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Anteros not under the influence of the Osiris entity.
Anteros not under the influence of the Osiris entity.


General Info

  • Race: Human
  • Age: Late 20s
  • Height: Variable
  • Weight: Variable
  • Eyes: Black
  • Hair: Black


His body is safely protected from harm in the Anteverse. His blackmatter takes the shape of a body when it exists in the real world, but can change its shape and mass on Anteros' whims. Hurting the blackmatter doesn't hurt Anteros.


Anteros is timid and mostly opposed to violence. His attempts to talk through problems generally don't work.


La Revolution

Extra Info

Extended Bio

Originally a humble butler, Anteros was swept up in the excitement of the previous tournament. Along the way, he encountered increasingly fierce opponents, doppelgängers, crazy animals, evil masterminds, and even a few friends and allies.

After going out for milk [2], Anteros got trapped in the Antiverse (an dimension contained within an amorphous substance known as whitematter, similar to Anteros's own blackmatter), where he and SPI teamed up one last time to defeat the metaphysical representation of Anteros's evil clone, Antiros.

The dying Antiros managed one last feat of villainy, trapping Anteros in the dissolving antiverse to die with him. As Anteros lost consciousness, defeated, his blackmatter began to melt away.

To his surprise, Anteros awoke in the clutches of the Celestial, the evil dictator who had caused all of the seemingly random battles in the first place. The Celestial wanted to replenish his ranks with defeated combatants by threatening them into becoming his new lackeys. Anteros ran off to find Spectre-x after hearing about the Celestial's "failsafe" devices, not truly believing in their existence, but not wanting to anger the disturbed man further.

While trying to explain the situation to the immensely powerful Spectre-x, Anteros got into an unwanted battle. The scuffle activated a version of SPI's lycanthropy powers which had somehow copied over to Anteros when he was stuck in the Antiverse with SPI.

Osiros ripping out Celestial's arm. [1]
Osiros ripping out Celestial's arm. [1]

Merging with the Osiris entity severely altered Anteros's mental state, and they started going by the name Osiros. More confident and less reserved, Osiros managed to derail the Celestial's plans, if only for a while.

Anteros has spent the last couple months trying to separate the Osiris personality from his own. The transformation has left him fundamentally changed. He's meaner and more self-confident, and still goes by the name Osiros.

He still struggles with being two people, but if the last battle showed anything, it's that Anteros is no stranger to change.

What he can do: Osiros has a facsimile of a body known as Anteros's blackmatter, a highly versatile material that changes state and form at the user's will. The majority of Anteros's real body is safe in the Anteverse. It has been shown that the blackmatter can be cut. Osiros has control over whitematter discs.

Anteros has access to the alternate dimension known as the Anteverse (and possibly its opposite, the Antiverse). He can transport anything or anyone he can cover in blackmatter to it almost instantly.

The Osiris entity brings countless years of experience and a fair deal of insanity to amalgam being Osiros.

Round Summary

Round 1: Osiros vs ThatOne [3]

Location: Museum District

Round 2: Osiros vs Team Anaxtorite [4]

Location: Coliseum

Round 4: Osiros vs Celestial [5]

Location: Cathedral

Round 5: Osiros and Keaton Skygunn vs Ray and SPI [6]

Location: Airship

Round 6: Osiros vs Sin [7]

Location: River

Round 7: Osiros vs Katerina [8]

Location: Canyon

Round 13: Knights Apocalyptic vs. The Team [9]

Location: Rebel Base

Chapter 1 Epilogue [10]

Location: Rebel Base

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