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Kensington (drawn by Ben)
Kensington (drawn by Ben)

Kensington used to somehow be the only vampire not on the Celestial Empire! Now after the fall of La Revolution and the events during the Rebel Base end fight she joined up with the Celestial Empire to make Arcadia a better place and stay close to her new friends and loved ones.

Player: Five.


General Info

  • Race: Vampire
  • Height: 1,65m / 5'5"
  • Weight: 52kg / 114.4 lbs
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Apparent age: 19-22
  • Date of birth: around 1880-1890


  • As a vampire she is stronger and faster than the average person. She has greater stamina and fast healing.
  • She can turn into a bat.
  • By touching them or looking into their eyes she can control other people's minds (the weak-willed are easy, supernatural beings or those with a strong willpower are harder or might not work at all).
  • In the dark she can merge with the shadows which makes her invisible to most. She also has night vision.
  • She can talk to animals and command them to a point. She can summon traditionally "evil" animals that might be present in the area. (For example in a forest she would be able to summon wolves, snakes or spiders but not fluffy bunnies or baby deer).


  • Too much exposure to the sun burns her skin (she uses Sunblocker 1000 against this) and she tends to be a bit sleepy or grumpy during the day.
  • Fire deals her severe damage that heals a lot slower than normal wounds.
  • She can be immobilized by a wooden stake through her heart.
  • Needs to drink blood at least every few nights.


Formerly on La Revolution, she has joined the reformed Celestial Empire in Chapter 2 which turned into the Republic of Arcadia in Chapter 3.

Extra Info


The Cyborg Necromancer's house and limousine.
The Cyborg Necromancer's house and limousine.

In Kensington's bloodline runs a streak of insanity. She's not totally lunatic but sometimes she forgets where she was heading to or coming from. She can change her mind in an instant for no apparent reason, going from killing lust to "let's be friends". She also has a vivid imagination.

Her Sire is "The King", an old vampire who loves rock'n'roll and for his entertainment took on the public role of Elvis many decades ago and also faked his death when it was time. For Kensington he is still the King and sometimes she turns to this fatherly figure for advice.

She strongly dislikes authority and can be quite stubborn. She loves to fight but if things get too dangerous she will rather save her unlife than take unnecessary risks.

Sometimes she works as a mercenary to earn a little money. In her mind she's rather neutral when it comes to politics, but on the other hand doesn't like oppression (especially if it limits her freedom), and likes to play pranks on "the system". She has a few small bunkers scattered around the country that she uses as a retreat. All are secured with traps. She also has an old satellite in the orbit, but the signal is usually quite bad.

Her ex-boyfriend is Gilbert, a gelatinous cube. At the beginning of Chapter 2) she started dating CN and is now living with him.

Her clone Selaphial is living with Kensington, CN and the sheep in CN's mansion.


She is slender and pale. Hair often looks a bit unwashed or dishevelled. Clothes vary according to mood. The basic outfit is often leather pants or jeans and random t-shirts, sometimes also a black trenchcoat or a suit. Since she is with CN her style is sometimes reminiscent of his (Quite understandably, since he is probably the most well-dressed person in Arcadia! Perhaps they have the same tailor now?).


The Cyborg Necromancer, blood, reading, video games (actually most kinds of games), rock music, cross-dressing, kinky things, robots and science.


Authority, clowns, werewolves, fire. Rannesanque for killing Fresia.

Battle History

Place: Museum District
Summary: Kensington enters the Art Museum with the intention to deface a portrait of Celestial. In the interactive art simulation she first meets the Cyborg Necromancer and then also two thieves who die in the consequent battle. After Kensington runs away with the portrait another fight ensues where she ends up being staked by CN who brings her to the Celestial Tower. There she shows up in CN's office, having only faked her paralysis. After a short talk she escapes through one of the windows, leaving him her number - and clothes.
Cameos: The King, Kensington's inner child/spirit animal and other personality aspects.
Outcome: Win for Kensington, Match of the Round (tie)

Place: Residential District (High-class)
Summary: After leaving the Tower, Kensington ends up naked on the streets of Arcadia City, where Alexei and Polar Pal stumble over her. After fetching her some of Shilane's clothes Polar Pal goes berserk when she refuses to heed to his missionary aspirations. A challenge of his believes sends him on a killing spree of no return even though Alexei hits his core which in turn lands on a car and fuses with the vehicle (resulting in Motor Pal). Alexei and Kensington flee into the sewers and later decide to call for help while the mutating machine keeps on marauding. The King gets the killer satellite to fire at Motor Pal while Alexei miraculously survived even though he was close to the impact. The C3 troops arrive late, of course, and take the fried core of Polar/Motor Pal with them.
Cameos: The King, Katerina, Shilane, Maja, C4, C3s
Outcome: Win for Alexei and Polar Pal. (by one vote, boo)

Place: The Floating Castle's tower - End fight time at the Rebel Base.
Summary: "The Team" is trying to defend the Floating Castle's tower from TCE's most high-ranking members. Since TCE has no clue where in the tower the command center is located they split up. Kensington meets Shilane for the first time; during this close encounter Kensington receives a secret sign on her wrist that allows her access to the Veiled Empire of Shilane.
After Anteros summons everybody into the command center to avoid further bloodshed the showdown begins. Ashley succumbs to his fearsome ogre rage (enhanced by Pachabel's poison), Rann throws Fresia out of the window, and Celestial gets thrown off the tower's top after facing Anteros. Meanwhile Kensington spots the Cyborg Necromancer on a monitor, getting shot. She runs for his rescue and knocks out Amy just before she could finish him off. As she returns to the tower she finds the injured body of Fresia, her broken sleds scattered around her. With her last words Fresia hands over her severed arm to Kensington as a final gift.
Outcome: Win for The Team, but overall La Revolution was crushed.

Place: Suspension Bridge
Summary: "In Suspense" - After unsuccessfully trying to clear the suspension bridge, Aine sets her on car on fire while Shawn was hypnotized by Kensington. A cat fight ensues until a giant airship from Feuersturm shows up and threatens to blow up the bridge. Surprising her, Aine badly burns Kensington and both Aine and Shawn flee with a kidnapped car before the bridge gets nuked.
Cameos: Cyborg Necromancer on the phone (cross-comic conversation, here is the other half). Shilane, Kelar, Fresia, The King, Gilbert.
Outcome: Win and Match of the Round! Also Artist of the Round, huzza!

Place: County Fair
Summary: After being ordered to head to the county fair (and bring back sweets), both teams put on "unsuspicious" clothing to blend in. After Hazard ate Bunni's pie and the Cyborg Sheep won the animal contest the two teams ran into each other. They tried to settled it with rodeo, but then fighting started as CN summons zombies out of reflex. Jake transforms into Special Attack and starts killing the zombies, Saftey-Bunni and Kensington start mud wrestling and CN records this for ... scientific studies. But while Kensington flees to renew her sunscreen Hazard merges with SA and becomes uncontrollable. Even CN's magic can't stop him, so Caution lends him "white" magic powers in the form of a cane. Eventually, after some fighting, Bunni comes to her senses and refuses to keep on fighting. As SA's heart stirs Hazard loses control and both transform back while sharing their first kiss. Just then Kensington, who had seen the others' fancy transformations, joins the party as Sheepken (she somehow merged with the Cyborg Sheep). After this brief romantic moment fighting continues. Caution-CN casts a spell to make Sheepken grow, in return Jake transforms into SA and Safety goes into fighter mode. Lots of fighting follows.
Cameos: Shilane, Rannesanque, the Cyborg Sheep and Gilbert.
Outcome: Win for Team Slow! (Ben and Five) - Match of the Round.

Place: Fashion District
Summary: Shilane sends Kensington to the Arcadia Fashion Week to pick out some new clothes for her. Between two runway shows she runs into Ted and Fresia. Ted recognizes her from the Empire's attack at the Rebel Base, when Fresia had fallen to death from the tower. He thinks Kensington had been about to eat her, so now that he meets her again he is quite agitated. However, Fresia intervenes and the two friends are reunited. During this encounter Hazmatt spots the trio in the crowd and tries to get away in order to avoid a fight. Kensington notices this and follows him. Both end up in the next fashion show where they don some designer clothes, walk down a runway, and finally have a confrontation in a photo studio.
They decide to go eat something, on the way they run into Shilane.
Cameos: Shilane, Fresia and Ted, Reana, Black Nurse.
Outcome: Win.
Kensington and the Cyborg Necromancer at the border forts. (Drawn by Ben)
Kensington and the Cyborg Necromancer at the border forts. (Drawn by Ben)

Place: Swamp
Summary: While Ringo and Lyme intended to have a peaceful nature outing, Kensington thinks one of them is an alien mole. To defend Arcadia she captures them and brings them to a hidden laboratory deep within the swamp. From then on strange things happen...
Cameos: Weighted Companion Cube.
Outcome: Win and Artist of the Round (tie).

Place: the Mines.
Summary: Wolf heads into the mines to blow them up, but instead he meets a bunch of Feuersturm troops there. He punches/shoots them unconscious before running into Stein and his Mjolnir soldiers. Just then a train arrives at the underground depot station. The FS troops expect CE soldiers coming out of the train, instead thousands of bats break loose on them and cover their faces. While their vision is impaired Agent Red and a troop of C3s exit the train and chop down some of the enemies. Meanwhile Cool and Johnny spot Wolfgang. Thinking he is an innocent bystander they try to rescue him by sending him through a portal into safety. Instead Wolf punches both down, sending Cool through the portal. But while distracted with them Wolf gets hit by a C3 and is sent through the portal himself, only to be greeted on the other side by Cool which leads to a bar fight with flashbacks, a skeleton t-rex, and eventual manly friendship.
Meanwhile CE gains the upper hand in the raging combat, forcing Stein to flee. Just as he sets up a trap for the pursuing Agent Red, one of the bats on his back turns out to be Kensington who transforms back at this instant, threatens him with a knife and pins grenades onto his jacket. Surviving the blast like the tough bastard he is they all fall into a deep dark shaft as the ground gives way after the explosion. Lots of fighting follows, people get injured.
Cameos: Commander Yuki Yamaoka, Commander Claire Ashhaven.
Outcome: Feuersturm captures the Mines.

Place: Border Forts
Summary: Kensington's leg is not fully healed back in this round, therefore she appears with a mechanical limb. Thirds impales her during this fight, which knocks her out for a bit.
Outcome: Cyborg Necromancer & Kensington

Place: the Feuersturm Paranormal and Genetic Research Facilities.
Summary: Team Slow set out to loot the research facilites but then encountered various obstacles, for example hallucinogens in the air, attacking clones and other opponents, a dimensional rift and finally both teams were catapulted into Hell. Before that Kensington succeeded in saving the clone Alti.
Outcome: Win for Team Slow, Match of the Round.

Place: Deep Sea Research Facility
Summary: CN opens a rift to Hell to finally free the Cyborg Sheep. But with the sheep they extract a demon - Ridley, who is majorly pissed and attacks Kensington. Meanwhile Ace and Asisa kidnap the sheep!
Outcome: Win and Match of the Round.

Place: Beach
Summary: They get it on in all kinkily! She sheep is returned to Kensington.
Outcome: Win.

Place: Off-Shore Oil Rig
Summary: In a sniper mission Kensington meets her old friend Axius again.

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