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Player: RaspberryJam


General Info

  • Jimothy "Jam" Calhoun
  • Height: 5'8"
  • Weight: 132.8609lbs
  • Hair: Red
  • Alegiance: La Revolution


Jimothy was a child with a rough upbringing, situated in Greenland with his family and all others residing on the island. Now, the Calhouns are of a special clan that is devoted to preventing the uprising of a certain evil on planet Earth.

This evil is a race of demonic whales. Yes, demonic whales. The beasts responsible for innocent whales constantly being beached and, currently, global warming. It was up to Jimothy and his family to fight them constantly to prevent them from taking Earth.

One day, however, he and his folks became a bit overzealous about destroying this evil. Because of their carelessness the leader of these Anti-Whales had the upper hand in battle and would lead them to the Bermuda Triangle. Here an epic struggle took place. The result of which would be the brutal deaths of Jimothy's mother and father. A last ditch effort was made by Jimothy to escape, but the power of the whales overtook him and he was captured.

Feeling slight pity, however, for this Russian hat bearing kid, the whales simply left him to the mercy of the Bermuda Triangle, which would lead him through a wormhole and to Arcadia. Where he would join forces with La Revolution.


Due to constant fighting with demonic whales, Jam excels in certain fields. He's a force to be reckoned with when he's got his trusty harpoon, but he's fairly good with anything similar to a harpoon (ex. lance, bo staff, toasters), and he's decent athletically. His harpoon can also be launched from its pod and retracted (all while attached by a rope) like Link's hookshot. Living in Greenland and fighting out on sea has made swimming second nature to him and the most violently cold places bearable. Also, his prestidigitatory (sleight of hand) skills are astonishing. Seriously, you get a lot of down time when dealing with Demonic Whales.


Cold, water, Whale fighting, Sleight of Hand, staying alive, staff-like weapons.


Heat, eyesight, gets shy around girls, and he can't pronounce his name right. He says "Jam" instead of "Jim" for whatever reason.

Additional Info

Jam is just a teenager. He prefers everything to be simple, that doesn't mean he can't grasp the complicated stuff. It's also worth saying that he follows the phrase "DON'T PANIC" very closely because he's subject to panicking. Under pressure he tends to freak, which can be good or bad.

Battle History

Winner: Image:Buttonrev.gifRaspberryJam [1]

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