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Mr. Creamy

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Mr. Creamy.
Mr. Creamy.

Player: Polar Pal


General Info

  • Name: Mr. Creamy
  • Age: Dead
  • Height: Variable. Generally in the 7 foot 6 inch range when not distorted.
  • Weight: Intangible.
  • Allegiance: Levidia... kind of.
  • Equipment: Nothing but himself. Sometimes an ice cream scoop. THE ice cream scoop.


He wants everything to be like him, glitched and broken. His words are garbled and scrambled into television static and electronic noises, but he can spell things out with dripping liquids, fluids, and spelling it on his body. He's basically aggressive to everything like he hates you for being normal and happy. Some things throw him off though, as if they were allusions to a previous life. He sometimes will pause and stare at or not notice children at all (But that doesn't mean he won't attack them). Sometimes he plays out mixed up scenes from before his death. It seems he used to be an ice cream man.


He's a ghost. Due to being technological, his movement is distorted and choppy at times. He can move through walls, multiply parts, and be generally scary. His touch is very abrasive/corrosive and causes the touched part to appear glitchy and react incorrectly, like if distorting, becoming the wrong color, looking like an incorrect texture, spasms or flickering in and out of existence. If your composure isn't strong enough, or he touches you a LOT, you could pass out or even die. The effect is temporary on sentient being... Most of the time. It's more likely permanent on inanimate things. He can travel through electronic media with general ease. Phones, TVs, intercoms, monitors, stuff like that.

Being a ghost, generally the best way to deal with him is through supernatural methods. Blessed salt, prayers can distract him occasionally, burning sage, lines of malt powder to block movement or destroying the local dropped "Scoop"... or SCOOPS. (See Bio.)

The scoop copies are pretty durable, but the original is seemingly indestructible... but the original is locked away somewhere safe where is can't do people much harm.

Escaping is a good option too. Get outside of the maximum radius of his local haunting area.


Mr. Creamy is a recent aberration appearing across cities in Levidia. His presence was discovered to be related to an ordinary looking steel ice cream scoop. They actually noticed a specific resonance caused by the object and duplicated the effect to great success. They can't control WHO it attacks, but they can induce his appearance by dropping one of their copies of a "Non Insulated Scoop" (Not contained by a recent supernatural dampening technology) copies where they desire him to appear. There can be multiple drops, but there's only one apparition. Currently he is an experiment to see if you can weaponize spirits. People working with Mr. Creamy are often given a kit to repel him in case of an emergency or render themselves invisible to him.

Sometimes... when he is close by, you can hear glitchy and distorted ice cream truck music...

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