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Lyme and Ringo

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General Info

  • Name- Ringo
  • Race- Human
  • Age- 37
  • Hair- unknown
  • Eyes- blue
  • height-6'9"
  • weight-... not sure... but pretty frickin' heavy.


What you see is what you get for now. Ringo is very talented at keeping himself well covered. There is no telling what he looks like under there... he could be a hideous freak!!! Or... not.

Ringo has been a Nomad for most of his life. There is very little known about this vagabond, and with the simple fact that he rarely speaks, it'll probably stay that way. He used to always be a loner until the night he ran into Lyme... quite literally. She was running from some thieves and he just happened to be "in her way." When she hit him the force of her face to his arm knocked her out cold. So like any kind gent would do, he killed the thieves and watched over Lyme until she awoke. He hasn't been able to get rid of her since.

Abilities: Although his arms look huge, they really only look that way due to the large metal bracers on them. With his current attire though, they're unable to be seen. The bracers only help him to deal with heavy lifting and the occasional punch or two.


General Info

  • Name- Lyme
  • Race- Human (test tube baby... with some problems)
  • Age- 20
  • Hair- Purple
  • Eyes- gray
  • Height- 5'8"
  • weight- 125lbs


Most of Lyme's life was spent in a mental institution. All she can really recall from those days are the bright flashes of electricity that were sent through her brain during her weekly exams and the happy memories of her friends and adventures in the hospital that she created herself to block out the real thing.

Lately there have been some interesting occurrences so things might be changed a little.

Battle History

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