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Rannesanque, comforted by his companion and lover Kameshi.
Rannesanque, comforted by his companion and lover Kameshi.

Rannesanque is the acting head of Feuersturm who, during a dimensional jump, found himself in Arcadia. He went on to kill a respectable number of generals including the former Emperor of the Celestial Empire, Celestial himself.


Extra Info

Rannesanque arrived in Arcadia by freak accident after his armor sustained heavy damage from either the trip, faulty equipment or something prior to the transfer. Lacking the sources to rebuild it and coming down with a plot wise convenient case of the memory loss, he is trapped in Arcadia.

Witnessing the vast technological powers and control harnessed by The Celestial Empire he decided it would be in his best interest to offer his services to them. Other than most that found their way here, for him, it's a matter of pure business and he holds no absolute loyalty to The Celestial. He knows better than to cross him in public but he pretty much does whatever the fuck he wants.

Bit by bit Rannesanque has tried to recover his missing years; something in which he succeeds with varying results. His only company for a while was the artificial construct known as AIA, an artificial intelligence residing in his armor taking the role of statistics monitor, company and a second opinion. After getting familiar with Arcadian Technology he build a holographic field emitter, enabling AIA to take form. Out of all the options supplied to her, she chose a female form. listen! hey!

It has been apparent that Rannesanque built a secret network of informers inside the usual CE structure of command. Who he employs or how deep it goes only he can tell for sure. With PHALANX recently taking a more center stage role in the war though, his options have been limited. It is not disputed however that the full retrieval of his memories and thus, the knowledge to return to his own world, are closer near his grasp than ever before.

Things took a turn for the better after the final battle between the war between the Empire and the Revolution. After an initial failed bid for power over the Celestial Empire itself, Rannesanque took all the forces he had a hand in designing into the wilder parts of the land and build a base of operations of his own. Declaring it Feuersturm, this was the first public act of his break with his former faction. Now he is in full preparation to attract more generals to his side. His aims are basically comparable to what LR tried to achieve but in a more.. direct way.

General Info


  • Upgraded human.


  • In his twentys.


6'8" (210 cm) - (not wearing his armor)



Extra Info


His body type is one of regular intensive exercise. His body has been upgraded and several organs, his bones and brain have been technologically enhanced. Most notable are his eyes, which are colored black with a red iris and white pupils, a result of his treatment.


The armor is a double layer Schwartzspace Field Emitter, which, before it was broken, might have had the ability to traverse dimensions and time alike.

  • Mark 1.0

This version gave Rannesanque enhanced speed and strength as well as the ability to teleport short distances. It was less an armor than it was a skin suit, a testament to the advanced technology it was built from. It holds questionable fame as one of the few technologies the CE was unable to duplicate.

  • Mark 2.0

Adding to the already formidable strength and speed, this one was bulkier and stronger. It could perform short burst, high distance teleportation, using real-time satellite feeds as a road map. This ability was powered by a separate reactor built into the chest. This armor was destroyed in part during the fight against The Relic on the Deserted Island and currently is put in storage.

  • Mark 2.3

This version was a toned down model, not covering his lower arms. A recreational model, he used this while training Neon and when he's off duty. He uses this in his off duty time.

  • Mark 2.5

This armor was based off the 2.0 model and custom built by Rannesanque for his C3R Type's. He made a sixth copy which, in Rannesanque's eyes is no longer up to date and is, along with the previous models, put in storage.

  • Mark 3.0

The first fully flight capable Schwartzsuit. Fully shielding his entire body, it's the strongest yet but strangely fragile against weapons with magical properties. This suit suffered no damage and is put in storage like the others and the first he'd use a second time.

  • Mark 3.5

A model completed but unused due to foreign contaminations.

  • Mark 4.0

The most advanced suit to date, making use of double the amount of Nullspace containers, able to carry an excess of 1000 tons of material and a new form of Schwartzspace Hyper-compression. It is translucent in parts covering his scalp and hair. The faceplate was destroyed when it encountered Ashley's ogre enraged fist head on.



Scientific Achievements

  • The RingRevolver, RingReaver, RingAngle, RingRapier and RingShell Nullspace sidearms.
  • Schwartzsuit Mark 2.0, 2.3, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5 and 4, all unique adaptions of the schwartzspace phenomena.
  • The C3-R, C3-F and C3-P/Vaiola Power Armor advanced cloning procedures.
  • The Grande Series currently consisting of; Grande Weiss, Grande Rot, Grande Silber, Grande Schwartz and Grande Grün.


  • RingArm
The RingArm, Rannesanque's trademark weapon.
The RingArm, Rannesanque's trademark weapon.

A Ring shaped hilt in which the blade can retract, a side application of Schwartzspace Technology. Rannesanque has tried building other versions, all inferior to great extent.

  • RingRevolver
The RingRevolver, a proposed ballistic model.
The RingRevolver, a proposed ballistic model.

Based of the same ring, this is a recoiless rifle still in development.

  • RingReaver
Magic Pesticide.
Magic Pesticide.

A special weapon used specifically against magic empowered opponents, rumoured to incorporate shards of an Chaos Weapon. He has so far carried one model into battle, which was able to shoot plasmabeams as well. Seen as it could cut through Xandriël's body with ease, he will continue to use the RingReaver in the future.

  • RingAngle*
The RingAngle was produced in series.
The RingAngle was produced in series.

Massproduced RingArm for C3-R type use. He build five identical ones who are of lower quality and that will self-destruct once the designated wielder's lifesigns drop to zero.

  • RingRapier
The RingRapier is Faive;s personal blade, smaller in size and weight.
The RingRapier is Faive;s personal blade, smaller in size and weight.

A custom designed Ringarm that no longer bears the R numbers but the Roman V for Faive.

  • RingShell*


  • RingRoyale*

The finest implementation of the offensive capacities of nullspace yet. The blade opens up to release supercharged nullspace particles that amass at the sharp edge of the blade, corroding whatever it touches by sucking matter into itself. This enables the sword to cut through anything made of solid, gas and liquid matter.

  • RingRain*


Rannesanque usually avoids social events because they annoy him. He'd rather be locked away in his workshop or one of his laboratories working feverishly on devices or weapons that allow him to track down the path of his original world, occasionally being disturbed to go out on a mission. That too, after all, is part of the deal he struck. In his new position he has tasked himself to lead a great number of very headstrong and very powerful individuals commander supreme of Feuersturm. He has learned to relax a little the past months, something everyone who has to deal with him is quite thankful for.

Scientific Achievements

In the short time that Rannesanque has made his presence known to the Arcadians, he has proven a resourceful companion to the CGN Labs, famous for employing illustrious Imperials such as Cyborg Necromancer and the former Imperial Commander Tanzt

  • Various C3 types


From his very first day the Vampire Empress seemingly took an interest in him and has been toying around with him ever since. Rannesanque certainly brought Kelar's wrath on him, whether he knows so or not. Has since utterly turned his back on him and with the recent revelations, found her to be his enemy. Even if he will never consider her worthy of that name.

Faive was a means to and end to Rannesanque but even he cannot deny to himself what he has grown more than interested to see what will become of her. After all, he is the only kind of home she can turn to.

Kameshi is Rannesanque's companion and lover. He is overly cautious for her well being as he knows she'll catch a buckshot to the chest if she can prevent anyone else getting hurt as she aptly demonstrated before.

Kill List





Round Summary

Chapter I: The Crimson Ring

Rann during Round 10.
Rann during Round 10.

Round 7: Rannesanque Vs. Reana # In name of The King # [1]

At the waterfall.

The first round marked him as a truly loyal soldier to the Empire's cause. Intercepting a hyjacked transport vessel, he hitched a ride and subsequently destroyed it when he reached the waterfalls, killing all on board. A small task force consisting of LR grunts and a medic made their way from the valley below the waterfall to the station above. When arriving, they witnessed the smoldering wreck of the vessel and one survivor, the captain. The medic went to work while the others secured the parameter.

Meanwhile, Rannesanque and a detachment of C3's successfully retook control of the Waterfall base, detecting the enemy presence below. In one fell swoop, Rannesanque jumped over the edge, landed before the medic and crushed the captain's neck. TO his surprise, the medic turned out to be the LR super soldier Reana.

A fight ensued during which Reana tried to reason with him but to no avail. As a final, drastic measure, the LR commander ordered the floodgates to open, flooding the valley. The resulting maelstrom decimated the C3 and LR soldiers and destroyed the base and ironically, give Reana and Rannesanque but wet feet. The fight went on for quite some time until Rannesanque realized one single C3 survived the water. While ordering him to contact the base for reinforcements, Rannesanque got the drop on Reana and held her down, trying to suffocate her.

Reana was not down for the count yet and smashed a rock into Rannesanque's face. She recovered but Rannesanque reacted faster and sliced her side but didn't kill her. Receiving unexpected aid from the C3, Reana was held at gunpoint and again, managed to escape, killing the C3. Rannesanque was fed up and decided to end it and ran her through with his sword.

When reporting the fight to The Celestial he did omit certain details as how she died but Rannesanque is convinced she did. So what truly happened will remain a mystery to all but Rannesanque himself.

Round 8: Rannesanque Vs. Hazmatt # Requiem for Rannesanque # [2]

Rannesanque when he was still on TCE.
Rannesanque when he was still on TCE.

At the deserted Isle

Details are sketchy at best but seen as he returned with considerable injuries and a broken armor further questioning is met with his usual cold ire.

Round 9: Faive

A series of five C3-R types was introduced, four male, one female. Only the fifth, the girl survived who now holds the questionable place of Rannesanque's daughter.

Round 10: Rannesanque Vs. Xandriël # Sins of the Father # [3]

At Central Station

This marked the first time Rannesanque used backup in the shape of C3-R types. because of the crucial location, he was supplied with a small fleet of Destroyers and a Mobile Airfield. This was a battle of firsts, like the airborne Grande Weiss and Grande Rot mecha. Having Admiral Stein taking care of the fleet, Rannesaque was free to supervise the C3R and to seek out Xandriël. When the vanguard spotted the LR air fleet, Einz tried to intercept but was bested when Xandriël arrived to the scene, shredding Einz' Grande Weiss to pieces and killing Einz.

Dhuo en Drei entered the scene and tag teamed Xandriël between them. Rannesanque finally arrived and faced Xandriël, with LR and CE ships all around them entering the fight as well. When Dhuo caught Xandriël off guard, Rannesanque cut his wings off. While falling down, Dhuo and Drei threw Xandriël into the revolving intake, seemingly killing him in the process. Returning in victory, Rannesanque was ready to call it a day until, to the dread of Admiral Stein, Xandriël was, despite profusely bleeding, still very much alive.

  • Reality Reset

What happened next is, suffice to say, weird. A temporarily reality reset warped the world into that of Neon Genesis Evangelion. Faive changed into a Child, Rannesanque into a Evangelion, as Xandriël and Amy into another Child. An Angel showed up who, after taking damage, showed remarkable similarities with Neon. Whatever happened that day, it set off the Fourth Impact and quickly and quietly, things turned back to normal. Rannesanque has a weird metal taste in his mouth till this day.

Round 11: Rannesanque & Kameshi Vs. Ashley # Ace of Coins # [4]

Rannesanque returned to the Celestial Tower where he met Celestial. He was less then pleased with his prowess in battle so far, Rannesanque arhumenting that he might not have won territory but did manage to kill two high risk LR agents.

His mission this time consisted of two parts; the retrieval of the Bruticus and the search and rescue of the seer Kameshi if she survived. He made his way to the Motorpool where a special Grande stood in wait which brought him to the remains of the destroyed bridge. There he found Kameshi and after patched her up, brought her back to the Grande.

At that time she accidentally touched his skin, bringing back a disturbing image from his past. Struggeling back to his feet, he took off. it didn't take long to find the Bruticus. Passing themselves off as refugees, they were met by Ashley who took them in. Rannesanqe brought Kameshi to the sickbay when at the same time a CNN television, displaying Kelar, attended Ashley to their true identities. He tried everything in his power to keep Rannesanque and Kameshi confused, fed Rann drunk after which he killed a plethora of cute desertland critters. He went to shower it off whilst Ashley revealed to Kameshi the 20+ camera system inside the shower.

Rannesanque called on AIA to investigate the walls and she found the camera's. She passed a EMP pulse through the system, frying the electrical circuits and sending a feedback to the console, electrocuting Ashley out cold. Kameshi regained herself and made Ashley experience his greatest fears.

Rannesanque was finished his shower and called his daughter to show him all outgoing traffic, discovering Kelar's meddling. He instructed Faive to take care of it; she took a small scent flask and presented it to Kelar. After spraying it on, the dissolving skin gave hints to it's true contents, Holywater and Acids.

Afterwards he returned to the medical ward when he happened upon a room in which three scientists worked feverishly to repair the electrical system. Inside a isolation chamber stood Golias, outside his suit. Rannesanque walked through the door, powering the room with his own generator. While the cowering scientists huddled in a corner he conversed with Golias, presenting him with a piece of hardware that enabeled him to regulate his radiation better. Without explaing himself, he left to fetch Kameshi.

Round 13 *Team Apocalyptic V.s. The Team # The Crimson Ring # [5]

Rannesanque was chosen by the Celestial personally to fill in the last place in the strike team, alongside the Icewolf Demon Maja and the vampire empress Shilane. Rannesanque quickly made his way into the tower and dispatched Faive and the C3P and F's throughout the building to offer some semblance of backup for the various other teams. In all the confusion of the largest battle Arcadia saw in recent years Rannesanque squared off against Ashley, now in his Ogre Rage form after Rannesanque cut one of his horns off and managed to dispose of Fresia Albacore, earning him the wrath of both Shilane and Kensington.

When the battle finally saw it's end, Rannesanque stood knee deep amongst the rubble and dead LR soldiers. He quickly made his way to the command tower of the LR base and found the Celestial and Anteros in a fight [6] that would settle the war that had for so long marked the lands of Arcadia.

Chapter II: The Crimson Age

With the founding of Feuersturm, Rannesanque has his work cut out for him. As the leader of, what could be, the firestorm rendering all and everything to ashes, he will make sure his enemies either perish in the flames, or join his side.

Round 14: Rannesanque v.s. Cyborg Necromancer # Red v.s Blue # [7]

The first push into Celestial territory underway, Rannesanque desired to oversee the annexation of the Mountainous Comm Site personally. Arriving on board the Destroyer Lazarus. While on the bare rock and concrete of the streets around and inside the complex saw a massive confrontation between Feuersturm forces and a freshly summoned zombie horde, Rannesanque attempted a more civilized path by trying to talk reason to the Necromancer by hosting a chess game on top of one of the higher buildings, unable to be disturbed by the battle.

The Chess game mirrored the battle raging on below as both took their respective turns. As the zombies overran the first wave of FS soldiers, who, due to an error of judgment on Rannesanque's part were armored humans instead of Machines, lost due to power in numbers alone. Not even a stray Grande unit was spared which led to the decision to field a Pyro team to clean the mess up. Before that however, the second wave of reinforcements being dropped in pods right in the center of the zombie horde, a rare appearance of a former C3-F graced the theater of war. She made quick work of the remaining zombies while the Soldiers took a step back and made sure not a single undead perversion would be left re-killed.

But as fate would have it, the F received a cut through her armor, and the heavy fog, colored red by the airborne infection released from the zombie corpses, started eating away at her sanity at a very fast pace. Rannesanque was forced to act and killed her before she turned completely, sending in the Pyros to end the fight by swift immolation. But the F's part was not played out just yet. The many mechanical changes in her body combined with the zombie virus morphed her body, absorbing the not yet destroyed but still considerable amount of dead zombies, transformed into a hideous monster. Realizing Rannesanque would have to deal with this personally, he called Kane to the stage.

Kane, a massive combination of metal and flesh, carried with him a massive serrated blade to end the job quickly. As an act of euthanasia, he killed his little sister swiftly and went on to confront the Necromancer with every intent to kill him for what he did. Rannesanque deactivated the unstable machine mid sentence and had him re-imprisoned. With both Rannesanque and Cyborg Necromancer teleporting out on a friendly note, Rannesanque realized Shilane found a steady supporter in him. Content with this knowledge, he returned to to the Crimson Tower. The site would be reclaimed by the Empress.

Round 15: Rannesanque & Faive v.s Corona Payton [8]

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