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Celestial Empire

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Einheit12's version of The Celestial Empire's logo.
Einheit12's version of The Celestial Empire's logo.
Naeru's version of The Celestial Empire's emblem.
Naeru's version of The Celestial Empire's emblem.
The Republic of Arcadia redirects to this page. The Celestial Empire is now known as the Republic of Arcadia, and not the other way around.

The Republic of Arcadia (formerly the Celestial Empire) is one of Three Factions in the War for Arcadia. Its base of operations is the Celestial Tower. It is usually depicted as an Orwellian, military government, with recent events bringing democracy and a bit of optimism into the country.



  • The Republic of Arcadia (Arcadia), formerly: The Celestial Empire
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Colours: image:Buttonarc.gifRoyal purple, black, indigo
  • Former colours: Chapter 1: image:Buttoncel.gifRed, Chapter 2: image:Buttoncel2.gifBlue
  • Leader: Laika Sobaka, Prime Minister. Benjamin Floret, Lord Speaker of the House.


A map of Arcadia, drawn by Einheit12. And old-looking map is here.
A map of Arcadia, drawn by Einheit12. And old-looking map is here.

Initially a Genetics and Nanotechnology megacorporation. Organised the 2006 Battle Tournament as a ruse for Genetic Harvesting in order to create the C3 clone army. The C3 clone army was then used to overthrow the democratic government. Thus resulting in the Celestial's dictatorship in Chapter 1 until his death during the attack on the Rebel Base. In Chapter 2 Shilane took over the leadership position until the war against Feuersturm was won and a new form of government was implemented. In Chapter 3 Arcadia is unified under a democratically elected leader and is now called the Republic of Arcadia.


Chapter 3

After the fall of Feuersturm, Shilane retained her post long enough to liberate the clones, dismantle the C3 project, and preside over a democratic election to instate a new Prime Minister for the newly coined Republic of Arcadia.


Three years after the end of Chapter 2, tensions between the Republic of Arcadia and the Levidian Empire run high. The two nations sustained peaceful relations initially, but a series of mysterious happenings and discoveries have cast a shadow of impending gloom over Levidia and Arcadia alike.

Most of Levidia's stores of Levitium, a precious and highly-versatile substance even lighter than air, were destroyed during a giant explosion in an Empire warehouse. As a point of further controversy, the Arcadian ambassador to Levidia was killed in the explosion, along with all civilians working in and around the high-security storage building. The explosion dealt a crippling blow to the country's economy and morale, and the king of Levidia, already weakened by disease and old age, did not survive the devastating news. The king's young heir, Ray Crepuscula, has hastily stepped in to fill the gap, and the streets are rife with rumors and brewing unrest.

Meanwhile, in Arcadia, citizens have spent nearly three anxious years adjusting to the Empress Shilane's unprecedented decision to liberate all serving C3s, and to end the C3 cloning project. A brand new leader is in power, a new system of government is in place, and some citizens are handling the political transition better than others. Although Arcadia is now technically a "unified" nation of peace, its long history of civil war and disagreement are likely not so easily dismissed. The long-term effects of the C3 liberation are not yet known.

Now, research teams are discovering that some of the ancient ruins scattered around both Arcadia and Levidia may hold secrets that could greatly bolster the power of the ones who hold them. New stores of previously-undiscovered or unnamed Levitium are being unearthed on Arcadian soil, and the presence of the element have caught the eye of the Divium Stilus and the Levidian Monarchy. Whispers of Levidia's history of conquest are circulating, and Arcadia's citizens of magic descent are wary of the Levidian Empire's "scientific" agenda. Some Levidians, meanwhile, suggest striking the nation of Arcadia for its newly-discovered resources and potential research opportunities while its government is still new and vulnerable. In the shadow of the unknown, The young Arcadian prime minister and her cabinet are now preparing for the ever-growing potential of another war...

...a War for Arcadia!

Clones and the Arcadian Army

The TinWoodsman and a horde of C3s. (drawn by AnTinwoodsman)
The TinWoodsman and a horde of C3s. (drawn by AnTinwoodsman)

One major change between the old Celestial Empire and the new Republic of Arcadia is the recent dismantling of the C3 cloning project. While the Empire's stock army was once comprised almost entirely of cloned soldiers, the morally questionable treatment of the clones themselves as well as the actual DNA gathering of Arcadian citizens have long been the subjects of political and ethical debate. Under new Arcadian decree, clone participation in the Arcadian armed forces is voluntary, and they have been granted full citizenship and all the rights thereof. The long-term repercussions that the decision will have on the clones themselves as well as the Arcadian economy remain to be seen. CGN, the corporation responsible for clone research and mass-production, will likely need to find new endeavors to sink their teeth into.

The new Arcadian army will now accept any eligible individuals who enlist, regardless of whether or not they were members of the old C3 army. The standard C3 uniform will most likely continue to see use.

Level of Technology versus Magic (by contrast to Levidia)

Arcadia's 1 Arc bill. Celestial is featured on the face side. By Naeru
Arcadia's 1 Arc bill. Celestial is featured on the face side. By Naeru

Arcadia has long been a melting pot of cultures. Various magical and non-magical races from nearby countries (and even planets) have sought it out as a place where they are more or less free to pursue their own lives and goals, usually without fear of persecution based solely on who or what they are, or what powers they may possess. This diversity also made the nation a prime target for DNA harvesting, and for creating the super-soup from which all C3 troopers were based. Furthermore, many magical, supernatural, or occultist individuals have held high-ranking positions in the Arcadian government over the years, essentially grandfathering the acceptance of magical individuals into society. As opposed to the Levidian Empire where magic is viewed as “unexplained science”, such conflict does not exist in Arcadian society. Magic has been used in the past to further the causes of the Empire and often in conjunction with science, but in a way that usually does not call it into question in places where it is inherently beneficial.

Arcadia's history is rife with turmoil, but the misunderstanding or distrust of magic has never been the root cause. In essence, magic and its users have never been called into question, simply because the magic users have always been there, and because they've always been a functional part of society.

Technologically, the Republic of Arcadia is relatively advanced, but progress tends to be punctuated intermittently by political conflict. In the past, technological advances have been made primarily by CGN and other smaller companies, some funded by private outfits. Technology so far has been mostly advanced in fields which ware useful for warfare.


A 10 Arc coin, drawn by Tin.
A 10 Arc coin, drawn by Tin.

Arcadia is rich in resources and tends to be economically self-sufficient. There are some imports (mostly vanities) that make their way into Arcadia, but Arcadia does not benefit much from bringing in or exporting goods. They use their own raw resources to produce nearly all that their citizenship needs. Demand rarely grows, partly due to a steady stream of citizens leaving the country, and also due to the massive ongoing casualties of civil war. The Republic of Arcadia is a capitalistic society with a large portion of middle class citizens, as well as a lower class and a booming upper class, most of whom are tied in with the government or a successful company of some kind.

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