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Li Qiang

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Li Qiang.
Li Qiang.

Player: Baratacom


General Info

  • Name: Li Qiang (nickname for the friends: Q)
  • Race: Human
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 25
  • Height: 1,77m (5'10")
  • Weight: 73kg (160.6 lbs)
  • Allegiance: Feuersturm


Always introduces himself as "I'm a man from China", but takes to be called a "china man" as a mortal offense. He was born in China, but at around 12yo, moved to England to study overseas (that's when he met and befriended Stephen), but moved back to China at the age of 19.

Being skilled in martial arts, he can sense with precision (but not actually see) supernatural beings; this doesn't work for machines however.


Qiang is super serious, but seems somewhat retarded due to being rather naive (he thinks that every movie is a documentary); he usually has a serious expression on and hardly laughs for real. He's also bad at remembering names and believes that he's the best sausage of the bunch, leading to never giving up (and never shouting up), even when being obviously beaten or out-numbered. He's an extremist who believes that a good criminal is a dead criminal.


Qiang works as a police officer in Xangai, while investigating a deal concerning The Triad, he discovered that The Triad is nothing but puppets in the hands of Ghost and King, the true Chinese gangster lords. Following this clue, he moved to Arcadia in search for clues on both figures and their wereabouts; moreso, his info lead him to believe that both were sided with The Celestial Empire (whether this is true or not is impossible to confirm at the moment), so Qiang made a deal with Feuersturm.

Plus, in order to complement his paycheck, he also works as freelance detective, bodyguard and other odd jobs.


Normal human, so he's pretty vulnerable.


Main character of a Chinese action flick, which means that anyone without any proficience in martial arts who engage in a fight against or sided with Qiang get instant kungfu powers inversely proportional to the number of people (as in, 12 thugs will be pathetically weak, but a single thug would be an epic battle), if the person does know some form of martial art, the powers will be of that martial art instead.

Plus, supernatural sense, extremely agile (can even dodge bullets and stuff) and fights with an unorthodox style (think of him as Jackie Chan or Lei Wulong); as an inexplicable power, he has some finishing moves based on the Chinese zodiac which somehow actually makes the creature appear behind him and attack his opponent.


Handcuffs and 2 "shooting rectangles" (they are not guns, they are rectangular things made of wood or something that somehow shoot).

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