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Match Assignment

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Matches are the core our battle system. Here's how they work.


How do I sign up for a round?

When a new match starts, administration will open up a Registration thread for that specific round. The new registration thread can be found in the Off-duty Discussion of the forum. Those who have approved characters and wish to join in simply have to click on the register button for their team and they are ready to go.

Okay cool, but who goes first?

It alternates which team is on offense and which team is on defense.
Being on offense simply means that your team chooses which areas (of the legal attack locations) to attack.
Being on defense means that you will be choosing which area to defend, and in such, choosing who you will be fighting.

This means that you will alternate between choosing a location to attack and choosing an opponent. That DOES NOT, however, mean that the team on offense will be going first when the round starts. That is still very much random so that neither team has an upper hand.

So everyone is all signed up and registration is closed, then what?

Well, the teams head off to their respective sub-forums and start planning. The team on offense will take the list of viable attack locations and start picking where they want to attack. Those who have no preference (or haven’t chosen before the attack plan is due) will be assigned by their team leaders to an area. The team on offense can start figuring out who they want to attack whenever they want, but may want to wait until the team on offense posts their attack plan in order figure out exactly where and who to attack.

So the attack plan is up, and the defense plan is up, do we make with the fighting now?

Pretty much yeah. Administration will then create new battle threads in the Battlegrounds subforum. It is only then that it is revealed who will be going first and second. It’s pretty much gametime from there on.

Tournament rules
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4. Match Assignment 5. Combat 6. Voting
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