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Destructobot 5000

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The Destructobot 5000.
The Destructobot 5000.





Despite his almost toy-like appearance, Destructobot 5000 is an incredibly sophisticated piece of engineering originally built by a reclusive man bent on decimating the the Robot Wars television series. The Destructobot was not complete before Robot Wars' cancellation in 2002, but the mysterious inventor continued work on his creation until it suddenly became self-aware on April 8th 2004 at 7:22pm. Though the Destructobot was now conscious it is said that the inventor created a remote control that could still be used to manipulate the machine, though no one knows its whereabouts. The inventor has since disappeared and the Destructobot has been on the run from government scientists ever since.

Important Note

The Destructobot still has the basic "destroy-everything-in-your-path" programming ingrained in his systems, however, he often wishes he could integrate himself into society. In one ill-conceived attempt to appear more human he overwrote all but the most basic functions of his robotic voice matrix with audio clips from his favorite movies, which he now uses to communicate... awkwardly, in most cases.


Aside from the obvious advantages of being robotic he was also programmed with no less than 47 deadly fighting styles, not counting any he may have picked up in the meantime. He has also developed the ability to rapidly manipulate his own machinery into almost any mechanical device, including weaponry. Master of infiltration.


Poor communications skills. He is only 4 feet tall. Prone to loneliness. Aww.

Battle History

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