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The Ghost

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General Info

  • Name: The Ghost
  • Race: Human with a ghost left arm
  • Age: 33
  • Height: 5'8” (173 cm)
  • Weight: 171lbs (78kg)
  • Eyes: ?
  • Hair: ?
  • Allegiance: La Revolution


Since his left arm does not exist in the material plane, it does not follow the normal rules, thus is virtually indestructible, can, theorically, stretch to an infinite length and can, theorically again, divide itself in an infinite amount of arms. However, being not much more than a mere human, Ghost lacks the mental strength and focus needed to do so; currently he can stop revolver bullets with his arm (cannot be at point-blank), can stretch it to about 16'4" and can divide it in 2 arms (very useful to recharge his guns).

Also, he can make his arm partially or totally "ethereal" so it can pass through mater, unlock doors, open safes, directly hack computers (though doing so needs him to memorize the data), screw with your tv image, etc.

If it's done to a living being however, it connects Ghost directly to the victim's brain, which allows Ghost to control the victim (if it does not have a strong mind, that is, such as animals), search through the victim's memories (without the victim knowing unless he or she knows something about magic, mind control or the such, again, doesn't work if the victim has a strong will), see the victim's current thoughts (thought it's not really reliable as seeing another person's thoughts is still very confusing for Ghost) and, the most used "feat", the ability to screw with a person's synapses (such as causing delays in the information sent from the body to the brain and vice versa, thus making the person react "slower" to something or, with some extra focus, completely erase Ghost's presence). Ghost also possess a great aim (great, not perfect), making him quite the skilled marksman.


Since Ghost's "phantom arm" is directly tied to his mind, extensive usage or too much abuse over its abilities may cause mental fatigue or even make Ghost pass out; both situations will most probably cause the arm to temporary disappear and become unusable. Also, despite not being weak at all and being quite good at hand-to-hand combat, Ghost prefer to stay out of close combat whenever it's possible, especially if the enemy seems strong or is not human. And for Ghost's last and biggest weakness: if he loses his mask, he becomes pretty much powerless, losing his arm, left eye vision, left ear hearing and movement of his left leg.


The Ghost was once a man with no special powers, sure, he was above average in physical shape, but nothing to wright home about. At some point, he decided to join the Celestial Empire's army to help with the protection of his homeland and to keep it safe from the La Revolution rebels, so he could start a life with his fiancé; during his time in the army he found that he was quite good with guns, rifles and the such, as well as battle tactics, thus, giving him couple fast promotions.

One day, however, he and his squad were assigned to secure position of a village the Empire had just taken control over and had all its citizens kept inside as captives to lure La Revolution fighters to an ambush. The plan was perfect and flawlessly executed, with a single death in the Empire squad, when the troops went into the village to rest however, they found out that the ambush wasn't them, but loads of mines buried beneath the village's ground, before anyone could really react, a huge chain of explosions fully devastated the village and Ghost's squad, leaving him as the sole survivor, though with the left part of his body severely damaged.

After about 1 day, another squad went to check if the plan as a success or not and during their search they found Ghost semi-dead lying on the ground. Confused on what happened, they took Ghost to the army's hospital, were he had his wounds treated, but still lost all of his hearing with his left year, almost all of his left eye vision, half of his face, his whole left arm and a left leg in a very bad shape (making the smallest of the walks a huge pain).

Ghost was sent back home with hero status and the promises of full government support to heal his condition through the use of extensive use of artificial body parts.

The truth, however, wasn't even slightly as pretty, Ghost's name was fully erased from all the records, making him an non-existent man, no support whatsoever was given to him, which led him to a very deep depression, he started drinking and, as soon as his fiancé left him (she actually wanted to be with him despite his new condition, she, however could not stand his depression and abuse she was suffering when he was drunk, which was way too often), he started using a bunch of drugs.

At this point, his story gets really confusing, through his drunkyness and drug trips, he, at some point, encountered someone or rather something, which he would refer to as "God"; Ghost learned from "God" some of the truths about life and death, but mainly about the human being. Then, Ghost became suddenly sober, and had a very specific full body tattoo imprinted on his mind, despite not knowing exactly what the tattoo was for, he knew it was important and that he needed to get it done.

After some small robberies, he earned enough money to go to an underground tattoo artist and make it; later that day, he suffered from severe fever from the pain of the tattoo (he had it all done at once), and during his deliriums, he met "God" again, who explained what the tattoo was and what would it do to his body: it would not only "heal" it back to the normal condition (before getting his left side badly damaged), but would even buff his abilities to whole new level.

After an unknown amount of time, Ghost woke up feeling strange things: he was feeling almost as if his left arm was there again and he could also faintly hear sounds with his deaf ear (or what was left from it); however, the sensation was very weak and shy, didn't take long for him to realize what was wrong: his face, as long as he still had that wasted face, his memory would still force his actual body condition over the tattoo's "heal".

So he made a mask to hide his hideous face, once he did this, he could feel and use an invisible left arm, not only that, but he also recovered his hearing with his left ear, the vision of his left eye and full movement and power of his left leg. Upon his mask he would make a cross mark to represent how grateful he was to "God’s” gift and that now he was his avenger, to punish those who deserve, namely the Celestial Empire. Being no fool, Ghost knew exactly that he alone could not take on the Empire, so he turned to the Empire's biggest enemy: La Revolution, so he switched sides in order to punish/get his revenge, under the alias of "The Ghost".

Extra Info

OBS: When using his left arm for most of its purposes, it’ll become “ethereal”, thus, his left hand glove would fall, so when he has the time to do so, he always remove the glove before using the left arm.

OBS2: He carries a pocket watch with built in compass so he can know what time is it and where he is, he keeps it in his right trousers’ pocket.


Ghost carries 2 pistols:

  • 1. Gabriel, a Colt custom with extra long barrel, acts as some sort of "sniper-lite", is very precise and can hit targets from quite far away. Has a 7-shot barrel.
  • 2. Deadly Sin, a small gun that seems to have been invented out of nowhere, it uses large bullets that because a splash effect upon impact, but due to the weight of said bullets can only be used at close range. It is some sort of "mini shotgun". Has a 4-shot barrel.

Ghost also carries quite some sets of ammo, ranging from common ones, to silver bullets, bullets filled with poison, etc. He also carries a pair of knuckles for when hand-to-hand combat is inevitable and an army knife with the Celestial Empire insignia on it (he is not very found of using it in combat, but he WILL use it if needed). And last but not least, he has a gyroscope-powered anti grav pack, which creates a small (about 6'5" wide) anti-grav field that lowers and, if calibrated to do so, nullifies the gravity in said field, allowing Ghost to leap great distances, lower falling (and sometimes incoming) damage and to deflect some slower and lighter projectiles (like small stones, dust, liquids, etc), but makes it very hard to walk and run, so he usually keeps it on the minimum value that makes no difference at all.

Battle History

  • Round 10 Prologue: The Rebellion [3]
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