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Welcome to the War For Arcadia Wiki!

Here you can find all information necessary to participate in the War for Arcadia.
(For all articles related to game mechanics please refer to the Tournament Guide.)
All about our beloved countries here.
There are still details on the factions missing - do you know more about any of them?
Make it easier for new players to become part of the War! You can also find logos of the factions here as reference.
How about adding the missing zone articles? These can help you to get a better image of the world you will fight in!
Why not refine and format your Character Page? Keep adding infos and pictures that help others understand your character! Use the Character Template
Keep adding Technology, C3 or Weapons and Vehicles, Buildings... You developed something? Why don't you show us then?
"The history of the Tourney" - Only those who understand the past can conquer the future.
Have a fun messing around on a silly little wall, if you get tired of editing so much that is!
Here is a nice guide to help you get started on your Wiki adventures, along with a few small tasks that anyone can work on.

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Current Round Info

The Art of War for Arcadia (the Artbook) is OUT NOW on Indyplanet! 30 talented artists, 224 full colour pages, more than 800 illustrations and more than 4 years of online comic artworks in one book! GET IT NOW!

State of the War Address October 2011

New Grudge Match system: Heaven Royale! Fight with only one cycle per battle, points and achievements, no teams. Discover the map as you fight.

Image:Arcadia minimap active.gif

Round 30:

Winner: image:Buttonlev.gifNero [2]
Winner: image:Buttonarc.gifTin [3]
Winner: image:Buttonarc.gifEchoDreamer [4]
Winner: image:Buttonlev.gifNachte [5]
Winner: image:Buttonlev.gifPoj [6]
Winner: image:Buttonlev.gifPolarPal [7]
Winner: image:Buttonarc.gifBen + Five [8]
Artist of the Round: Ben + Five

Chapter 2 Epilogue

Meet the new leaders of Arcadia and Levidia!
Arcadia: Laika Sobaka, Prime Minister. Benjamin Floret, Lord Speaker of the House. Thread
Levidia: Ray Crepuscula, Monarch. Bert Gluhlampe, The Rule. Thread

Weekly Jams

running 17th October until 2nd November.
Last Jam: ROBOT JAM [10]
Winner: Pandamonium!
Winner: Poj!
running 24th July until all eternity!
Current character jam. Current themed bi-weekly jam. Last jam's winner.

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