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This Page deals with the Character. For the player, see User:Garrett.

Garrett is a highly trained agent for a confederation of dimensions. He is in a specialized unit that makes dimensional journeys, known as the Dimensional Templars. They fight for a moral code and seek peace within the domains they pledge to protect. After stumbling on a message from Arcadia, they dispatched Garrett to eradicate evil and bring peace back to Arcadia.


General Info




33 Years




La Revolution

Extra Info

  • APPEARANCE: Garrett has brown hair and brown eyes, a visible corruption is moving from his heart to his brains, filling his veins with dark decay. His left eye is red from permanently burst capillaries. He usually doesn't take very good care of himself and lets his hair grow long and unkempt.
    • Garrett is equipped with a standard issue D.T. gauss pistol as well as an energy field that deflects small arms fire.
    • Garrett can bend space in a small sphere around himself, allowing travel through solid matter, without causing harm to it. He could technically move "through" a person, but that person would not feel anything. This is mostly used for limited travel through walls, etc.
    • Garrett has incredible reflexes and superb strength from years of training and gene therapy.
    • Garrett is terminally ill. This illness is what allows him to make dimensional jumps, but his prone to seizures and heart palpitations.
    • Garrett can only warp into Arcadia for 13 hour periods. After that he is forced back through the Dimensional Pipe. The reason is unknown, but is assumed that the universe is somehow healing itself, and the snap back is inevitable.

Round Summary

Intro Comic


Garrett takes his first trip through the Pipe to visit the land that is known as Arcadia.

Round 9: Garrett Vs. Cyborg Necromancer


Garrett's first battle to Arcadia found him up against the Cyborg Necromancer. After arriving at his destination, a small town in the highlands, he finds that everyone has died of a virulent plague. Upon discovering the first body, he is thrown to the ground after being on the receiving end of a corpse explosion. During the fight he suffers a broken shoulder and a burned hand, but he was also gifted with a talent for turning undead. At the end of the fight he was incapacitated and put on an operation table for the Cyborg Necromancer's evil experiments. Garrett's mission time ran out just as the Cyborg Necromancer was about to cut into him, and Garrett was forced back to his HQ though the Pipe.

Post Round 9:


Garrett gets some R&R after his first fight. He sits in a diner hoping to find love, but it doesn't quite work out that way.

Round 10: Garret & Nero Vs. Evil Conscience


Garrett and Nero struck out for the La Revolution Military HQ to gain it back from the Celestial Empire. After being shot out of the sky, a vicious battle ensued. After Garrett and Nero take a beating by the fully formed demon Evil Conscience, a blessing of rain pours from the sky and allows Nero a moment to strike down Evil Conscience. An orbital strike takes out a Celestial Empire strike fleet, and the La Revolution reserves poured out to win the battle agains the Empire.

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