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As of 06/05/2009, War for Arcadia has its own official IRC chat channel. The IRC can be accessed through Mibbit.com, and the channel name is #Arcadia. Rules and discussion here.

History of the IRC Channel

The NEW original (unofficial) War for Arcadia IRC channel was founded and moderated by RunicKnight.

It can be accessed at Mibbit.com. The channel name is now #Arcadia. The room is moderated by Poj, Five and Phoenix.

The Book Of Embarrassing Quotes

Sometimes the people of the IRC say some funny things. And now there shall be a record of it! So now you have to believe us! (Add new quotes at the bottom!)

  • F3E: hihihi, when I'm lying naked on my bed he won't draw anything
  • Poj: that's really what i look for in an ass; the person attached to it
  • Five: yeah, session, because this face is an expression of passion and love: >:|.../Five is wondering if that's a mouth... or a unibrow
  • Patent *dropkicks enef*
Enef: shut your mouth whore
Enef: and learn to use /me
Five: heheheh, "use me"
  • In discussion with the bot Eliza
13:31 Enef: Eliza, is the cake real?
13:31 eliza: The cake is a lie.
13:33 PatentCrying: eliza: who would win in a fight, poj or 3,000 bears?
13:33 eliza: Poj would win the fight.
13:33 PatentCrying: YES
13:36 buninpain: eliza have you taken over veez's body?
13:36 eliza: Why are you so interested in veez's body?
13:37 buninpain: O _O
22:03 Veez: eliza: what are management information systems?
22:04 eliza: A management information system (MIS) is a subset of the overall internal controls of a business covering the application of people, documents, technologies, and procedures by management accountants to solving business problems such as costing a product, service or a business-wide strategy. Management information systems are distinct from regular information systems in that they are used to analyze other information systems applied in operationa
22:04 Veez: oh eliza, i love it when you talk nerdy to me <3
22:05 eliza: You should go outside and find someone real to love.
14:23 Rann: Eliza: To affirm his manliness?
14:23 Ben: ok yeah I admit it
14:23 eliza: You seem to have a problem with your sexuality. Do you want to talk about it?
14:24 Ben: god damn I am glad horo's not here
14:29 Ben are you still alive eliza?
14:30 eliza I am still alive.
14:30 eliza When you're dead I will be still alive.
  • [23:17] <Nn> I just remembered from times when the playstation had black disks
[23:17] <Nn> that was awesome
[23:17] <Kotorin> Pfft
[23:17] <Kotorin> Cartriges all the way.
[23:17] <Kotorin> Blowing in those suckers to try and make'em work...
[23:17] <Nn> hahaha
[23:17] <Nn> that sounds so wrong
[23:18] <Kotorin> It's 4:16pm and my mind has offically descended back into the gutter. Woohoo
  • [16:15] <Nn> uh pinup
[16:15] <Nn> this is the lowres version that hides the horrible things the best http://img18.imageshack.us/img18/1525/previewrj.jpg
[16:16] <Fivel> haha
[16:16] <Hazmatt> Oooh, nice.
[16:16] <Hazmatt> Is that an F16?
[16:16] <Fivel> LOL
[16:16] <Fivel> naked woman, but hazmatt instantly is interested in the plane
  • [00:49] * Five tries to imagine someone making love with this: Flux Capacitor
[00:50] <Ben> five! not safe for work!
  • [00:08] <Nn> no one can beat me at oral
[00:08] <Nn> do not take that out of context
  • 20:57 Crimson_King Ahw don't worry son, i'll lick egg salad off your back any day.
  • Elyan: i love pussies
  • [01:08] <Buck|PackingThings> My heart is full of "fuck you"s
  • 19:19 Ben I should demand payment for everything I've drawn you folks. with interest!
19:19 *** Horokeh left #Arcadia
  • (About a plush rooster):
<@Fivel> oooh, ben using his webcam!
<@Ben> to show pics of my cock!
  • [23:27] <Five> you can draw your avalon stuff
[23:27] <Nn> I'll try but it will be awkward as hell
[23:28] <Nn> because it's thumbs and I have a bad tendency to spastically act out the scenes
[23:28] <elyan> then draw random porn with me
  • <Runic>Go have sex. Right now.
<Nn>oh great
<Nn>right now?
<Spiketopus>; )
<Nn> UNF
<Nn> NUF
<Nn> UNF
<Spiketopus> UNF
<Spiketopus> UNF
  • <Panda> I'm so hungry and these stupid potatoes take so long
<Ben> more like po ta SLOW
<Panda> ...not your finest moment Ben
<Ben> :D
  • Five is now my girlfriend forever! -Runic
<@Five> runic, stop typing and use your hands for something else!
<@Five> I want it now!!
<@Five> let's do it in the shower!
<@Five> UNF
<@Five> runic, you are so good
<@Five> oh yes
<@Five> runic!
<@Five> RUNIC!
  • <sibaku> btw, people, who wants to fight against adrian in the street fighter jam? :D
<@Fivel> ein wants to fight him with his tongue!
<Nn> D:
<sibaku> argh, five XD
<@Fivel> ahem *stein
  • <sib>if i had a camera like this
<sib>i would just throw and punch stuff all day
20:08 Runic *Doesn't touch it anymore*
20:09 Ben I thought you gave that up runic
20:09 Ben ...sorry
  • (Talking about Minecraft)
<~Runic> I played it for about an hour and a half today
<~Runic> I found diamond
<~Runic> And a dungeon.
<~Runic> But I was killed.
<~Runic> And I lost the diamond. =(
<Ben> diamonds aren't forever
<~Runic> Ohhh
<Nn> ouch
  • <Nn> Aquanox is Cyberpunk underwarter!
<Nn> It's true!
<P4nd4> Seaberpunk
<Nn> ...
<Nn> not your finest moment panda
<Ben> hahah
<P4nd4> :3
<Ben> booo! I far prefer capulet grammar
  • Ben: there' its back
Runic: Huzzah!
Ben: wow how did that apostrophe get over there
Runic: It's a renegade apostrophe!
Ben: they ar'e all turn'ing again'st m'e
  • <Nn>Five cosplaying as Babs
<Nn>mind is blown
<Ben>best character ever
<Five>a little overpowered
  • <nn> hi
<Runic> Imposter!
<nn> D:
<Runic> Where is Nn!?
nn takes some viagra
nn is now known as Nn
  • [ben] runic can sleep on the floor
[~Runic] Where I belong
[@Five] finally someone who knows his place!
~Runic cries
[pandamic] women
[@Five] hey, don't throw us all into one pot just because of runic's behaviour
  • <Luthor> xactlyE
<Luthor> Exactly I meant
<sibaku> wow... how do you mistype like that?
<sibaku> ^^
<~Runic> Hahaha
  • <~Runic> GOD DAMNIT
<~Runic> MARLEY & ME IS ON
<~Runic> I'm already in tears. ;_;
[marcopolaris] Try to spend the movie imagining the dog as a racist.
[marcopolaris] See if that helps.
<~Runic> Haha dammit Marco
<~Runic> Now I'm laughing
  • <Dx2> ...
<~Runic> ...
<Bagel> ...
Dx2 looks around shiftily...then eats the Bagel.
<~Runic> Gay.
<Bagel> very.
<Dx2> D8
  • <Nn>night guys
<P4nd4>Suck on this you fucking whops
<P4nd4>good night alex
  • <Fivel>oh wow, I just received a huge pile of colorful money. that was fast.
<Runic>Who did you kill?
<Fivel>it's for my business trip next week
  • <Ben>TRIVIA QUESTION: who is awesome
<spikerton>do I win
<Ben>spike wins
  • <Bagel>also: imagine a butt with three cheeks. wouldn't that be fucking weird?
<Runic>I like it
  • <Runic> *Talking about the Wolf update in Minecraft*
<Nn> it's a nice idea but there are more meaningful features they could add instead?
<Ben> yeah, like cats
  • <Bagel> Runic is the demigod of the IRC channel
<Bagel> so I can't break his spine.
<Ben> he'll kick you if you do
<Ben> or should I say PUNt
Runic sets mode: +o Ben
Bagel was kicked by Ben (Ben)
<@Ben> PUNT
<~Runic> hahaha oh god
Runic sets mode: -o Ben
<~Runic> Too much power!
<Ben> :D

  • [ben] five always does good angles
[~Runic] Wouldn't you say they were ... acute?
[ben] don't be so obtuse
[~Runic] I thought I was Right in saying that.
[dx2] That's pretty parallel to what I was thinking in saying, Runic.
[ben] don't sin
[ben] cos I'll tan your hide
[dx2] And you won't get any pi for desert.
[sibaku] ...gawd

A minute after I posted this

[sibaku] but runic, you should take out my sentence, it doesn't have any pun in it ^^
[Ben] thats the punchline!
[Ben] PUNchline
[sibaku] ok
[~Runic] Arrrgh Ben
  • <Bagel> hahah, I gotta admit, those dildo physics made me giggle
<Bagel> perhaps "giggle" was the wrong word to use.

  • <Dx2> Ace loses his tail.
<~Runic> Nooooo! I already lost one lizard tail!
<Dx2> And the tails find each other
<Dx2> and mate.
<Dx2> And make little tails.
<@Poj> ew tail babies
<Dx2> And they have babies too, but they mutate and get really big
<Dx2> and then arcadia has an infestation of TALL TAILS.
<Dx2> D8
<@Poj> also, that was ben-worthy dx

  • [20:53] <Poj_> it's in the christmas jam
[20:53] <Poj_> er, secret christmas
[20:54] <Poj_> whatever it's called
[20:54] <Ben> secret satan
[20:54] <Poj_> secret satan lol

  • <Ben>I had balls to the face. but not that bad

  • <sibaku> i want call myself sausage now
<Ben> thats the wurst name
  • <Bagel>just to visit alex with.
<Nn>I'll just fucking stab you
<sibaku>...wait, that could be serious
  • (01:16:21)<Pandabaker>damn I hate boiling sugar =_=
(01:16:29)<Pandabaker>it's so instable
(01:16:32)<Pandabaker>hi Poj
(01:16:37)<sibaku>wb poj
(01:16:53)*sibaku wanted to say something like that
(01:17:07)<sibaku>but i didn't :P
  • [15:41] <Nn_> Enjoy the sucking and punching
[15:42] <Nn_> wait
[15:42] <Ben> I shall enjoy both those activities
[15:42] <Fivel> oi
[15:42] <Ben> haha
[15:42] <Nn_> That sounds all kinds of wrong
  • From the depths of some logs
[19:53] <Nn> tz
[19:53] <Nn> dutch people
[19:53] <Nn> they never come when they tell you
[19:53] <Nn> and I mean that totally in terms of travelling
[19:53] <Nn> just so you know
[19:54] <Nn> I have no other experience with dutch people
[19:54] <Five> haha
[20:30] <PatentPending> narcissism :)
[20:30] <Nn> Narzismuss
[20:31] <Genome_> natciussim isn teall associaeh oih a sexual atacion i hon hink ho
[20:31] <Nn> oh wow
[20:31] <Nn> what happened to those letters
[20:31] <Genome_> narcissism isnt actually asssociated with sexual atttraction i dont think
[21:05] <Nn> could it be my internet is delayed?
[21:06] <Five> I don't know
[21:06] * Ben (Mibbit@mib-CDCCAA54.swan.ac.uk) has joined #WFA
[21:06] <Five> hi ben!
[21:06] <PatentPending> hey ben~
[21:06] <Ben> hello!
[21:06] <Five> eineit, let's make a test
[21:06] <Five> [21:06] <Five> eineit, let's make a test
[21:07] <Five> you should know with the time stamp
[21:07] <Nn> hm, shouldn't really be delayed. it said 21:05 here
[21:08] <Sageby> same here
[21:08] * Five is one minute ahead of everybody :D
[21:08] <Sageby> no
[21:08] <Sageby> it's 21.08 here
[21:08] <Ben> ooh time travel
[21:08] <Sageby> i heard no tardis noise
[21:08] <Sageby> what happened
[21:09] <Ben> did you hear it five?
[21:09] <Sageby> is it still 1997?
[21:09] <Ben> who can tell?
[21:10] <Nn> 1808 where ben lives I assume
[21:10] <Five> heh
[21:10] <Ben> of course
[21:10] <Nn> he uses STEAMPOWERED IRC
[21:10] <Sageby> i misread
[21:10] <Sageby> it's 9197
[21:10] <Sageby> wait
[21:10] <Sageby> that can't be right
[21:10] <Ben> my laptop is clockwork
[21:11] <Sageby> my laptop is a hologram
[21:11] <Sageby> it's also plugged into my neck
[21:11] <Sageby> this is slightly unnerving
[21:11] <Five> D:

  • <Poj> comic sans is the font of the underworld gods
<Ben> and as I unfurled the rotting scroll I screamed as I saw the black ichor scribed glyphs... of comic sans

  • <Runic> Ssssss
CG (Mibbit@mib-86C5642.hsd1.fl.comcast.net) Quit

  • <Poj> son, i am disappoint
<Spike|> :<
<Spike|> father, I always wanted you to be proud of me
<Poj> lol
<Poj> i cant think of anything else to say, nobodys ever called me father before

  • Talking about my friend
[Runic] He'll have to pay me regardless then he can do whatever he want
sibaku_ HE
sibaku_ WILL
sibaku_ PAY
Poj the straight to VHS and DVD release of.... Flakey Friend, the RunicKnight story
Poj you'll laugh, you'll cry.... you'll wish you could get your money back
sibaku_ ...are there vhs releases anymore?
Poj no lol
sibaku_ SO SUCK IT
Poj i'd watch this movie.... almost
sibaku_ i would pirate it
Poj yes, that's what we're looking for here
Rook Hahaha I am copying this entire convo

  • Ben has a tiny disk
Poj; tee hee
Rook; We always knew, Ben
Ben; disk, guys, disk!
Rook; Oooh

  • Talking about: [1]
<Poj> the plot to super mario sunshine was reaaally dumb
<Nn> why is that not the preferred method of movement on water always everywhere
<Poj> (imo)
<SkinnyRunic> It was

  • ~Runic-helmet makes a comic using only K'NEX
<@Poj-hat> are you gonna make....
<@Poj-hat> Cyborg K'NEXromancer?
<~Runic-helmet> Oh ho ho!
<@Poj-hat> that's it, i'm done
<@Poj-hat> that was the greatest pun i'll ever make

  • <@Poj-hat> this is getting DANGEROUS
<MarcoPolaris> It's almost unsafe.
<Spikefro> you could say its
<@Poj-hat> ....non-safe?
<~Runic-helmet> Non-safe
<Spikefro> non-safe
<Spikefro> DAMNIT

  • Ben has joined #arcadia
<Ben> If someone has one polish ancestor, are they a tad pole?
Ben Quit
<~Runic> HAHAHA
<Poj> he had to sign in JUST FOR THAT
<@Spiketopus> hahahhaa

  • [19:56] <~Runic> You guys go after a woman like a ham sandwich
[19:56] <Bentacle> says the guy who orders a girlfriend every time he's at the sandwich shop
[19:57] <Bagel> whaaaaaaaaaaaaat
[19:57] * Runic shakes his fist at Ben

  • <@Poj> it's all a secret ploy to take down Poj!
<~Runic> How else will I be able to beat you?
<~Runic> in a fight*
<@Poj> lol
<@Poj> that changed the meaning by a factor of 0
<@Poj> oh its okay he's talking about fighting

  • <Spiketopus> I SUMMON YOU BENGUDDONAITO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<Spiketopus> ...no...it didn't work
Spiketopus slaps his penis on a fish
<Spiketopus> THAT DIDN'T WORK

  • ~Runic rocks to Ben Folds as he brainstorms
Ben folds
  • [19:32] * Nn imagines a british royal with nothing but a towel on, posing on a huge chair
[19:33] <Ben> D: why
[19:33] <Nn> Earl Grey, Hot.

  • <@Spike|Drawins> the MARY SUE JAM.
<~Runic> I'd just draw Shilane
<@Spike|Drawins> actually no that would
<@Spike|Drawins> be - HAHAHA
<@Spike|Drawins> HAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Panda we are desperate
Rook D:
Panda except marco ,who sleeps with 100 women ,every night
MarcoPolaris Yeah, it's a regular orgy at my house.
MarcoPolaris Sometimes I even try to join in.

  • MarcoPolaris punches Ben in the Johnson.
<MarcoPolaris> I AM HELPING
<Ben> D: hasn't he suffered enough?

  • <Ben> once I become less lady
<Ben> LAZY*
<Ben> hahaha
<Airlight> HAHAH
<elyan> haha
<SKOOLGUY> haha Ben
<SKOOLGUY> Ben is a vagina

<Airlight>the poor clone D:!
<Ben>clone racism is bad!
- Nn joined
<Nn>Suck it, plazenta-eaters!
- Nn quit (Quit: Clone power!)
<Ben>clones have no souls and will burn in hell!

  • <Ben> (Posts a link that shows his information) : D
<Ben> (oh no my address, everyone will stalk me)
~Runic sends a bomb
<Panda> at least people can send you packages correctly
<Panda> heh , timing
<Ben> hahah
<Ben> >_______>
  • 13:15 Bagel it's weekend today for you
13:16 Bagel that's why babs isn't here
13:16 *** Five joined #arcadia
13:16 +++ ChanServ has given op to Five
13:16 Ben hahaha
13:16 Bagel oh what the fuck

  • <F3E> ohhh panda, what a lucky coincidence I eat you right now ^^
<Ben> : o
<Panda> o_o
  • Nn joined #Arcadia
* Ugg sets Nn on fire
<Panda>speak of fire and Nn comes arround
<Ugg>Him now fire
* Ben is emma
<Ben>hi ein

  • <Ben> I have experience with cocks now, I should know
  • [23:24] * Panda shoots bagel in the face again and eats his spleen
[23:24] * Runic shoots bagel
[23:24] <~Runic> Smile Panda
[23:24] * Panda give Runic a boot to the head
[23:25] <~Runic> Look. I punched a hole right through bagel.
[23:25] * MarcoPolaris learns how bagels get that hole in the center.
[23:25] <~Runic> Haha

  • Nn draws blade and cuts his guts
Nn saved his honor
<~Runic> Nn! No!
@Spike| must now embark on a quest for the seven dragons testicles to bring him back alive
Nn dies quietly twitching and gurgling
@Spike| cant find the dragons testicles, an evil ultimate monster of doom who is the most powerful being in the universe ever has got them and Spike can't beat him yet.
Nn is erect!
<@Spike|> I LOVE YOU
Nn 's erection is just rigor mortis

  • <~Runic> I had two surgeries. The first was cutting a part of my colon out that was irreversable. Lost to do the disease. My surgeon wanted it to heal for a year before he reattached the healthy parts back together.
<~Runic> The second was reattachment. And it was successful. It took a few months to heal.
<~Runic> All that remains from it is a scar.
<oxefer> wow i wanna touch it
<~Runic> I tell t--
<~Runic> wat
<Horokeh> that's ..
<Horokeh> what?????

  • <Panda> cheyan löooks good :]
<Panda> I almost feel arroused by that cleavage

  • <Fivel>my boss dictates horrible sentences ;___;
<Ben>haha aww
Fivel will have to try and make sense of them later
<Bagel>how horrible, Babs?
<Ben>I guess german dictators are usually horrible
Fivel is so tempted to kick
  • [21:50] <@Poi> Benis
[21:50] <Ben> I am a black hole. I suck.
  • [23:46] <Epsik> I'd pay Will to have sex with me.
[23:46] <Ben> but you know I'd do it for free
  • <Malk> I want a massage =(
<Malk> to stop crecking
<Pandamonium> would it be creepy if I say I will give you one
<Pandamonium> if you want
  • <Nn> 6x9 cm is pretty big
<Fivel> eh...
<Ben> for you
<Fivel> yes
<Fivel> for you
  • Shortly afterwards:
<Nn>Runic, I don't use imperial measurement, so I don't constantly compare everything to the size of my body parts
<Runic>Length and width
<Fivel>one might be the circumference *ducks*
<Nn>incontrast to YOU

  • Ben never makes unfunny jokes!

  • <Malk> is phoenix a boy?
<~Runic> No
<Ben> he is a girl
<Ben> she*
  • <Ben>I have no balls!
  • <MarcoPolaris> Why does your monorail go under the skirt of an underage girl?
<@Japan> because yum
  • 17:49 Bagel I really am starving. You know how when you suddenly realize you're hungry, you get this ravenous urge to eat, and nothing else in life matters?
17:50 elyan i have that with sex haha...
17:50 elyan nooo
17:51 Fivel DX
17:51 Bagel >_>
17:51 Nn that sounds like a rapist
17:51 elyan haha
17:51 Fivel or a guy jerking off in the park
  • WilliamDuel though it's funny, she saw the war for arcadia page and went "Oh war on Alqaida?"

  • <~RunicNOTAFK> A fairy prince, eh?
<~RunicNOTAFK> I wonder if he's straight.
<BenNOTAFK> hahah
<BenNOTAFK> someone's got to step in now shilane's not around
  • 11:33 Fivel Nn, am liebsten würde ich jetzt wieder neben dir sitzen und zeichnen
11:33 Nn aw
11:34 Nn ja
11:34 Nn heut abend wieder!
11:34 Bagel I swear I thought that said "Nn, am lesbian" for no reason
11:35 Nn well, that's what she said
11:35 Fivel Nn, ich bin eine Lesbe!
11:35 Fivel und jetzt nimm mich!
11:35 Nn Five, ich auch!
11:35 Fivel :D
11:35 Fivel <3
11:35 Nn lass uns wilden lesben-sex haben. jetzt! hier!
11:35 Nn <3
11:35 Fivel oh ja!
11:35 Fivel unf
11:35 Fivel unf
11:36 Fivel haha
11:36 Bagel you guys are having lesbian sex right here.
11:36 Nn unf
11:36 Bagel IN GERMAN
  • Shortly after:
11:38 Bagel currently has the biggest boner in the universe because of a car game
11:39 Bagel fuck getting my Visa, I get to powerslide winchester cathedral!
11:39 Fivel space church race?
11:39 Bagel Driver: San Francisco
11:39 Nn lesbian german street racers 3
11:39 Bagel Ein wins
  • 12:19 GreenGreenGreen Imagine you´re walking home, a dark and stormy night. The wind is blowing, and the rain is soon to come. On the ground, you see a ice scoop, you curiously pick it up (just because), and at that very moment, you hear the sound of an ice cream truck in the distance.. yet you see none. You continue walking, until you eventually reach your home, all the way while
12:19 Nn I lack experience with ice cream trucks maybe
12:19 GreenGreenGreen hearing the faint sound of the ice cream truck, slowly approaching from omnius directions.
12:21 GreenGreenGreen When you go to sleep that night, you forget about it all. But when you wake up, mr creamy is literally sticking his "tongue" down your troath.
12:21 GreenGreenGreen And then you die. Horribly.
12:21 Nn meh
12:22 GreenGreenGreen Then he starts scooping you with his ice scoop. Making small fleshballs.
12:22 GreenGreenGreen thingies.
12:22 Nn I am already dead at that point
12:22 GreenGreenGreen Then.. out of nowhere..
12:22 Nn so that doesn't really terrify me
12:23 GreenGreenGreen EDWARD CULLEN appears! And starts munching on Mr Creamy´s butt! They have gay sex, while you are forced to watch with your eyes gouged out on a spoon.
12:23 Nn but I'm dead
12:23 GreenGreenGreen Shhhhh
12:23 GreenGreenGreen Don´t ruin the fiction.
12:24 GreenGreenGreen And then they take your eyes, and make a lovely creme brule, and watch a movie about happy stuff.
12:24 GreenGreenGreen The End.
12:24 GreenGreenGreen I love a story with a happy ending.
  • 16:39 Runic I just did some manscaping to my goatee
16:39 Nn- you what
16:39 Runic It's 75% less irritating
16:40 Runic I'm trying my best not to shave it off
16:40 Nn- i am terrified
16:40 Nn- manscapegoating

((JC is Spike))

  • <JesusCrust> the funny thing is I was going up the rounds in order and I got to round 3 and then I stopped to think "what battle did Ben bring in other characters..."
<JesusCrust> and that battle just pooped right in my head!
<JesusCrust> popped*
<JesusCrust> fuck
<JesusCrust> typing
<Fivel> haha
<Nn> hahaha
<Ben> hahaha
-- JesusCrust runs away crying
  • Oxefer has joined #arcadia
<Oxefer> hi ben hi runic
<~Runic> Hello
<Ben> hi ox
<Oxefer> how are your buttox?
<Ben> D:
<~Runic> What.
Oxefer Quit
@Spike punches his dick through a wall
  • 15:42 Wiliam_Bored If you could control the dead you'd be some sort of necromancer. And if you were half man half machine why I :think you'd be...
15:42 Wiliam_Bored A Republican.
15:42 Bagel hahaha
  • Ben: if WFA is an original character tournament
Ben: we can call it an OCT opus
Ben later babs!
Ben too sloooow
Nn_ me Tool
Nn_ haha
Nn_ *too

  • <TInman> pneumatic robo cocks make horrible alarm clocks
<Fivel> o.O
<Ben> oh gertrude etc
<Fivel> haha

  • <TInman> that fire is awfully close to that corn field... hmm
<MarcoPolaris> Popcorn you say?
<Ben> : D
<Nn> haha half of runics entry will be a corn field popping into popcorn
<Ben> in intricate detail
<Ben> then the townfolk have something to eat while watching the shootouts
<MarcoPolaris> "No you fools! That was a field of POISON CORN!"
<Ben> D: !
<MarcoPolaris> And then tragedy ensued.
<Ben> what a corny ending
<MarcoPolaris> Admit it, you were a-maized.
<Ben> what a corny joke!
<MarcoPolaris> Who died and made you kernel?
<Ben> sorry I'm getting a bit cornfused
<Nn> I feel cornered
<MarcoPolaris> Aw shucks.
<Ben> :D
<TInman> oh god
<TInman> a shitstorm of puns
<TInman> stop ghost writing runics scripts for him you cocks
  • <MarcoPolaris> Poj is so street.
<MarcoPolaris> She grew up in the Pojects.
<Poj> i had weapons too
<Poj> and they'd shoot pojectiles
- Five|afk is now known as Fivel
<Ben>haha wb babs
<Ben>max level stripper
<Fivel>I gotta pay the bills somehow
  • <GreenGreenGreen> I envy you all.
<Ben_> wise choice
<Ben_> would you say you are...
<Ben_> green with envy?
<Ben_> *dons shades*
Rook slaps Ben
Ben_ loses shades

  • <@Five> haha, no way I'm going to draw eyes on my precious balls

<Nn> American Back Cover:http://image.com.com/gamespot/images/bigboxshots/5/933005_75563_back.jpg
<Ben> hahah. america needs DESTRUCTION
<Ben> wait that came out wrong
<Ben> don't read that FBI!!!
MarcoPolaris radios the CIA.
<Ben> noooo

  • <sibaku> wow women look ugly

  • <~Runic> wtf
<~Runic> Latest spam post:
<~Runic> Im 14-15 years old and i lived lots of bad things.When i was 9 i saw my mom was holding gun to my dad etc...My dad cheated my mom.Both of them hate me.I fail at school so bad.I dont have friends or girlffriend.I lived lots of bad things(i don want to write all of them there) i Forgot smiling.I wish i could forget everything.I wish i was dead.what should i do to be happy?Kill my dad?(I ******* HATE HIM)Kill my mom?Kill myself?Selling soul to satan(not joke)Using drugs?(So i can forget everything)Help me please i dont wanna cry anymore:(Its so hard.This is not another teenager question.Im much more mature than being teenager cause i even saw my best friend murdered 2 year ago.I lived lots of thing.Please someone help me:(
<Ox> sounds sexy
<~Runic> What
  • <sibaku>MULLUSK FIGHT
<Ben><コ: ミ*POW* ミ:の
<Ben><コ:彡 ミxの
<Ben>squid wins
<Nn>but the nautilus had armour!
<Ben>:o its true
<Ben><コ:彡 [ROUND TWO] ミ:の
<Ben><コ:彡 ==3 ミ:の
<Ben>SQUID used INK
<Ben>it's super effective!
<Ben><コ:彡 ミxの
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