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Maja, human.
Maja, human.
Maja, wolf.
Maja, wolf.

♥ Maja is a puppy. Maja (pronounced Mah-JAH) (No really, Mah-yuh) is a demon wolf with a human form, who roams the great land of Arcadia.


General Info

  • Race: "demon" ice wolf creature spirit
  • Age: she acts like and looks like a young adult, but her real age is unknown.
  • Height: 5'10" (177 cm) / 4' (122 cm)
  • Weight: 140lbs/140lbs (63 kg)
  • Eyes: blue/blue
  • Hair: platinum blonde
  • Human skin: very fair



Previously of The Celestial Empire.


In human form she has comical superhuman strength which allows her to grab large objects for throwing and beating purposes. She carries small daggers as well (made from ice i suppose). In both human and wolf form she’s quick and agile with some basic dark/nature ice magic spells. In wolf form she bites and claws. in either form she has the third eye vision, which gives living things/souls a glowy outline. its glowy and blue (go fig)


If or once you catch her, Maja’s defense is rather low. Maja’s magic doesn’t work well in hot and dry places (its ice based, duh). There’s also a short span of time while she casts spells in either form when she’s venerable. holy/light magic doesn't really have negative affects on her other than they hurt like everyone else hurts, because her magic isn't based on demon/black magic (though sometimes it gives off those vibes doesn't it?) its nature/spirit based so its a little different!

Extra Info

Pre-Arcadian History

Maja comes from a ice demon wolf pack (with convenient human and wolf forms) that guards remote and vast territories of ice and snow (boring! You can see why she doesn’t mind hanging around in Arcadia for a while). Young enough to still run patrols, she got lost when some fog set in one day. Once it cleared she found that she was in the middle of Arcadia. Not caring about getting back home Maja is content to settle down with The Empire. Literally content to settle in as one of the empire's wolves. It appears she has no ulterior motives for choosing to side with The Empire, but one never knows. With the fall of La Revolution, and the death of Celestial she never made it back home to the empire, and is now part of the LR-egades because she doesn't give a fuck.

Misc Details

Notable Features

    • the wolf size is probably not a constant exact. I'm sure it has something to do with how angry or scary Maja is feeling. At a glance i imagine standing straight, not crouching, her shoulders stand at around 4 feet. or around waist height of her human form.
    • she eats souls, instead of flesh or other foods, usually the weakest ones. though she'd probably try people food for kicks.
    • in human form she always has the big black(or white, as noted past round 14) fluffy cape thing. its some spiritual link between wolf and human or something. its probably where she stores everything. secret pockets i guess. it doesn't have to be a consistent size or shape, but its there in some form. if its taken away as a human, she just reverts to wolf form.
    • she has a blue tongue, both as a human and wolf.
  • Body Mods: total piercing count is 4. the two snake bites under her lower lip and the plugs in each ear. i was debating on something for the nose, but decided it was just going to piss everyone off, including me. she does have tattoos. they're all located on her upper arms (half sleeves), shoulders and back. its one giant thing that's connected. all fortunately where no one can see then when she's clothed. i guess don't worry about this, unless you plan to draw her... with not clothes? she doesn't have tattoos since I'm never going to design them.

Personality and Character

  • consider the rounds she's been in! refer to them mostly i guess. though i do have to mention, maja is sort of naive about the human world and its conventions, you know, with the whole dropping in from icewolfland. its not that she's unintelligent, she's just like a foreigner, that never uses books.
  • she enjoys running and chasing things.


In Round 14 Maja reunites with the remaining C3-G units at the royal menagerie. This model of C3 was customized for all terrain travel in order to keep up with Maja during her missions from the Celestial tower. Since the death of Celestial, the C3-Gs remain loyal to Maja, and it is assumed that they have followed her off into the wilderness and have been helping her take care of some loose ends.


  • maja snacks on soul krunchies.
  • maja gets her name and inspiration for appearance from Maja Ivarsson of The Sounds, along with many other attractive blonde ladies.
  • as a animal spirit, maja speaks a demon speak with animals and fantastical creatures like ponies, demon whales, summoned eagles, and magical springs. its written form is based off of Hyruleian.

Round Summary

Round 04: Maja and Shilane vs Jam

At The Oil Tanker [1]

  • The ladies meet up with some kid at the tanker. they danced a little. here's a tissue. watch out for that nose bleed.

After settling down at the tower, Maja meets a new friend, the lovely lady Shilane. the two get sent to the beach where there are some secrets or something, but that turned into a bust, but they meet some nice demon whales! with a little demon speak, the whales gave the girls a ride to this old Oil Tanker thing and there was this Jam kid hiding. So the girls stole his hat, but this kid's magical dance powers where unleashed and there was some tangoing and heckling, but overall everyone had a good time right?

Round 05: Maja vs Flake & Berb

At The Highlands[2]

  • We burned some forest down on the highlands. Maja doesn't appreciate fine art that much.

After crash landing in the highlands, Flake and Berb find that Maja is out to get them. the two take off, really, and end up starting a forest fire as Maja tries to follow. its sword against ice spells for a while and then the two come together to create some ice sculptures, which Maja promptly destroys before ditching the encroaching fire. hours later, Maja confirms that the two have been destroyed by the fire, only to be surprise attacked. Their fight gets crashed by Celestial's Alpha Wolf and his gang. Berb pulls out a hormone bomb from... who knows, and that gets the wolves riled up over Maja. She runs off trying to ditch them, and the Alpha Wolf Gang is never seen again. one can assume that she ate them or something...

Round 06: Maja vs Effex 2.0

At The Airship[3]

  • Ordered to protect the skies of Arcadia, maja deals with some wordy punkass kid. there are no drugs and nudity.

This Kid, Effex, he busts through the deck of the rebuilt airship with a pegasus, and Maja can't have that nonsense, so that shit gets shot down quick. After an ungraceful landing Effex starts talking and doesn't stop till he decided that skydiving is a fun thing to do with Maja. They fall for a while before landing on a lower deck, surprise! Oh geez, and the talking still didn't stop. one way to stop talking is to drag people off the edge of high places, but this only works when the people getting dumped off the edge can't summon sort of useful creatures to save them. So Effex comes back with the help of this huge eagle he summoned and he KEEPS TALKING. maja eventually has enough and demon speaks with the eagle, and it comes and carries him away, and there is silence, finally.

Round 07: Maja vs Hazmatt

At The Iceberg [4]

  • Theres some ice at the iceberg. and some weird guy in a mask!

Maja's sweet vacation to the Iceberg gets interrupted when Hazmatt wants to play battleship with her! hint: a battleship gets sunk. Some snowballs get thrown and lesson learned? Don't smash things on ice. it cracks. its bad. The two float off as their chunk of ice gets a little bit smaller.

Round 08: Maja vs Plain Jane

At The Fjord.[5]

  • the ladies get schooled on what a fjord is. but still, no one seems to care.

After some minor confusion as to where the girls are, Slarti has to step in and explain, except Maja and PJ don't really care. Fortunately he's interrupted by PETA who appose Slarti, Pj, and (somehow) Maja's use of fur. probably. but PETA is sort of pesky so the girls team up to destroy them with an ice stink bomb combo. after wiping PETA out the girls take care of Slarti who tries to sneak off unnoticed. Their solution: throw him into the fjord and ride off into the sunset. THE END!

Round 09: Maja and Hellfag vs The Radtastics

At The Oriental Village.[6]

  • Theres something going down in chinatown.

The last time Hellfag went out he forgot which side he was on, whoops. Maja plays watchdog on Hellfag to remind him this time. The two wander (we think) around and end up at the gates of china town. The two are greeted by explosions and and a scuffle between the Radtastics and a rogue C3. The Radtastics are just having fun and Maja gets in on the game, dragging Hellfag along. Across the town and rooftops and not a guitar battle. more scuffling ensues and Maja discovers that her wolf form can slip through Antor's black space. Antor is still better at it then her and gets Hellfag and her stuck in an infinite loop till help arrives.

Round 11: Maja vs Rojinso Rage

At The Mystic Spring. [7]

  • Prediction: Steamy?

Maja heads to the mystical springs in search of a mystical tree in hopes of being able to focus enough magic to make a call home. Her efforts are interrupted, and the record gets lost from there.

Round 12: Maja vs Amy and Lucy

At the Arabian Town. [8]

  • It's one step ahead of the girls for Maja.

First there's some lava, and then some running all over the place. In the end it doesn't even matter because there's no dispute that a Popsicle can't solve.

Round 13: Maja and Knights Apocalyptic vs The Team

At the Command Center. [9]

  • some stuff happened

space for further

Round 14: Maja vs SETh

At the Royal Menagerie. [10]

  • time for a pegacorn ride!

Maja stops to visit Shilane in the Royal menagerie for some chitchat. when SETh interrupts Shilane saddles him with helping Maja find something. Turns out she wasn't looking for the mutant tentacle wolf creature, but the C3-Gs arrive to help out. The C3-Gs get tossed around and SETh tries to help. something about a super punch to get ride of dat nasty tentacle thing and maja wanders off into the sunrise with the C3-Gs.

Round 17: Maja, Corona, and Ambrose vs Scarecrow

At the Wastewater Plant. [11]

  • its time to get dirty! or wet...

after romping around in the woods, Maja finds Corona and Ambrose (who happen to be looking for her except they don't know it) because she's got to find something. when team up is got, the trio head to the Wastewater Plant (which looks a lot like hydro plant) where Maja's figures theres something interesting. The other two find some goodies (weapons!) while Maja wanders off, only to summon Scarecrow from celestial park. Corona attacks Scarecrow on sight, and he drags Maja along with him. Maja finds the secret doooor, and finds the Crystal Magic 8 ball, stuck and alone. The rest of the gang catches up and thus ensues a fire fight causing the alaram to set off the flood gates leading a wall of water at them. Good thing Maja knows how to keep it cool! She turns the rushing wall of water into a solid wall of ice.

Round 19: Maja, Aoi, and Aine vs Captain Ship and Tredeciem

At the Waterfalls. [12]

  • space for further details.

Maja's Outfits

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