethal Weapons, Tourist Guide, Donut Eating, First Aid and Surveillance.


Rosenthal is one of two XR-105CP Prototype Artificial Police Officers deployed within the ARCP. They’re the first robot officers in Arcadia and while they are officially “special police equipment”, Rosenthal has been accepted by her colleagues in the ARCP HQ in Arcadia City, especially by her office partners, the defective detective C3 Utopia and the Dhampir Nevada Antihelios. Rosenthal has been in operation for about 2 months now and while she has still not quite gotten used to the strange ways of humans and the likes, she enjoys her work at the ARCP greatly. She tries to keep contact and look after her “twin sister”, Abendstern, who she sees as her little sister, but they don’t really talk much. Because of her serious face and her general lack of facial expression, people usually believe her to be a mean and angry person.


  • Actually a very kind and caring (artificial) person, but has a very serious personality
  • Can replace her limbs if they are damaged
  • Developed and Produced by Replikant Industries
  • Her Blood is opaque white
  • Usually virtually indistinguishable from a real human
  • Her Body is tattooed with black production/maintenance markings
  • To protect her synthetic skeleton, she usually wears a special set of body braces (white rectangular plastic pieces wrapping around her body)
  • While she can easily stay awake for days at end, she should sleep regularly to recharge her internal batteries. She usually does so in her shipping box under the table of her cubicle in the ARCP Headquarters.
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