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Miscellaneous Rules

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Here's a few extra things that have come up over the course of the tournament.

Taking a look at the registration thread, it looks like one side outnumbers the other team. What happens now?

Well, we have so options that can help even things out a little bit.

  • The first option is to just have some uneven matches. In other words so two on one or three on two match-ups. Any more then a one person difference will have to be cleared through the admin since, well, three on one is a bit unfair.
  • Another option is the Renegades. They operate outside the normal rules and can be used to even up the numbers a bit (more on that later).
  • The last option is to have Strike Teams. If the numbers are substantially different at the end of registration, the admin will tell the team with more members that they are authorized to use Strike Teams and will let them know how many they can use. Strike Teams will ALWAYS be a minimum of two people and can go all the way up to four people (we did say substantially different numbers). The team offered the option to use Strike Teams can take up the amount offered to them or just forgo them all together and just have multiple team-up attacks.
  • Strike Team announcements are made when the team posts their attack or defense plan and must be made against viable zones for their team. And just because your team is defending, doesn’t mean that a few of your troops can't sneak through enemy lines and make a strike behind them (hence the Strike part of Strike Team).
  • Strike Teams cannot be defended against but that doesn't mean it is a free win for your team. The Strike Team still needs to produce two (quality) entries representing their team's side of the fight and post them on time. If that is accomplished then the territory is awarded to the Strike Team's faction.

You mentioned Renegades, what are they exactly?

Renegades represent the "tangents" of war. Those drawn to battle but not swearing allegiance to any king or country. New characters cannot immediately join the Renegades. You must be a "battle veteran", which means your character must have competed in at least four matches (not wins) and have a good reason for joining the Renegades. Most good reasons are in-character reasons. For example: A high-ranking military officer from either team would be much less likely for going turncoat than a mercenary hired out to the highest bidder or a former activist from La Revolution who does not see the progress in the current factions that he expected. This is also to ensure that new people don't just all become renegades and ruin the fiction we've built up.

The Renegades are their own faction and do not claim map spaces for either team; they become neutral if the Renegades win their battles. They align with teams sometimes, if the numbers are heavily uneven. Otherwise, they are free to fight whomever they want, where ever they want so long as it doesn't disrupt team numbers.

Even then, requests to join may be denied. All applicants considering to join the Renegades must first contact a WFA Admin. The admin will make sure that the applicant has the proper amount of matches and check the number of current combatants. While there is no set percentage of the userbase that is Renegade, they will always be a much smaller faction than the two current main factions. If 10 people at once apply to be Renegades, it is guaranteed that only a sparse few will be accepted. After the admin okays it, they will pass the applicant's name over to the Renegades themselves for approval. There is no set guidelines for Renegade approval and the applicant may be denied for little to no reason. That's just their mode of operation.

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