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Mina, the Whore
Mina, the Whore

Mina's full name is Mina Astony.

Player: Elyan


Basic Info

Specifics Chapter 3

  • Age: 25+
  • Height: 1,75m (ca. 5’9”)
  • Weight: 61 kg (134.2 lbs)
  • Hair colour: Red-blonde
  • Eye colour: Blue
  • Features: Elvish eyes
  • Birthmarks on bridge of nose and lighter freckles
  • 2 Skeins behind left ear
  • owns the Lotus Lounge and is known as "Sinn" there.
  • Member of "LiSt"
  • Sympatisizes with the Levidian Empire


-gatheres informations from TCE Higher-Ups and passes it to FS

-joins FS

-doing Jobs and works on her ability

-meets Omerta and becoms a "special" friends with her

-getting in conflict with PandaRuanda, nearly killed but seemingly victouriously against PR

-recovers in an inofficial FS-Hospital in Arcadia City

-gets ordered to the Military Base at Round 19, where she got in the TCE attack by Mitsamuga and Omerta

-is later involved in the Project where Soraya is permanentally linked to Mina

-at the Oasis at Round 21 she got confronted with PandaRuanda once again. In the conflict she helped the TCE Agents Cheyan and Ridley.

-gets forced into the Chapter 2 Final Round 23. She manages to escape unaware of the status of her comrades.

-is introduced to "LiSt" and emigrates to the Levidian Empire.

-opens the LotusLounge

-further stuff till she battles again.


Mina could be best described as a high-class whore: a welcome guest in high society due to her special ability that allows her to please all kinds of customers.

Grown up in the slums of Arcadia City, it didn´t take her too long to find out about her ability and the possible applications before she found her way into the higher class red light district. Only a few months after her first customer there, she was hired by Kalim, owner of the "Lovelight” and agent of Feuersturm, who realized the potential in her ability: in return for him to sensibilize her abilities she had to collect valuable information from her more important customers. This way, she became a more or less involuntary spy in the beds of politicians.


Mina has gained a calm and sensual attitude during her career in the red light district. Because it is necessary to always be polite to a costomer, regardless of how rude he or she is (especially if it's a rich and influential customer) she is not easily offended/enraged. Nevertheless, it is still possible, and if you are able to anger her, her friendly behaviour could be deadly. Her grasping your hand could no longer be a sign of sympathy.


Her special ability is both wonderful and deadly - she is capable of controlling every body function of whoever she touches: She can stop a person's heartbeat, give him or her an unusually intense orgasm (a vital part of her primary occupation) or make him or her feel sick or happy like a better version of chocolate.

She can manipulate any body function, from hormones to nerval innervation, as long as she has skin contact with the target.

Specifics Chapter 2

  • Age: 23
  • Height: 1,75m (ca. 5’9”)
  • Weight: 61 kg (134.2 lbs)
  • Hair colour: Red-blonde
  • Eye colour: Blue
  • Features: Elvish eyes
  • Birthmarks on bridge and lighter freckles
  • Slim braided skein behind left ear
  • Allegiance: Feuersturm

Extended Info

Lotus Lounge

Mina's private Club/Brothel in Levidia.


The Lovelight is officially a gourmet coffee shop/restaurant on the bottom floor and one of the most exquisite brothels in town on the top floor. It's run by Kalim.

Battle History

Battles are also listed here.

Battle Thread

Battle Thread

Battle Thread

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