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Leigh is an exobiologist from the future.

Player: Cola


General Info

  • Name: Leigh (Ashleigh James)
  • Age: 27 but she's got nano machines in her blood to keep her young.
  • Height: 5'8" (172 cm)
  • Allegiance: Celestial Empire

General Story:

Leigh's parents were both space lawyers living on an orbital platform practicing Space Law, but Leigh grew up surrounded mostly by scientists and the children of scientists and chose to study astronomy and biology. Eventually, she started studying on other worlds and chose a career as an exobiologist. Only it wasn't lame because there was actually alien life to study by that point. And then there was a space anomaly, OH NOES! And her personal flying saucer ended up over modern day Arcadia! Now she's teamed up with the Celestial Empire (to avoid a conflict of interest) in order to find a way home!


Leigh is an optimistic and hardworking sort of person, and generally friendly, though she chooses not to suffer fools and the scientifically illiterate.


Leigh lost her right eye when a faulty electronics panel exploded near her face. It has been replaced by a very sophisticated replica, as you can see. The effect is seamless!


Leigh wears robotically enhanced boots that can help her jump incredible distances or just take the strain off of every day activities. There's a button you press and they sort of fly apart on retractable bands.

On her right wrist are the remote controls for her flying saucer, and embedded in the fabric of her smart suit's left sleeve is her personal super computer, which projects a holographic display over her arm. She can also use this to project shields around her body or form a laser cannon. These kinds of things are very useful to biologists.

Speaking of her smart suit, it is composed of an artificially intelligent nano-fibre fabric. It can expand, contract, change its shape (though not its mass) and change its colour and texture. It regulates temperature and humidity on the inside, reclaims moisture, and responds to the external environment while monitoring various vital signs.

Additionally, Leigh, like all biologists, picked up a set of alien mixed martial arts from some of her less human colleagues. She's pretty tough.

Finally, she's got her own flying saucer (called Rupert) with the standard death ray and mountain view. It's pretty badass.


She is not immune to bullets, sadly. This is not a problem science has been able to solve in the two hundred or so years from now that she is from.

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