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Cyborg Necromancer

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The Cyborg Necromancer working his arcane sorcery.
The Cyborg Necromancer working his arcane sorcery.

As his name suggests, the Cyborg Necromancer is both an expert in dark magic, and partly mechanical. He was employed at the start of the war by the Celestial Empire as a military commander, to defend against the recently formed Revolution. The rest of the time he's normally at work on experiments at various locations around the Empire. He's creepy and skinny and he wears a dress.

Cyborg Necromancer is played by Ben.


General Info

  • Race: Human cyborg
  • Age: Probably kinda old. It's hard to tell really.
  • Height: 190cm or so (6' 3")
  • Allegiance: The Celestial Empire

Extra Info

The sheep.
The sheep.
CN's Cultists. One of them has been turned into a sheep by Baal Benelor. (drawn by Pandamonium and Ben)
CN's Cultists. One of them has been turned into a sheep by Baal Benelor. (drawn by Pandamonium and Ben)

After the death of the Celestial, CN is the CEO of CGN, one of the country's largest corporations, responsible for the C3 project, weapons development, scientific research, and more. Having lead many successful operations against La Revolution, CN remains a high ranking commander in the imperial forces, answering diectly to the Empress.

For reasons that still remain unknown, much of CN's body has been replaced with cybernetic technology to keep him alive. Most vital organs are now mechanical devices, running on his own innate magical energy. His helmet has a single eyepiece, with numerous spells in the glass enabling him to see things normally invisible. The respirator both helps him breathe and makes being around zombies a bit more pleasant. His "blood" is actually a mixture of various alchemical liquids, and a few Celestial nanomachines. He has a few other technological additions too such as the neural network in his brain.

As he is very weak and fragile, CN is useless and easily defeated in physical combat. However heavy damage that would be fatal to most can normally be repaired later on.

CN's greatest strength is creating and controlling undead creatures of all sorts. He is also skilled in using teleportation and portals, which is useful for summoning in objects, or doing an instant costume change. He has other general dark magic abilities too.

One of the most basic forms of undead, zombies can be easily summoned wherever bodies are available. Lacking free will they are easily controlled, and their numbers can often multiply on a battlefield. More advanced reanimations are harder to do on the spot.

CN has a cult of acolytes trained in necromancy. They are masked and black robed, and are usually assigned to work on CGN's more unusual projects. One is a Cyborg Sheep.

The Empire keeps an ever watchful eye with its surveillence systems. CN runs CNN (Cyborg Necromancer Network), consisting of little hovering camera bots.

  • Likes Kensington, other undead/demons/etc, tea and magical artifacts.
  • Dislikes losing control, and having that eyepiece smashed.
  • Talks in the font "Black Chancery".

Round Summary

At the Coliseum

As La Revolution begun their first major push, The Celestial sent the Cyborg Necromancer and Deanbot to defend the Colosseum against the goblin Nicolai. Unfortunately Nicolai soon tricked a couple of C3s into arresting Deanbot. Even more unfortunately, while Deanbot soon escaped the prison transport, he got into a brawl with a lost traveller passing through town - Ray O'Hanlon, and his goat Holly. Ray hacked into Deanbot's operating system, bringing the bot under his control. After they followed Holly back into the Colosseum, Nicolai then tricked Ray and Deanbot into destroying CN's summoned T-Rex skeleton, then knifed CN in the face. After being remotely rebooted by the Celestial, Deanbot returned to his senses, but decided to betray the Empire and join La Revolution anyway. CN then regained control of Deanbot by infusing his circuitry with evil. Nicolai was forced to order a teleport back to the castle - taking Ray and Holly with him.

At the Museum District

CN lead an airborne attack force to the flying castle, but his hi-tech stealth blimp ended up being destroyed by the legendary Tin Woodsman himself, piloting a primitive aircraft. As the Woodsman flew towards the centre of the capital city the empire sent an airship, attempting to take him out with its payload of bombs. Tin survived the blast but his plane and an area of the city did not. Planning to reanimate the Woodsman's body to frame him for the destruction, CN headed to the museum district where he ended up, with the now undead pilots that Tin shot down. Tin defeated the zombies and persued CN into one of the museums. After an attempt to release an evil god from one of the exhibits did not work as planned, they had this crazy surreal battle in the art gallery. Tin got his hands on CN's spellbook, used it with his own powers, and ended up rewinding time, then transforming the explosives that would be used to destroy the city street, rendering them harmless. Unfortunately for him the book turned on him, grew a few tentacles and tossed him out of the airship.

CN hangs around the Celestial Tower and gets bugged by film crews. Also restores Kelar's undead baby T-Rex skeleton, who then gives it to Tanzt.

At the Farmland

CN tracked Ape down to the farmlands, with the intention of claiming the fragment of the world tree that Ape wears on his head, in order to bargain with the old ones who destroyed the tree in the first place. He created a legion of undead farm animals, and then confronted Ape. However Ape summoned in his own creations, giant log-shaped monsters, and a fight erupted between the two sides. To escape an exploding zombie sheep, the log helmet then gave Ape the ability to fly. Realising it would take something more to defeat Ape using the powers of the world tree, CN opened a large portal to summon in one of the old ones to collect the helmet in person. Then Ape stopped it; it was probably pretty epic.

At the Oil Tanker

Team Munkus took over the oil tanker, and converted it into a ridiculously heavily armed warship. Commanding a submarine, CN made an attempt to capture the vessel, by summoning in zombie superheroes to board it. They were destroyed utterly. CN then attempted to destroy the ship by creating an iceberg. Team Munkus not only destroyed it utterly but split the ocean in two. Though CN managed to escape the submarine, it was crushed by the falling ship. Then the entire ocean landed on everyone. While attempting to fight Team Munkus under the sea CN summoned a crew of ghostly pirates, and ressurected the ship as a colossal undead behemoth. Team Munkus blasted it into a giant crater, then Spectre-X kicked CN's head off.

At the Museum District

Xandriel was on a C3 killing spree at the museums, until he was taken down by a cy-clone armed with anti-demon rounds. The reassembled Cyborg Necromancer had set up a laboratory at the museums, and took the oppurtunity to study Xandriel. Before he could begin, Xandriel disappeared from the restraints, and turned his rage towards CN. CN managed to portal Xandriel to another part of the museums and escape to his cultists, leaving Xandriel to a trio of robo-mummies. The mummies were no match for Xandriel, who hunted CN down again to a sword exhibit. However CN and his acolytes put a helmet of angelic origin onto Xan's head, expecting it to destroy him. Instead it restored him to a half-angel form. Before he could fight CN, Xan flew off to the aid of Reana. Afterwards, one acolyte revealed himself as an impostor - Baal Benelor, most powerful mage in the known universe, up to his tricks. He transformed one acolyte into a sheep and made his exit, leaving CN to his weighted companion cube.

CN also recieved Xiao Fen's gourd from Shilane.

CN was summoned by Sin to punch his old foe Spectre-X, with expectedly cataclysmic consequences.

At the Zoo

CN was planning to use the inmates in the prisoner of war camp set up at the zoo as test subjects. Zachary infiltrated its walls on a rescue mission, soon encountering CN, who revealed himself to be the owner of the demon bag. Zach refused to return it, and escaped to search for the prisoners. Kelar then arrived to lend a hand. The two confronted Zachary, but he got away again, ducking into the aquarium and creating a flare, signalling a squadron of airborne revolutionary troopers to attack the zoo. CN unleashed a horde of undead animals to fight off the attackers. Meanwhile Kelar hunted Zach down in the aquarium, and got a bite in for the second time.

After the battle Baal arrived at the portal relay at the zoo, and ended up trying to transform CN into a sheep, but CN somehow managed to turn the spell right back onto him.

At the Highlands

A small town in the Arcadian highlands was wiped out by a plague. The Empire sent two of its best doctors to find a cure for the disease, along with the Cyborg Necromancer to turn the town's former population into a zombie horde that could drive the Revolution out of the area. At the same time Dimensional Templar Garrett arrived in town. CN broke Garrett's shoulder in an ambush, and sent his zombies after him, but Garrett repelled the whole zombie horde and beat CN up with a pipe. The two physicians saved CN from the templar, with a fireball and a walking cane, and brought them both inside. Garrett's time ran out as CN and the doctors were trying to analyse his condition, and he was forced back to his home dimension through the dimensional pipe. CN was then contacted by ThatOne, and traveled to the swamp to recieve the demon purse.

At the Cold Weather Research Station

Visiting Thatone's brain processing facility in the research station. After capturing two tresspassers, CN is betrayed by Dr. Dastard, attempting to steal his brain. Violence ensues, and Genome ends up sending the man-purse into oblivion. CN ends up mind controlled by Dastard, the bastard, until he gets into his pepper pot of destruction.

At the Museum District

Visiting the art museum, CN encounters Kensington in the interactive exhibit. The two stop the official portrait of the Celestial from being stolen, but CN ends up impaling the vampire after she attempts to work her trickery on it. He takes her to the tower, but finds her in his office reading all his files, before she flies off. (But leaves her number!)

At the Stadium [1]

Kensington and the Cyborg Necromancer at the border forts. (Drawn by Ben)
Kensington and the Cyborg Necromancer at the border forts. (Drawn by Ben)

CN fights off the Hate Team, hired by the Revolution, using song and Tanzt. After Ponch gives Tanzt another hole through her head Ray O'Hanlon shows up and banjoes everyone. Also Aoi steals his zombies and kills them all. She's so mean.

At the La Revolution HQ [2] Leading an elite team to the armory in the LR castle's cooling tower, CN puts his abilities to great effect, quickly raising a large undead army. He fails to eliminate Xandriel yet again, and survives an assassination attempt by 2.0. The cooling tower goes boom and CN ends up being saved by Kensington from the mad mage Amy. Yay.

  • Grudge Match: SETh vs. the Cyborg Necromancer.

At the Residential District (High-class)

SETh disrupts CN's garden party.

At the Mountainous Comm Site

The two men meet for a game of chess and war.

At the County Fair

Read how they received their next mission.

At the Volcano

The Cyborg Necromancer's house and limousine.
The Cyborg Necromancer's house and limousine.

At the Central Station

The two CE leaders stumble over the brainwashed Adonis and laser down half the train station.

At the Border Forts

At the Mall

While Omerta and CN shop for christmas presents they get disrupted by Feuersturm troopers.

At the Residential District (High-class)

Nigel bursts into CN's home, takes him hostage and wreaks havoc in his basement lab.

At the Oasis

  • Round 23: Team Slow v. The Ballad of Buttglasses Dog

At the Feuersturm ASP [3]

CN and his team try to loot Feuersturm's Paranormal and Genetic Research Facilities during the Empire's attack on the FS base. However, things turn out other than planned...

  • Hellbreakers

In Hell

Still in the lower circles of Hell after the battle in the paranormal labs, the Necromancer plays the unlikely hero in helping stop the usurper-king of Hell, Luis Rodriguez, from starting an impromptu Apocalypse. Unfortunately, when the way out is closed to halt the demonic legion marching upon Arcadia, he finds himself trapped in the infernal realms.

In the Deep Sea Research Facility [4]

At the bottom of an abyssal trench, CN and Kensington complete a ritual to summon Emma, his loyal animal companion, back out of Hell, who emerges with the surprise bonus of an angry Ridley. The reunion is short-lived, however, as the sheep gets captured by Asisa and Ace, on orders to deliver whatever was summoned to the scientist-lords of the Levidian Empire.

In the Oriental Village [5]

In search of the absent acolyte and top-notch tea-maker, Johnson, CN and Ridley encounter the prime minister and Bullet Face skirmishing with the Staedtler PMC. Stationary-based puns ensue.

In Prison [6]

After the return of the Cyborg Sheep by the Levidians, CN learns of the location other captive acolytes, thus makes a deal to summon the god Set for the Levidians in exchange for their freedom. Chaos and destruction commence as the now fully-powered storm god escapes the confines of his cell, so CN imprisons him in a stronger one - the gourd of Xiao Fen.

In Spaaaaaaace [7]

CN and Kensington teleport into orbit in order to fix her delapidated laser satellite. On the Levidian spacecraft Perihelion, the Necromancer finally encounters Johnson, the absconded acolyte. Johnson ultimately defies his former master, though ends up at the recieving end of his new ally Radia's angelic stakes for it.

By the Fjord [8]

Loki, god of mischief, is angered by the Necromancer's assorted meddlings, and using Galateia as a pawn, he puts a plan in motion to cause some trouble. As CN ventures into the wilderness to research a local draugr, he ends up swapping bodies with Celeste Red via arcane trickery.

In the Convention Centre [9]

Still trapped in the blind body of Red, the not-currently-cyborg Necromancer fails to give a speech at the Robot Rights Convention, where he is tracked oown by Bullet Face, on the trail of Red. CN, voodoo shaman Vodum, and the cyberneticist Anton concoct a shocking ritual with which to re-exchange their consciousnesses.

On a Cruise Ship [10]

Finally on a break to recuperate, CN's relaxing cruise ends too soon when the prime minister bombs the ship to destroy another passenger, the Moon. The Necromancer joins with the holidaying celestial body to play a Smash Mouth tribute concert to a kingdom of Atlantean octopuses.

On the Island of the Sun [11]

Cive invites CN to the occupied Island of the Sun, to propose the reactivation of the C3 factories, whilst Selaphial gets to help test out the latest prototype CGN recon armour. Mina infiltrates his headquarters and extracts an admission that Cive has been manipulating events to provoke the Levidian War, before she is whisked away by CN to redirect the attentions of her android bodyguard.

Up the Mountains [12]

CN has unleashed his zombie horde amongst the Levidian countryside, and so the Levidians send their hired Varachian magekillers to eliminate him: the Vagrante sisters and Viola. As the Necromancer, along with Cheyan and Ridley, head to the under-construction moon gate, they are ambushed, and Cheyan suffers the temporary setback of being murdered with a dagger.

  • Weird Science

In the CGN Laboratories [13]

CN and Tskaln combine their areas of expertise, and devise a method to regenerate Cheyan from her essence stone.

  • Hollow City 001: The Cyborg Necromancer vs Coriandre

In the CGN Laboratories [14]

CN hires Coriandre to head up laboratory security at one of the CGN experimental facilities. Her first task is to apprehend an intruding Red, twisted by CN's necromantic powers lingering from when he possessed her body.

In the Ghetto [15]

CN buys a hot dog.

  • Hollow City 007: The Cyborg Necromancer vs Tal Sopher

In Prison [16]

CN and Tal Sopher are given an offer by a captive warlock to join with his Hollow Order, which both decline. Tal recieves an enchanted self-writing tome from the Necromancer with which to chronicle a guide to Arcadia.

In the CGN Laboratories [17]

CN hires Jake McFearson and Bunni onto the CGN payroll. Jake quickly proves himself a handy addition to the security force when an experiment oozes out of its containment, and CN reveals his reverse-engineered henshin pocketwatch.

  • Hollow City 011: The Cyborg Necromancer vs Jack Kills

At the Celestial Tower [18]

CN leads the CGN heavy robotic security force, along with Jack Kills, against a mech set on demolishing the Arcadian Parliament.

  • Hollow City 012: The Cyborg Necromancer vs 238

In the Industrial Sector [19]

CN tracks down escaped occult clone 238 experiment, and orders security specialists Jake and Coriandre to bring her in. Coriandre's left eye is the loser in the resulting conflict.

  • Hollow City 014: The Cyborg Necromancer vs Noah Bright

In the Sewers [20]

It is revealed that during the first civil war, CN shot down the Bright family zeppelin as a step in his rise to power. This catches up to him when their psionic son Noah accosts him in the sewers.

In the CGN Laboratories [21]

Walpurga Maga-Cummis causes a magical calamity while obtaining illicit ingredients from a CGN alchemical storage unit. After being caught in the fumes, CN along with the ghost witch Brunhilde are trapped in a trek through his own memories, while Walpurga and Jake attempt damage control.

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The Spellcannon.
The Spellcannon.
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