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Coriandre C3-77

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Player: Penryn88


General Info

  • NAME: Coriandre
  • Alias Cori, Sibling-7, C3-77
  • AGE: 6
  • ALLEGIANCE: Levidia, The Valkyries
  • PERSONALITY: Good Natured, Cheerful, Cunning
  • ABILITIES: Tech Specialist, Sharpshooter, Elemental Imbuer, Hawk Eye Vision
  • EQUIPMENT: Duel Pistols, Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Hunting Knife.


The last of Seven, of a special unit of C3 soldiers known as the C3-7, a program Funded by STAEDTLER. Sibling-7 (Coriandre) and her "siblings" were all genetically programed to be Human Weapons, each with their own "Handler" counterpart. Within a year Sibling-7 was fully trained and contracted out to the Celestial Empire Army. There, her and her Handler, Niles Freeman, went on only a few missions together before Feuersturm fell and the restructuring for the Arcadian Government took place, putting an end to the program. The now unemployed Freeman, enraged by Shilane's decree to free the clones, hid the truth from Sibling-7, and left the Arcadian Army and joined STAEDTLER. With the Support of STAEDTLER, over the next year Freeman plotted to destabilize the new Arcadian Government and to turn the population against the Clone community. Sibling-7 eventually discovered that she'd been freed over a year ago, and in a rage, tried to leave STAEDTLER, but was attacked by Freeman. The two fought and Freeman was killed in the struggle. Sibling-7 ran, but was captured a few months later in Levidia by 3 of her C3-7 siblings who were still loyal to STAEDTLER. She was processed as "Defective" and was set to a STAEDTLER prison be "Put Down". It was in prison were she met Celeste Red, the two became very close and soon broke out of prison. They soon after formed The Valkyries.


Is very adapt with weaponry and is a very fast learner. She has the ability to Embue weapons and ammunition with various elements, (Fire, Ice, Electricity, and Gravity). Lastly she has hawk-like eye-sight.


Coriandre is kind of a hippy as far as C3s go, in and out of battle she's 2 different people. Cunning, precise, and at times merciless in battle, but carefree, and ditsy with a sense of wonderment at the simple things of life out of battle. Her favorite color is green and she gave herself the name Coriandre because of this. She prefers to use non-lethal tactics in battle. She only kills if its necessary, and hates needless death. She has "C3-77" tattooed on her chest, left side just below her collar bone, also she has a Bar Code tattooed on the back of her neck, she covers it with a choker necklace.

Battle History

Round 25

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