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So…comic battles? How does this work? Just like it sounds. You draw a comic in which you do “battle” with your opponent.


Right, so I beat the shit out of them and I win?

Not exactly. I mean, you can, but that isn’t a prerequisite. Some of the better “fights” have not been straight up brawls. Some have been vice-versa with an artist using his opponent’s character to beat up his own character. Some have been temporary team-ups. And yes, some have been straight-up brawl-for-alls. It’s entirely up to how you want to handle it. You don't "win" matches by causing the most damage. You win by entertaining the crowd and receiving the most votes.

I wanted to team-up with someone from my team, is that cool?

It's fine to do that BUT each member has to actually produce something. Whether it is splitting up the pages in each entry or splitting up the entries themselves or one person penciling and another inking. Those examples all work, just remember that you can't just ride the coattails of your teammates.

Any other rules I need to know before I start scripting?

  • No killing your opponent.
  • No major changes to your opponent without asking beforehand. Ie: ripping your opponent’s arm off or launching them into space.
  • No destroying the zone you are in completely.

Okay, so I’ve got my script idea, what else do I need to know before I get too in-depth?

  • Length: As long as you need to accomplish what you need to. Need 20 pages of action? Go ahead. Need only 2 detailed, in-depth pages? Sure, it’s all you.
  • Medium: Anything "traditional". Pencils, pens, paint, charcoal, digital drawing, etc etc.
    • Non-traditional media that will not be allowed includes: sculpture, photography, animated gifs, videos, audio, and that sort.
    • Submitting only text is not an option, either. However, writers are welcome to team up with artists!

If you really really have a question about something, go ahead and ask the staff.

So when are things due?

Once administration posts the battle thread, check it out to see who is going first. If you are up first, you have 7 days to produce a completed comic. The exact due date and time will be in the opening post of each battle thread. Once you post your attack, your opponent can start their attack. That means if you post your attack three days early, your opponent has a total of 10 days to produce a reply. The due dates DO NOT change mid-match. This process will continue until each combatant has been given two cycles, alternating, to produce two comics each for a total of four. Lemme write it out step by step:

  1. Admin posts battle thread with due dates
  2. Whoever is first has seven days to post a comic
  3. Whoever is second has seven days to post a reply
  4. Whoever was first goes third as well and has seven days to post a reply
  5. Whoever was second goes fourth as well and has seven days to post the final reply.
  6. Admin opens up a poll to determine the winner

What if my opponent is late?

You have two options available to you if your opponent is late:

  1. Allow your opponent to be late, cutting into your own time for a response. Just because you’re a nice guy and let your opponent be a day late, does not mean you get an extra day to finish yours. Each round will be a total of 28 days.
  2. Go ahead and start producing another comic or add-on pages to your comic. Keep in mind that your opponent may still be producing their comic so there may be some butting of heads and continuity errors.

So what if I’m late?

PM your opponent as soon as you can and try to work things out. Sometimes they will be gracious, sometimes not. You’re comic “life” is in their hands. At least attempt to provide a script or rough sketches to your opponent so they can attempt to start their entry. It’s also recommended to post in your actual battle thread that you will be late some everyone else isn’t waiting with baited breath.

Crap, something came up and I have to be on a plane tomorrow and I'll be gone for a month. Now what?

If for whatever reason you cannot complete your match, please post that you are defaulting your match and your opponent wins automatically. We don't need to know specifics. Your personal life is your own. If you want to send your opponent a Private Message letting them know more details or maybe ideas you had, feel free. Your opponent does not have to complete their entries at this point, but it is pretty ace if they still try to put on a show. This rule also applies to no-shows (people who signed up but never posted anything in their match). There have been a few matches where this has happened.

Tournament rules
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