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The Übermensch Engine 2.0 emblem that can be found in the system's HUD and on the AURA Drive gear.
The Übermensch Engine 2.0 emblem that can be found in the system's HUD and on the AURA Drive gear.
The Übermensch Engine 2.0 as it appeared in Round 10.
The Übermensch Engine 2.0 as it appeared in Round 10.

Reana used to be the nickname of the Übermensch Engine when it was still with La Revolution. It is a humanoid biomechanical organism that utilizes Nullspace technology for combat. It's appearance is that of young, long-haired, East Asian woman with blood-red eyes and pale skin.


General Info

  • Height: 165 cm
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Blood red (white with black ring when in battle mode or scanning)
  • Age: 18 (Appearance)
  • System: “Übermensch” Engine Version 2.0 with active AURA drive
  • Race: Biomechanical Artificial Organism “ENGINE”
  • Race (Appearance): Human, East Asian (Maybe Chinese/Japanese/Korean? - Indefinable)


Extra Info

  • Strengths: Good in sword combat, and moderately good in shooting. Superhuman speed, agility and strength for a short period of time, can unleash extreme power in emergencies. Attractive (seductive powers?). Regenerative powers. Nullspace Technology.
  • Weaknesses: Even though she can regenerate, she still suffers pain and temporal wounds. Very insecure of her own abilities. Nearly no control over Übermensch Equipment. Must manage restricted power resources. Usually tries to avoid conflict if not necessary. Can hardly speak at the moment. Nearly completely unaware of her attractiveness (cannot use seductive powers on purpose?).



Originally created in another world, Reana accidentally came to Arcadia the first time. She joined the ones who found her- La Revolution – as a recruit of the elite forces. After being wounded in the fight at the Border Forts, she returned to her world through a Linking Book in the library of the Revolution.
End of the Prologue: Rounds 1-3.

Chapter One

Thought nobody knows what exactly happened to her, it was obvious that she had changed when she returned. Whatever happened, it did not only alter her abilities, but also deeply touched her personality. Updated and enhanced, the stable version of Reana returned to the grounds of Arcadia through a broken Linking Book – to find that the last Linking Book back to her world has been lost or stolen by an unknown from the library of La Revolution. In search for the Book she joined the ranks of La Revolution again, finally in control of her powers, this time as a normal Soldier - but already in her second assignment, the Revolution sacrificed her in order to defend the Waterfalls from the Celestial attack. Reana was killed by Rannesanque.
Several weeks later, a cannibal haunts the sewers of Arcadia City, and a Terrorist Group consisting of Serial Killers, called “the Resistance”, welcomes a new member… A mute girl with a passion for human flesh. But when the new recruit is sent to the National Museum to eliminate a politician, an LR Air Raid destroys the building.
Officially dead to everyone but the Resistance members hiding her, Codename “Kreuz” is the Resistance’s secret trump card in an assassination plan that may change the course of the War forever. However, when Kreuz faced The Celestial during a media event at the highlands, she only injured him- resulting in a gunfight between the members of the the Resistance and The Celestial's personal bodyguards. After a car bomb abruptly ends the fighting, Cel regains conscious, facing his mute assassin. But the Emperor is no stranger to combat and, despite being injured, defends himself until two of the surviving bodyguards arrive to help him, along with his assistant Agent N, who receives message from PHALANX that a nuclear warhead was heading to their exact position.
While they had been fighting, La Revolution's reconnaissance, who had been deployed nearby on standby to observe The Celestial's activities, picked up signals of a battle with no revolutionary involvement from within the misty highlands - and fired a NU-577 'Tin Woodsman' Tactical Nuclear Recoilless Rifle, aiming directly at The Celestial's last confirmed position. As the warhead approached, The Celestial and Agent N could do nothing but watch in horror, certain of their death, as Kreuz stretched her arms towards the rocket - stopping it with her hands.
From afar, the Revolutionaries confirmed the detonation of the warhead, and abandoned the area. Unbeknownst to them, there had been survivors.
The Übermensch System had shielded The Celestial and Agent N from the explosion, only a few seconds before its power levels dropped below vital functionality.
When the Celestial Air Force arrived to rescue Agent N and The Celestial, he took the Übermensch System with him.

End of Chapter One: Rounds 6-10.

Chapter Two


Round Summary


Chapter One




  • Rannesanque: She has no memory of this Connection.
  • Mathew Garand: The connection is still unclear. She seems to like him.
  • The Celestial: He sent a letter to her, offering her to defect, and the damaged dimensional portal book back to her homeworld. The book was destroyed after Round 7, but the Letter is still left unanswered. She saved him from being killed by a nuclear explosion.
  • "The Scarlet Angel": A name that she gave to the person that accepted a present from her. She can hardly remember it.
  • Heinz Allhäuser: Even though they have never met, Allhäuser was in charge of the Sewers Cannibal Case.
  • Agent N: Even though she was injured by her at the Highlands, she still saved her from being killed by a nuclear explosion.

The Übermensch Engine

The Übermensch Engine is an artificially created biomechanical organism and weapon (called ENGINE). As we know from hints dropped in Round 10: Entscheidungen, it was created by an organisation called STERN. It utilizes a Nullspace technology similar to the one used by Rannesanque. Throughout the Prologue and First Chapter, it was updated several times.


  • Übermensch Engine Alpha Version: An early build of the system that arrived in Arcadia through a broken dimensional portal book. It was turned out to be unstable and was strongly affected by the dimensional travel; The contact with the demon Sin resulted in an unexplainable accident. The damaged Engine returned to it's homeworld through another dimensional portal book.
  • Übermensch Engine Version 2.0: The completely revised, stable build of the system, utilizing advanced Nullspace technology.
  • AURA Drive: An enhancement of the Übermensch Engine 2.0 that enables automatic repairs with unused resources. It activated itself after the neutralisation of the system in Round 7: Waterfalls.


The system's actual name is Übermensch Engine Version 2.0, but it is only referred to by that name by STERN Operatives. It carried several nicknames during development, but in Arcadia, it first used the pseudonym "Reana". After leaving La Revolution, it acquired the name Sandra Cross. With the Resistance, it is usually referred to as Cross or Kreuz. The old alias Rosemary Redwind, with which it applied at the Revolution, can still sometimes be seen in Genome's records, usually misspelled as "Rosewind". These records rely on the tissue probe he obtained in Round 3 from the Alpha Version and are therefore outdated.


  • Likes: Reading Books; looking at Scenery; Drawing; Cookies; Matthew Garand; Clockworks and other mechanical apparatuses (Weapons included); Rain; Instant Noodles; Rice; Tea; Cats; Dark Chocolate.
  • Dislikes: Politics, War, Spaghetti, La Revolution, The Celestial Empire, Make-up, Bitchy women, Coffee, White Chocolate, Talking, Macho Men.
  • Favourite Colour is Dark Blood Red.
  • She can speak English and German.

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