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A sure sign of progress.
A sure sign of progress.

Feuersturm (pronunciation "foyer shturm", meaning "firestorm") is one of Three Factions in the second season of War for Arcadia, headed by Rannesanque. Its base of operations is the Feuersturm Base, Location Number 12 on the Map. Other sites of interest are the Orbital Elevator, and the massive War Factory, housing the means to construct every facet of the FS armed forces.



  • Feuersturm
  • Alignment: Chaotic evil
  • Colours: image:Buttonfs.gifRed, black
  • Leader: Rannesanque


After Rannesanque's failed bid for power for dominance of the Celestial Empire, he moved his already considerable force deeper into the wilder regions of Arcadia and erected a base of operations and a new faction. It shattered the existing factions to pieces as allegiances and loyalty would have to be redefined by nearly every general present at the time. Overlooking it all stands the Crimson Tower, it's back against a mountain range, it's eyes set on Arcadia.

Feuersturm waged war against the Celestial Empire for over one year. However, one day Rannesanque dissappeared, leaving his army without a leader. Aine's delusional plan to become Feuersturm's queen failed, so Admiral Stein more or less took over the leadership of the military forces.

In the end, the Celestial Empire defeated Feuersturm in summer 2010, thus bringing Chapter 2 to an end. Before the final fall of Feuersturm and after destroying the Orbital Elevator Admiral Stein, his underlings, and Rannesanque's clone daughter Faive fled out of tactical reasons.




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