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Player: Green


General Info

  • Name: Cive (pronounced: Sive)
  • Age: 3 years - appears to be in mid-twenties.
  • Height: 5'11
  • Weight: 175 lbs
  • Allegiance: Arcadian Republic


  • Arrogant: Cive views himself superior in every way to just about anyone, and he's not afraid to share his views.
  • Monologue: If he's winning a fight/outwitted someone badly, he'll make sure they know why and how he won.
  • Cool: He's got excellent self-controll, but if he just so happens to "lose it" for whatever reason, he'll go batshit crazy.
  • Ambitious: He's got a goal, and he'll stop at nothing to achieve it. (Not going to be revealed here)

Talk-active: He's skilled with words, but he has a tendency to talk too much/he loves the sound of his own voice.


Physical abilities:

  • Superior fighting skills: He's able to take on any number of foes in close combat, and defeat them easily unless they're far beyond human-standards.
  • Superior speed: He can move fast, really fast! You think that was a car that just hit you?
  • Enhanced strength: Nothing fancy, enough to throw your average man across the room.
  • Can survive wounds that would kill a normal man, and recover slightly faster from it.

Social abilities:

  • Alpha male: To any other clone, Cive seems to be a natural leader, not because he's such a great leader, but because his genetic code has been written in such a manner to place him as a natural leader. Clone wimen find him handsome, clone men find him inspiring, sometimes even both. Bottom fact: other clones like him, a lot.
  • Clone sense: You're a clone? he'll know it. You're not a clone? He'll know it. He can only "sense" it if he' with you in person (no cameras/pictures/etc).

Mental abilities:

  • Superior tactics: He's as good of a tactician, if not better, as a C4.
  • Common knowledge: Heaps of information has been uploaded into his brain while he was still growing in a tube. Enabling him to know a bit about everything regarding Arcadia's military-classified information.


Cive, the first and last C5 clone model. Was set into production 9 months before the clone production halted, making him one of the last clones to be produced (officially) in Arcadia. He was supposedly living a quiet and peacefull life for three whole years as a citizen, until signing up for the war against Levidia, but that is not entirely the case. Time will tell his secrets.


Standard-issue clone weaponry. Mostly uses his hands, knife, or a handgun. Rarely, if ever, wears armour.

Battle History

See Also

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