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Player: Cola


General Info

  • Name: Liza (Elizabethlynn Marie Thomas)
  • Age: uncertain
  • Height: 6'0" / 1,83m
  • Allegiance: Celestial Empire

General Story

Liza was born normally, but somewhere along the way she was endowed with special abilities by some people. Among them was indefinite youth, which means that while she is still mortal and susceptible to injury and sickness, she won't ever age. For some time, she's been wandering, looking for something to do. Something to give her life a sense of direction and purpose.


Liza likes to make herself happy. She's not particularly cruel, but she absolutely can be. For the most part, she's very easy going. She just wants the respect and/or affection of a few people and she does what she can to get it. She won't sweat the small stuff. She has a dry sense of humour.

She also has a London accent.


Liza only wears white, as it is the only colour that makes her milky skin look tan. She has ash blue eyes and pale violet hair. Her lips look pursed and she has a loosely heart shaped face.


Pocket dimensions: Liza can form these alternate dimensions and, with physical contact, send someone into them. She can really only control the air quality in these spaces and whether there is ground. The spaces are small, no bigger than a small house at best, and if one walks into the mist at the edges, they emerge from another spot into the same space. She can't do this often. It takes some time and concentration, and then the physical contact. Since she really has no desire to hurt or kill people, she will most often use this ability to intimidate someone or hold them for a short spell.

Flying: She can fly like Superman.

Teleportation: She can disappear and reappear, moving relatively short distances in the process, and each time she does this, she heals a little. For this reason, she has no scars or tattoos or piercings (earrings are clip-ons). This, too, requires some concentration, but she will take whoever is touching her along for the ride. When she does this, she appears to disappear and reappear in a ball of flame.

She's also proficient in hand to hand combat, usually shunning guns and blades.


Her flashier abilities wear her down pretty quickly. For this reason, she uses them sparingly, preferring not to be mucked up by a lot of sweat and grime. She'd rather fight with witty insults and flirtations.

Extra Info

Battle History

Winner: image:Buttoncel2.gifCola [1]
Winner: image:Buttoncel2.gifCola [2]
Winner: image:Buttoncel2.gifCola [3]
Winner: image:Buttoncel2.gifCola [4]

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