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Kameshi during Round 13.
Kameshi during Round 13.

Kameshi is a traveling Indian Seer who seems to know far more than her apparent age would allow. She keeps a serene and calm air about herself and is very hard to ruffle under normal circumstances. She arrived in Arcadia randomly on her travels and has been drawn into the conflict through no desire of her own.


General Info

  • Race: Indian(Hindu)
  • Age: Appears in her 20’s
  • Height: 5’8” (173 cm)
  • Weight: ??
  • Eyes: Silver
  • Hair: Black
  • Occupation: Fortune Teller/Seer
  • Tools: Tarot Cards, Crystal, Dreams, Palm Reading
  • Powers: Illusions/Empathy


The Celestial Empire

Kameshi has no real loyalty to either side, and remains at the Celestial Tower because of an incomplete Reading done for The Celestial. Until the magic of the Reading is completed, she is unable to leave Arcadia. Her loyalities appear to have changed in recent days, but she keeps it to herself, like most things.

Extra Info


  • Fortune Telling/Seer abilities, allowing her to read a person’s future. Usually a question for focus is used, though not always necessary.
  • Illusions, powerful enough if she concentrates to make a person believe completely what they are seeing. There is a rumor that an attacker once died when his heart was stabbed in an illusion and his mind believed it so strongly that it just simply shut down. Kameshi will not admit to this being true or false.
  • Very strong empathy. This allows her to sense the emotions of those around her, which can be a pain in the neck if she doesn’t keep a mental block up when around people. This is one reason she tends to relax and rest alone.


  • If she for some reason can not keep her mental block up and is around too many people, her empathy can work against her. The press of negative emotions can be damaging and knock her out if taken to an extreme. However, even positive or neutral emotions can distress her if there are too many pressing in on her all at once.
  • She can not read her own future, though she can see herself in other people’s readings if she is a part of their future.
  • Her only claim to athletics is cultural dance, other than that, she’s out of luck and has no physical fighting abilities whatsoever.

Miscellaneous and Background Info

  • Kameshi is a Fortune Teller/Seer of great power. She uses Tarot Cards, usually, and these give her the best answers. She can also use Crystals(balls or mirrors) and palm readings and even delve into dreams in search of answers. She considers herself very neutral to the world around her, and as such will perform a reading for anyone who is willing to pay her price, which can be next to nothing or incredibly steep. Payments can range from simple coin to things such as memories or a person’s ability to see a particular colour. Each price is unique to the person and their question and apparently dictated by the powers that Kameshi channels, meaning she can not alter or barter with a person. It is either they accept the price or she will not do the reading. She is also completely honest in the reading, even if the person will not like the answer. This has gotten her in more than just a little trouble in the past and is one of the reasons she skips countries on a fairly regular basis. She acknowledges that local powers tend to target powers like hers for their own uses and will put up with it to a degree, one must make a living, but she will not be a slave or a tool and leaves the area once she feels uncomfortable or like she’s about to be trapped.
  • Kameshi’s personality is very calm and cool, she is incredibly hard to ruffle. Her ability to read the future means there are few real surprises to her. She is a fatalist and believes that Fate is a set thing, unchangeable no matter what. She curiously watches people seek to prove her wrong but has yet to see it happen. She is very closed off and does not discuss her past at all. She will admit to moving around a lot, due to the situations her profession put her in, but that is all. She will deflect any personal questions and rarely, if ever, opens up to people about her personal life. She will occasionally let something slip, and has talked about traveling far more than someone as young as she appears should be able to, bringing her actual age into question. She rarely makes friends and has no lovers because of her habit of moving around, her Seeing abilities, and her strong empathy. It is very hard to be close to people and she doesn’t let it bother her overly much, it appears. Though she can be caught wistfully watching groups from time to time, if she doesn’t realize anyone can see her.
  • She can’t physically fight for beans. She dislikes the effort in the first place, and when one spends much of one’s time studying books, cards, and palms or searching dreams for answers there isn’t much time for physical training. However she compensates for this with her powerful Illusionary abilities. She can fool an opponent into believing various things to trick them into leaving or allow her time to escape. She can, though, cause a person serious injury if she uses her illusions to do so. She dislikes doing this and will avoid it unless she is severely threatened.
  • Her Seeing, while powerful, doesn’t always work and visions are often in the form of riddles or puzzles that must be figured out. Not every answer, especially when she pulls the cards, is clear and can be read more than one way at times.
  • She can see spirits and non-humans as such, though she is not bothered or phased by them at all. They are merely one more thing in the world.
  • The white mark on her forehead is painted on as a symbol of the Third Eye, a sign of an unblemished mind, a symbol of higher perception, of supreme consciousness and ultimate wisdom.


Kameshi is very reserved, still, and has not gotten close to anyone in the Celestial Tower except for Rannesanque, who she appears to trust after the events in the desert when she was vulnerable and he didn't attempt to take advantage of either her, or her powers, something she is used to people trying to do when they know about them. She has a soft spot for Faive and enjoys blending tea for her. She also appears to have a soft spot for Bunni, but she still maintains her distance in general.

Round Summary

Round 9

Kameshi vs. Renny Dandellion at the River Delta. [1]

Kameshi, finding herself stuck at the Celestial Tower because of an incomplete reading for The Celestial, decides to head out to the River Delta to try and keep the CE soldiers from harming Renny, who she knew would be there. She offers Renny a chance to read his future, and possibly help find his sister, if he can best her in three challenges. Encasing them inside an illusion that hides them both from the C3's and the C4 leading the team, she presents Renny with a menacing riddle that leads to a disturbing warning. She then shows Renny a vision of his past, what happened to his village and family, but before she can tell him the test, Renny tries to leap to his parents' defense and shatters the illusion by landing in the water. The C4 hears and turns back. He catches Kameshi attempting to help Renny and flings her aside before a brief fight with Renny. He gets distracted by what appears to be Anteros appearing and turns to give chase. Renny went for his sword to give chase but is knocked out by Kameshi, who is mortified at having to do it, and safely hidden from the searching soldiers before Kameshi convinces them to leave.

Round 10

Kameshi vs. Hazmatt at the Suspension Bridge. [2]

Hazmatt arrives at the location of a standoff at the Suspension Bridge. The LR forces hold one side, the CE the other. A new weapon, a nuclear device known as The Woodsman is revealed before a scout spots a strange woman standing in the center of the bridge, waiting for something. Matt takes a vehicle and goes to find out who it is, coming face to face with Kameshi. She hands him The Hanged Man card and then pulls him into an illusion of the past, what happened to him, and why he bears a grudge against the Celestial Empire. A sniper on a ridge overlooking the bridge is ordered to take Kameshi out, but before he can fire a massive creature descends upon him.

The battle is wrapped up in [3], where Kameshi shows Matt a new illusion while the LR soldiers get nervous as both have appeared to have vanished from the bridge completely. The scene Kameshi reveals is one of massive destruction and horror, which doesn't seem to phase Matt until it is revealed that the one destroying both CE soldiers and civilians alike is a future version of himself. Furious with what he thinks is a psychological attack by the Celestial through Kameshi, Matt lashes out at her and accuses her of being a lying, manipulative witch who doesn't understand what true suffering and pain are. The illusion shatters around them, revealing a horrific scene where blood and flesh hang from walls and cover what appears to be an ornately dressed Kameshi from the past. This upsets Kameshi and sends her into a traumatized state. The LR, believing the events on the bridge to be a CE attack, blow the bridge and Matt barely makes it off, unsure if Kameshi survived or not... Kameshi, still confused and mentally shocked by the strange vision, is badly injured from the explosions and falls towards the bay, only to be rescued by the strange beast that had killed the sniper and dropped off far away near the desert.

Round 11

Kameshi and Rannesanque vs. Ashley Longhorn at the Oasis. [4]

Rannesanque deals with an annoyed Celestial who sends him out to destroy or recover the Golias, currently held by the splinter LR faction, The Rebellion. He also orders him to find and recover the missing Seer, Kameshi, who has not been seen since the explosion at the Suspension Bridge. He locates her under a tree in a small grove near a desert village, badly injured and still not awake. Rousing her, he decides to take her to the village to have her injuries looked at before he decides to head on or take her back. Faive teases him a bit about picking out women's clothing before agreeing to report that he's found her. The local doctor tells him that he believes Kameshi may have fractured her skull and she should be taken to a hospital. Rann decides to take her back but Kameshi stops him, explaining that she has no desire to go to a hospital and that she might be useful to him. When he moves to lift her up into the plane, Kameshi accidentialy touches his skin and a confusing vision hits them both, upsetting Rann and horrifying Kameshi. The two decide to pose as refugees and seek medical aid at the Golias. As Ashley allows them in, a CNN TV visits, allowing Kelar to speak to the oger where he reveals their identities and requests that Ashley keep the two from getting any closer than they already are, a request apparently from his sister.

Kameshi, due to her head injury, is unable to keep her mental protections up properly and her mind is overwhelmed by Ashley's personality, causing her to act more like the oger than herself. After some odd moments, Rann goes out to kill cute desert creatures, leaving Kameshi to bicker with Ashely, proving that like personalities don't always mix. After sending Rann off to the showers, Ashley admits to hiding up to 20 cameras in there...

Rannesanque called on AIA to investigate the walls and she found the camera's. She passed a EMP pulse through the system, frying the electrical circuits and sending a feedback to the console, electrocuting Ashley out cold. Kameshi regained herself and made Ashley experience his greatest fears. Rannesanque was finished his shower and called his daughter to show him all outgoing traffic, discovering Kelar's meddling. He instructed Faive to take care of it; she took a small scent flask and presented it to Kelar. After spraying it on, the dissolving skin gave hints to it's true contents, Holywater and Acids.

Afterwards he returned to the medical ward when he happened upon a room in which three scientists worked feverishly to repair the electrical system. Inside a isolation chamber stood Golias, outside his suit. Rannesanque walked through the door, powering the room with his own generator. While the cowering scientists huddled in a corner he conversed with Golias, presenting him with a piece of hardware that enabeled him to regulate his radiation better. Without explaing himself, he left to fetch Kameshi.

Round 13

Team SRSLY??? vs. Gear Team at the Rebel Base. [5]

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