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La Revolution

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Einheit12's version of La Revolution's logo.
Einheit12's version of La Revolution's logo.

La Revolution was one of the two main factions during Chapter 1 of the War for Arcadia. It was founded by Pennywise with the motive to overthrow The Celestial Empire. The political direction of La Revolution members ranges from Pro-Democratic to Pro-Anarchic. Their last active leader was Anteros. Their Headquarters was The Flying Castle, Location Number 02 on the Map until it was destroyed during Round 13.



LR was Founded in Round 1 by Pennywise. The sudden disappearance of Pennywise led to the surrogate leadership by The Tin Woodsman. However, the Tinwoodsman also "mysteriously disappeared" resulting in Anteros/Osiris taking up the leadership role. This was short lived however as Anteros/Osiris was taken hostage by The Celestial Empire in exchange for the release of Sanders. This led to a steady decline in La Revolution's fighting spirit, with great losses in Territory. This eventually led to the formation of a splinter group, The Rebellion in Round 10.

Without a definitive leader present in La Revolution, the La Revolution Military Council took control of most aspects of La Revolution. However even with their leadership, The Celestial's advancing army eventually reached the Floating Castle. This led to a titanic battle in Round 13, culminating with the grounding and essential destruction of LR's home base. The surviving forces scattered, most going into hiding fully expecting extermination at the hands of Celestial. Fate, however, intervened. As the Celestial Empire's remaining leaders fought for recognition following the death of Celestial, saw the last hold-outs of LR were essentially ignored.

Many members seeking new adventure, opportunity or just a hope for a brighter future decided to align themselves with the reformed Celestial Empire, under the new leadership of the vampire Shilane. Others, consumed by their hate for The Celestial Empire, aligned with the new uprising faction, Feuersturm.

Current State of La Revolution's Military Forces

The vast majority of the shattered remains of La Revolution's troops spread out through the land. Some returned home to family or a life of rebuilding the ruins caused by war. Small pockets survived in hiding and within many small villages throughout western Arcadia seethed with anger and resentment at the Celestial Empire. Those survivors and disidents that did not join Feuersturm's ranks have received a call from Lieutenant Commander Corona Payton of the Dimensional Templars. Form months she gathered the troops and resources that survived the assault on LR headquarters. With careful deliberation and deadly precision, she fought a guerilla war against the pervceived tyranny of the Celestial Empire and Feuersturm.

During Chapter 2, there were only 4 remaining La Revolution generals: Hazmatt, Corona, Maja and Arrow. Each had their own agendas, resulting in a very fractured and often leaderless faction


There were various legitimate subgroups within La Revolution (in other words, groups excluding The Rebellion), which were responsible for various aspects of the day to day running of the Castle.


The Armory and Weapons Development section was formerly headed up by Hazmatt. After his disappearance, Dakk took control. See Weapons


The Research department was headed up by a Triumvirate of researchers: Genome(deceased), Pachabel(deceased) and Rojinso Rage.


Ample supply of food and alcohol were managed by Mr. Pillow.


Chapter 1 Roster

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