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Levidian Empire

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The Levidian Empire is one of Three Factions in the War for Arcadia and entered the game in Chapter 3.




The Levidian Empire began as the small country of Lativ, named for the then-mysterious substance dubbed "Levitium." It was a prosperous country and led the world in technology for several centuries. After the creation of the first machine, an event said to be inspired by Lativ's main deity, the country underwent a rapid industrial revolution that rocketed them towards modern technology. Most technology found today can be traced back to Lativ origins. success came at a cost as the small country quickly began to run out of resources with which to manufacture their products. Trade helped only so much and as tariffs began to rise, Lativ prepared for war. With their more advanced technology, they were quickly able to conquer several of their neighbours. They were, however, fair to the peoples they conquered and allowed them their autonomy, creating the Levitas League to unify the twelve small countries. As the Levitas League, Lativ freely shared its technology with its neighbours in exchange for access to their mineral deposits and other resources. It also allowed Lativ to concentrate on continuing their quest towards scientific and technological superiority as other needs began to be supplied by the other countries. For example, Naselle, a fertile country to the south of Lativ became their main source of food. Scores of years later, threatened by the growing power of the Levitas League, the nations to the west formed a concerted effort to disband the league and capture Lativ. The League rallied and not only managed to fend off their attack but retaliated by capturing several of the invading countries. Now twice their original size, the Levita League became the Levidian Empire, the king of Lativ becoming the first Levidian Emperor. Since, the Levidian Empire has not annexed any more territories and has prospered as one of the largest countries in the world. It is also by far the wealthiest country.

Levidian Monarchy

The Levidian Empire operates as a constitutional monarchy. Many of the countries that were absorbed into the empire were allowed their autonomy, however, magistrates that report directly to the emperor have replaced the traditional rulers. The traditional rulers, however, were usually those elected to be the first magistrates and they are allowed to continue their basic form of government. The Empire prides itself on this due to its belief that this is the key to their continued peace. The Levidian monarch may be male or female, qualified by birthright as the progeny of preceding the emperor and empress. In cases where the emperor and empress have not produced any children, their closest relative's children may inherit the throne, often a niece or a nephew. While the monarchs may marry for love, it is much more common for the monarch to make a political marriage, making a selection from the sons and daughters of their magistrates. Newly elected magistrates must be approved by the emperor. Bound by the Levitas Constitution, the monarch still has a vast amount of power and is the ultimate authority within the empire. The Levitas Constitution has over one hundred amendments to it. Amendments may be added to the constitution if three-fourths of the magistrates agree to it. The emperor maybe overrule this amendment but must obey it if a unanimous decision for it is made. A monarch may be executed for willfully violating the constitution. The third Empress, Rachelle Necthula, was executed for refusing to submit to an test for illicit substances. (Amendment 52: The emperor or empress of the Levidian Empire is strictly prohibited from consuming any substance that impairs judgment.) The emperor or empress has the power to overrule most decisions made by magistrates. They are however, typically kept in check by Divium Stilus and acts of war must be agreed upon by both the monarch and The Rule, the leader of Dvium Stilus. Divium Stilus officially has no political power outside of this, but monarchs are highly motivated to work in cooperation with the organization, typically Stilist in their own right.

Divium Stilusim

The City of Levitas. (Drawn by Ben)
The City of Levitas. (Drawn by Ben)

The Divium Stilus is an inseparable element of the Levidian Empire that works closely with the Levidian monarch. It preaches the pure pursuit of scientific knowledge. Although not technically a "religion," it represents a doctrine that many Levidian citizens choose to live their lives by.

Level of Technology versus Magic

Due to their believe that magic is simply unexplained science, there is mixed feelings about its use and its users. Magic users are often expected to submit themselves for study, often at the expense of their own well being and desires. This is typically the opinion of people who are not magically inclined and this has caused some strife within the empire. Magically endowed individuals who show no promise in the hard sciences typically suffer as a result of this and may hide their abilities to avoid ridicule and coercion. Psychics are among the most studied individuals due to their powers coming from a more tangible source. It is widely believed that psychic abilities are the next step in human evolution and thus are widely revered. There have been some incidences of psychics being unwilling to be tested and children being subjected to testing before they were of age (sixteen years old). Magic is thought be something that should be controlled and there are high penalties for magic users who operate outside the law. A witch that uses her powers to help her community and allows herself to be regularly studied will do just fine in the Levidian Empire. A witch that kills someone, even inadvertently receives an automatic death sentences if she is proven guilty. Because the nature of magic is often unknown, it is considered too dangerous in the hands of deviants. It is also somewhat of an unwritten rule that the average Levidian will believe that magic is too dangerous for the average person to wield. There have never been cases of witch hunts or sanctioned kidnappings of magic users, but it is a common conspiracy theory. Both Stilists and the monarchs have endeavoured to halt such rumours and vehemently deny the possibility of such incidences.

As the world leader in technology, the Levidian Empires enjoys many advanced technologies that are seen nowhere else in the world (see Levidian Empire Technology). This is partially due to its wealth as well as many of the systems being owned and operated by the government or by Divium Stilusism. They possess a limited public teleportation system, holographic technology that borders on virtual reality, a nearly fully automated identification system as well as automated personal transport (automobiles that drive themselves to a location). The empire is not heavily invested in weaponized systems but has many technologies that could be weaponized. Their medical equipment is the best in the world and in high demand in other first world countries. They have a functional AI that is able to perform tasks as complicated as those of a secretary. There is some controversy about this but thus far there have been no incidences of insubordination from the AI systems. The AI is able to complete tasks via voice commands and execute certain thought processes via programmed cues but it lacks a personality as well as the ability to operate beyond certain programmed parameters.


The natural resources within the Empire have dwindled in the last hundred years as they were better able to extract ores and other raw materials. Due to this lack of resources, the Levidian Empire imports much of its materials from other regions, often bullying its neighbours with its technological might to keep tariffs low. It has relatively few exports, and those exports are largely medically and technologically related. The nation's most prized economic possession was its large store of Levitium; a mystical, lighter-than-air substance for which the country was named. Unfortunately for the Empire, a lot of its stores were depleted during a mysterious warehouse explosion right before Chapter 3 began.

The empire is considered the wealthiest in the world when all of its technology is included in the dollar amount. Socioeconomic status is highly tied to ones ability to contribute scientific research and the production of electronic devices. Members of the Divium Stilus staff do not personally have any money but have accounts that access the Divium Stilusism funds. Depending on their rank they have a daily allowance of so much, exceptions made in times of need. Normal citizens who do research for private companies are among the wealthiest individuals, often making more than managerial positions. Blue collar jobs that directly aid research or production are the best paying jobs below the six figure mark. Because of this preferential treatment, there is a large gap between the upper to upper middle class and lower class and a noticeable lack of a true middle class. In terms of annual earnings, there are virtually no people making between $50,000 and $80,000 a year. The Levidian Empire is essentially crippled by its dependence on outside sources for much of its raw materials and is only self sustaining in its food production.


Although "art for art's sake" is often snubbed entirely in Levidian society, many native architects, scientists, and musicians have taken to constructing intentionally elaborate and over-engineered structures, projects, and devices to essentially "showboat" their scientific prowess. Many Levidian buildings, for instance, show sophisticated organic patterns of construction that are highly advanced, but also quite beautiful. Many Levidian "arts" contain references to ideas such as the golden ratio, the Pythagorean theorem, astronomical patterns, and the Fibonacci sequence.


Three years after the end of Chapter 2, tensions between the Republic of Arcadia and the Levidian Empire run high. The two nations sustained peaceful relations initially, but a series of mysterious happenings and discoveries have cast a shadow of impending gloom over Levidia and Arcadia alike.

Most of Levidia's stores of Levitium, a precious and highly-versatile substance even lighter than air, were destroyed during a giant explosion in an Empire warehouse. As a point of further controversy, the Arcadian ambassador to Levidia was killed in the explosion, along with all civilians working in and around the high-security storage building. The explosion dealt a crippling blow to the country's economy and morale, and the king of Levidia, already weakened by disease and old age, did not survive the devastating news. The king's young heir, Ray Crepuscula, has hastily stepped in to fill the gap, and the streets are rife with rumors and brewing unrest.

Now, research teams are discovering that some of the ancient ruins scattered around both Arcadia and Levidia may hold secrets that could greatly bolster the power of the ones who hold them. New stores of previously-undiscovered or unnamed Levitium are being unearthed on Arcadian soil, and the presence of the element have caught the eye of the Divium Stilus and the Levidian Monarchy. Whispers of Levidia's history of conquest are circulating, and Arcadia's citizens of magic descent are wary of the Levidian Empire's "scientific" agenda. Some Levidians, meanwhile, suggest striking the nation of Arcadia for its newly-discovered resources and potential research opportunities while its government is still new and vulnerable. In the shadow of the unknown, The young Arcadian prime minister and her cabinet are now preparing for the ever-growing potential of another war...

...a War for Arcadia!

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