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General Info

  • Codename: Dread
  • Race: daemon possessed zombie
  • Hight: 7 ft
  • Weight: 3 tons
  • Age: countless
  • Allegiance: The Celestial Empire


  • He has an orb that holds the souls of the dead in it, when he brakes it all the souls form into a physical mass that will fight on his behalf.
  • He has four eyes and is able to see different things in each one: one eye can see your soul, another can see in the dark, another can see infrared and the last sees life as it really is.
  • He also possesses a "death touch" which numbs and paralyzes his victims for a moment.
  • If he talks it'll possibly burst a human's eardrums because it sounds like trapped souls.


He can't breathe air, only carbon dioxide or he will die, he is also highly flammable and he has a canister on his back full of the carbon dioxide. This canister can be broken but in the process the air around him will be toxic.


Having mutated the zombie into a functioning form Dread can now fight to stay in this world.

Battle History

See Also

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