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Player: Malk


General Info

  • NAME: Loki Speight
  • AGE: 25
  • HEIGHT: 1.85
  • WEIGHT: 79kg
  • ALLEGIANCE: Levidian Empire


Arrogant and sarcastic, but very caring about his “shadows”.


He knows some martial arts, but he is well-versed with multiple types of firearms. He usually takes the first thing in sight to hit his targets (he is very talented with those =D). He was trained with tactical skills and is good when trying to get information and spying on his targets, but somehow his plans never occur as planned.


He is a ex-military, considered too dangerous to be in a team, because of his psycho behavior dealing with his "shadows". He is a much centered guy, he can deal with his new job, that is to put down some places and people, or gathering information, but he is now alone… or maybe not. His “shadows” as others call, are people that he talks to, they are usually very close to him, and he protects this people with passion.

Nobody really knows how many they are, or if they can “kill them” from his mind. But he can be a pretty much normal person, if you ignore the fact that he is talking to himself.


He wears a black watch on his left wrist, usually cares a cell phone (sometimes he uses it to talk to his “shadows”) and a gun (it can be a pistol, it can be a shotgun, or maybe a knife, it depends on his mood).

Battle History

Winner: [1]

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