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Gilbert on the phone and during happier times.
Gilbert on the phone and during happier times.

Gilbert is a gelatinous cube.


General Info

  • Race: gelatinous cube
  • Body: translucent jelly
  • Height: varies a bit, about 1,50m - 1,90m, depending on how much he has eaten lately and how big his surroundings are.
  • Gender: actually genderless, but identifies as a male.


People with empathic abilities can hear him, so for normal people he is mute. In-comic this means that Kensington usually repeats his question or speaks for him, or just answers him. - Or maybe she's just so crazy that she imagines him talking.


When something enters his body his acidic fluids will start digesting it. So a person would feel a tickling, then stinging sensation after a few seconds, which will grow into pain the longer they stay in Gilbert. For his defense and for stunning his prey Gilbert can send an electic shock through his exterior. Since he's a rather lethargic and good-natured cube he will only use this as a last resort when he's cornered, threatened or attacked. In today's affluent society there usually is no need for him to hunt, although he likes gnawing on random things and uncareful pets. Oftentimes half-digested or undigestable objects can be seen floating in his corpus, eventually he will secrete these undigestable items and leave them behind.


Gilbert can't really talk and is a bit nerdy.

He used to be Kensington's boyfriend for quite a while. They recently broke up but are still on good terms.

Likes: dark moist dungeons, eating people, eating objects (although he can't really digest most of them), cosplay, dancing, science fiction, action movies, porn, video games.

Dislikes: Fire, seeing people eat jelly, stairs.




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