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Katerina before her haircut.
Katerina before her haircut.
Katerina with short hair.
Katerina with short hair.

Katerina is a stereotypical gypsy, covetous, cranky, suspicious of others. She doesn't fight for the Empire for the principle, but for the paycheck. She carries a crystal ball with her that has ill-defined powers. So far, her crystal ball has helped her persuade people with the power of her voice, create a pretty weak monster, and, in an alternate dimension, make the sky rain caramels. It also makes a good high-velocity projectile.

Though wary around people she does not know well, she has a close relationship with her brother, Alexei.


General Info


  • human gypsy


  • 30


  • 5'9" (175 cm)
  • Weight: 160 (72kg)
  • Eyes: brown
  • Hair: black


The Celestial Empire (Chapter 1); Feuersturm (Chapter 2)

Extra Info

  • Strengths: Tough, wily, and cynical. Though she doesn't always use them, she has a host of gypsy curses at her disposal, however, they are mostly annoyances.
  • Weaknesses: Constant and horrendous bad luck. Usually of her own making.
  • personality and character and other really random stuff:
    • She carries the crystal ball, though she's not much of a mystic.
    • She is ruthless in some respects, but is not very interested in killing or harming her foes. She likes an easy life, and fighting to the death is not easy.
    • She is not a nice person, but she is not evil, either.
    • The crystal ball has been making fewer appearances since the arrival of Alexei (his dialogue doesn't have to fit inside a tiny triangle), but she still has a strong attachment to it.

Round Summary

Round 1: Katerina vs Dakk

At The Island Resort. [1]

Round 2: Katerina and Prospiscience vs Hazmatt and Genome

At The Cruise Ship. [2]

Round 5: Katerina vs Effex

At The Deserted Isle. [3]

Round 6: Katerina vs Ape2001

At The County Fair. [4]

Round 7: Katerina vs Anteros

At The Canyon. [5]

Round 8: Katerina and Alexei vs Ahote

At The Iceberg. [6]

Round 9: Katerina and Alexei vs Jane B. Browning

At The Sunken Wreckage. [7]

Round 10: Katerina and Alexei vs Captain Squid and Slim-Jim Peterson

At The Fishing Village. [8]

Round 13: Team SRSLY??? vs Gear Team

At The Rebel Base. [9]

Round 21: Katerina and Alexei vs Ashleigh James and Zippy

At The Blossom Field. [10]

Round 22: Katerina and Alexei vs Gibson V

At The Waterfall. [11]

Round 23: Team SCAN vs Team Ladies

At The Crimson Tower. [12]

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