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Jim used to be the Cy-Devil.

Character by Muffin of Death


General Info

  • Name: Jim
  • Allegiance: The Celestial Empire
  • Race: Human
  • Age: 34
  • Height: 5'9"
  • Weight: 190 (if he is carrying metal then more)
  • Eyes: green

Jim’s skin is pale form lack of sunlight and is covered in scars from battles as Cy-Devil. His mind went through a lot during that time and though now he is stronger he has some major issues on what happened when he was Cy-Devil. Not only is he disgusted by what he was forced to do but blames himself for not breaking free sooner and stopping Genome's death. He feels that he must atone for what he has done by trying to do what is best for Arcadia and stop the fighting with the smallest loss of life possible. All his cyborg enhancements that were intended to help him control his powers have been shut down so that he can learn to master them on his own. Remember that Jim is a inventor and will be constantly making new things. Before continuing his experiments. Even if it doesn’t look like he is carrying metal with him you can be sure he has some concealed under his clothes for when he needs it. The large open coat Jim normally wears is generally entirely made of metal that is under his control.


How Cy-Devil turned back into Jim: Dr. Dastard was in control of the virus the entire time but he has disappeared and since no one was behind Cy-devil pulling the strings Jim has managed to destroy the virus and is now free. However, there some major things have changed about him since his mind was overtaken.

Jim was freed at the end of Round 13 and just before escaping found a secret encoded message left for him by Genome. After Jim and Black returned to Jim’s base he then decides to find any remaining LR forces that can still fight or can help him decode Genome's message.

After laying low and failing to find any LR members willing to help him Jim sees Rannesanque's new forces forming to the west. Remembering a fear of this man and hearing that Shilane was now the leader of CE he then returns to CE with the intent on assessing the current situation to the best of his ability. He then surprisingly finds confidence in Shilane and her actions to help Arcadia. Jim then feels it is in best interest to help CE redeem itself for its past mistakes by stopping this new powerful foe as quickly as possible.



  • Name: Black
  • Allegiance: The Celestial Empire
  • Race: one of the first C3 clones
  • Age: 3.5
  • Height: 5'9"
  • Weight: 145
  • Eyes: blue

Black the C3 is mainly a tag along character (similar to Sanders) who doesn’t want to kill her brothers and sisters but knows that they would kill her without hesitation so she does what she feels is necessary given the situation. Black feels more comfortable in combat armor so Jim has used his powers to make her a new set of C3 armor with his metal controlling powers. Black is often used as a guinea pig for a lot of things Jim makes so she will often have odd new weapons at her disposal.


  • Name: cy-Dog or C.D.
  • Allegiance: The Celestial Empire
  • Race: robot
  • Height in dog form to shoulders: 2'5"
  • Body color: depends on what metals he has under control at the time (generally a dark gray color)
  • Weight: depends on how much metal surrounds his body
  • Eye: Red (it also glows)

Though the virus may be destroyed Jim has reconstructed the original programming and control eye and created an experimental sidekick. This entirely electronic creature runs off its main core which houses its eye and computer brain. This device has a battery that Cy-Devil originally developed to use Jim's metal-controlling powers to make copies of himself but had never managed to finish. As a result it has Jim's powers for extended periods of time but must recharge by returning to Jim. To stop another virus a major series of safety precautions have been put into effect binding this device to the three laws of robots. This device can't even kill a C3. To cut down on its battery usage it normally is in the shape of a skinny dog like creature which is also quite fast. It can control much more but rarely ever controls enough metal to take the shape of a full human. Because it is normally in a dog shape it behaves much like a dog most of the time but it is quite intelligent and capable of complex tasks.

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